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they don't get told "You have underlying trauma you're not dealing with/Your logic is flawed and we need to deal with how you picture male and female/ You're an emotionally manipulating piece of shit" like they should

You've hit the nail on the head. This is my issue with the Trans Rights movement, and including it in with the LGBs at all.

Transsexuality/Transgenderism is treated as something innate to a person, rather than a very complex and troubling mental illness. I am living proof that even the most traditional case of "Gender Dysphoria" is not something you're born with, even if it can manifest in very early childhood, and every time I try to speak publicly on this matter I am told I wasn't "really trans", that "putting people on cross-sex hormones and cutting them up is totally a good idea, guys!"

When you affirm someone who is deeply unwell it does a couple of things:

1) If they are the insecure or self-absorbed sort, it encourages rabid defense of one's "identity" and further closes them off to future help.

2) It pushes vulnerable individuals down the path of hormones and surgery, because everyone is telling them they were just born broken, and they'll be stuck like this forever, unless they undergo dangerous and experimental body modifications, which don't even help in the long run.

You know why the 'true GD' trannies, the ones who aren't doing it for a fetish, feel a sense of "relief" when they start developing secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex? It's because they're tortured by all this baggage they attach to their sex, from unresolved trauma, and this "relief" is a method of dissociation. Which fades quick, for as long as a transgender-identifying individual possesses any evidence of their past and their natal sex- name, pronouns, breasts or lack thereof, skeletal structure, they'll be reminded of whatever trauma or conditioning caused this, and they'll eat themselves alive trying to cut it out.

Hormones and surgery can't cure this, and if people say it did for them, they are lying or still caught up in the temporary relief of cutting out some part of themselves that offends their ill psyche.

This treatment plan helps nobody. Obviously.



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