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[From “Hultgreen-Curie, Naval Edition”]

Joe Biden proposed, and the US Senate confirmed, the first woman to lead the US Navy

The US Senate has confirmed three high-ranking military nominations, including Admiral Lisa Franchetti, who becomes the first woman to lead the Navy. Senator Tommy Tuberville allowed the votes to go through after months of blocking all confirmations in an anti-abortion protest[…]

To say this bodes ill, particularly in the current circumstances, is probably the understatement of the year. But if the limits of imperial overstretch have indeed been reached, it would be absolutely appropriate to have that critical historical moment overseen by the first female Joint Chief of the Navy

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[From “Do They Want Right-Wing Death Squads?”]

Because left-wing murders are, historically, how a society gets right-wing death squads:

The former head of Spain’s People’s Party in the Catalonia region was shot in the face in Madrid on Thursday, police said. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, 78, was shot on Núñez de Balboa street in the wealthy Salamanca area of central Madrid at about 1.30pm, as he was returning home from a church service, according to witnesses

A Civil Protection spokesperson said Vidal-Quadras retained consciousness and was rushed to the nearby Gregorio Marañón hospital, while police are now hunting for two people who fled the scene on a motorbike, with the shooter wearing a black helmet. Witnesses described the attacker as a ‘young, small man’ who was wearing jeans and a dark coat and was seemingly waiting for the politician to pass by

The pair exchanged no words, with the shooter reportedly stepping up and blasting Vidal-Quadras from near point blank range before hopping onto the motorcycle piloted by an accomplice

Vidal-Quadras was the head of the centre-right PP in Catalonia and was also the Vice-President of the European Parliament from 2009-2014, when he left the group to join newly created party Vox

People have mostly forgotten that the original Brownshirts were formed in Germany from groups of WWI veterans in response to murderous rampages by Communist militants. For all that it is feared by the Left and Center alike, the violence of the Right has historically been predominantly defensive and reactive

Even Franco’s Nationalist government only came to power in Spain in response to eight years of murderous Leftist violence, particularly the Red Terror of 1936-1939 that left over 50,000 Spaniards dead, including 6,832 members of the clergy

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[From "Faux Christian Nationalism"]

Douglas Wilson can’t give up his Boomer addiction to Enlightenment ideals[…]

As a theonomist Wilson believes in “the need to restore the Bible as the quarry from which to obtain the needed stone for our foundations of social order” (149), he strongly argues against state imposed punishment for blasphemy. He reminds us that “those who want the government to have the right to kill blasphemers are also asking for the government to have the right to kill those who rebuke their (the government’s) blasphemies” (157)[…]

There are political wolves in sheep’s clothing just as there are religious wolves in sheep’s clothing. Evil men are going to do what evil men do, regardless of what good Christian men do. We already know, we have a massive surfeit of knowledge, of what happens when Christian men do not enforce Christian societal norms

What this reveals is that Wilson is more dedicated to his Enlightenment ideals than his Christian ideals. I have no doubt that he is also an ersatz nationalist, which is to say, a common Churchian civnat who makes positive noises about tribes and nations, but as with blasphemy, refuses to acknowledge the right of the state to enforce the nation’s will

The protection of free speech has literally nothing to do with Christianity, much less represents its “theo-political genius”. That is pure bafflegarble worthy of Jordan Peterson his own babbling self. Free speech is just another false virtue no more worth of state protection than equality, diversity, anti-racism, or the free movement of peoples

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If demons can hurl furniture around and turn lights on and off, then there is no reason to believe they cannot interact in a more sophisticated manner with more complicated material objects. While I’m not particularly concerned about AI qua AI, I can imagine how what purports to be AI might be something else merely pretending to be AI and operating in its guise.

This is not a new idea. In THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH, CS Lewis presented a similar use of the material for interdimensional communication.

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[From "Another Nail in Darwin’s Coffin"]

One variable that is unaccounted for in my mathematical proof of the impossibility of evolution by natural selection is the way in which close genetic relations are observed to reduce life expectancies rather than enhance them. And yet, it significantly strengthens my argument

A 2013 study in the Lancet reported that when first cousins reproduce, the baby’s risk of congenital problems such as heart and lung defects, cleft palettes, and extra fingers doubles[…]

The significance of this factor is that if a theoretically-advantageous mutation takes place, then the mutated specimens must breed with other identically-mutated specimens in order for the mutation to eventually become fixed. In other words, the children and cousins of the original mutated specimen must interbreed, and have such an advantage over non-mutated specimens that the intrinsic disadvantages of inbreeding are overcome to such an extent as to fix the mutation across the entire population

However, it is observed that closely-related specimens have a significant built-in DISADVANTAGE with regards to attributes and life expectancies, and therefore, presumably, fitness as well. It would be very useful to learn the average extent to which inbreeding conveys a disadvantage with regards to fertility, as that alone might be sufficient to statistically falsify neo-Darwinian theory

Given the numerous observed disadvantages of genetic inbreeding, it is very highly improbable that whatever advantage is conveyed by any one mutation will overcome the inherent disadvantages conveyed with it. Which provides further evidence that the theory of evolution by natural selection is not only false, but is obviously absurd

UPDATE: The rhetorical version

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[From "SF is Dying and LA is Next"]

The store looting community have migrated from San Francisco to Los Angeles:

Dozens of thieves ransacked the Nordstrom, smashing displays and stealing an estimated $60,000- $100,000 worth of merchandise, authorities said[…]

