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[From “Remigration in Germany”]

The AfD party is rapidly rising in Germany, in part due to its promise to remigrate millions of people who have invaded and degraded Germany

Germany’s left-liberal establishment media has been promoting a “secret’ deportation plan formulated by the Alternative for Germany (AfD); however, AfD politician René Springer says the plan is no secret and vowed to deport millions should the AfD come to power[…]

There are precisely four options for Germany and every Western country, including the United States:
•Remigrate the invaders and return them safely to their native lands
•Fight a war with the invaders, culminating in a historical Immicaust
•Decline into violent post-civilized, post-European anarchy
•Be invaded and occupied by the Russian Army

The option that the AfD is proposing is by far the most civilized and humane option. It’s also one of the two options that will permit Germany to remain both a) German and b) sovereign. It is therefore an absolute moral imperative

The Boomers and their Enlightenment delusions are finished. There is no longer any need to avoid openly discussing the necessity of what is obviously necessary if the various nations of the West are to survive. After all, what is the alternative? To continue to sink deeper into the mire of denationalization and decivilization?



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