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I have noticed a push back from women, many who identify as radical feminists or TERFS, against pornography, the erasure of women and girls via the trans agenda, and against the ever increasing anti-woman sentiment from the incels and other assorted porn sick untermensch. The new title of “Pick Me” has been increasing in popularity, used by many rad fems, and other women, who are calling out the internalized misogyny and pandering to low value males, that these types of women will engage in. I’m sure the reader will be utterly shocked to find jewish women at the head of this push back, as they do this with every single movement, to ensure that the jewish supremacist criminals are not uncovered as being the root cause of these issues. We know about the Talmud and its assorted number of genders, as well as the Talmud’s passages about being able to rape a 3 year old girl. These jewish “feminists” will push all of the blame back onto non jewish men, predominantly White men, as it’s apparently the evil Nazis behind porn and not the poor poor persecuted jewish men.
White women and girls need a space where they can be loved, protected and cherished. They do not need a space where they are chastised and blamed for the crimes of jewish men. In conclusion, I plan to once again start a blog just for White women and girls, as Heathen Women was taken down a while ago. This will be a space where we can share ideas, support each other, strategize, work on our boundaries, and fight back against the ever increasing anti-White woman and girl sentiment we find in supposed “racially aware” circles. Will we have jewish male trolls and their Pick Me yentas coming in to disrupt? Of course, so please don’t use your real name or picture, to avoid harassment. I have become hyper aware of these types of trolls and will be banning them at the slightest hint of nonsense.



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