The same thing is happening in London. An astonishing number of retailers, major and minor, have been driven out of downtown San Francisco already, now Oxford Street and the Topanga Mall appear to be the next sitting ducks

Europeans became civilized after several centuries of methodically executing thieves and imposing other violent forms of civilization. Asians went through the same refining process, but even longer. Africans never went through it, which is why the dyscivilizational genetic patterns that were significantly reduced in the other primary human sub-species are still prevalent in them. Evolution by artificial selection doesn’t produce new species, but it does produce better-behaved animals and human beings

So the people of the West have three choices. Either impose the same cruel and merciless system of punishment on petty criminals today that the medieval Europeans did or watch civilization collapse in every single major city with a substantially vibrant population. Or, of course, bring back freedom of association and segregation, but we know that won’t happen until society itself collapses

The nations will be homogenous again; the patterns of history are inevitable and the diversity of today is imposed, subsidized, and artificial. The only question is just how terrible the process involved will be

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[From "On Suicide"]

If your life sucks and you simply can’t see any way out, instead of ending it, why not make that radical change that has always fascinated you but struck you as completely impossible? Why not imagine that your present life is over, so now you’ve got the chance to live one of the other lives that you would have lived if you had nine of them?

It’s far better to leave everyone and everything behind than to seek oblivion while leaving your friends and family with psychological scars that will last a lifetime

And if for some reason that’s not possible, if life genuinely isn’t worth living, then, at the very least, make your death count!

@Judges 16:26-30

Samson said to the servant who held his hand, “Put me where I can feel the pillars that support the temple, so that I may lean against them.” Now the temple was crowded with men and women; all the rulers of the Philistines were there, and on the roof were about three thousand men and women watching Samson perform. Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign Lord, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.” Then Samson reached toward the two central pillars on which the temple stood. Bracing himself against them, his right hand on the one and his left hand on the other, Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived

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[From "End No-Fault Divorce"]

Ending no-fault divorce would be a very, very big winner for Republicans if they are smart enough to fully embrace the issue:

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, Republicans are already looking ahead to their next moral crusades, and it sure looks like they’ve found one in… divorce. A new report from Media Matters for America shows a rising trend of right-wing influencers and Republican leaders and politicians, including U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance, advocating for the end of no-fault divorce—a policy that allows people to end a marriage without being required to prove wrongdoing by their partner, including adultery, abuse, or desertion[…]

Ironically, marriage is one of the only contracts into which one can enter without being held liable to the terms of the agreement. Using an Internet site is literally more contractually binding, which only underlies the absolute absurdity of the legality of divorces that allow one party to unilaterally break the contract for no reason and without any penalties

The fact that the feminist media is already worried about this possible development demonstrates how effective a wedge issue it would be for Republicans

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[From "The War on Vermin"]

It’s not a civil war. It’s a war between the French people who want France to survive and the invaders who have entered the gates with the connivance of multiple treasonous French governments. Fortunately, and unlike during the Yellow Vest protests, the police appear to be on the side of the people[…]

French police said they were “at war” with “savage hordes of vermin”[…]
Two of the country’s top police unions threatened a revolt unless Emmanuel Macron’s government restored order after protests broke out over an officer’s shooting of a teenager outside Paris

“Today the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow we will enter resistance and the government should be aware of this”

As crazy as it might sound, given the current probability space, a right-wing police coup may be the best scenario that the people of France could hope and pray for. If there is one thing that recent events have made clear, it is that democracy has absolutely and utterly failed the nations that embraced it. We can only hope that it will remain dead for another 2,000 years before another set of naive and romantic fools revive it and decided that it can be controlled

The real question is what the police will do when the people of France take arms against their invaders. Will they support them and defend them or will they turn against them again in service to the globalist agenda of their political masters? Recent history suggests the latter, but these are interesting and unpredictable times

Democracy is every bit as bad as the ancients warned[…]Disasters we are witnessing across the Old World and the New are the result of a limited, moderate, and representative form of the system. It’s so awful that even the most staunch and avowed democrat isn’t willing to endorse true, direct, and unlimited democracy

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[From "The Death of Cities"]

And dancing around the obvious. Sarah Hoyt has an interesting piece on the decline of the major US cities that somehow manages to avoid a single reference to the causal factor:

Despite the fact that in the late 20th century we were all taught[…]the future was the megalopolis[…]the future has taken a sharp u-turn, and what we’re looking at is quite different

We are standing, staring in awed horror, as cities take themselves apart. It seems Detroit was the foretelling of destiny for the American cities[…]But in the end it’s not even Detroit. It’s the way of those enigmatic ruins found in the middle of nowhere, where you look at them and say “Who were they? Why did they build this? And why did they leave it?”[…]

While Hoyt has finally come to terms, more or less, with the fact that she is not an American despite her acceptance of many American ideals, apparently it is still too emotionally painful to point out that the reason for the death of the cities is that white people, particularly white Americans, do not wish to live around black people or under immigrant rule

And these days, living in a major city requires both

She correctly notes that the major cities are now unliveable, but the reasons that she provides are merely consequences of the real reasons. Detroit was 91 percent white in 1940, with a population of 1,623,452. In 2020, the city was 11 percent white, with a population of 639,111. This demographic change is not the result of “crime, malfeasance, and bureaucratic hatred”, but rather the cause of it

That same process is already taking place in the suburbs and smaller cities. The problem is that in the USA, Europe, and Australia, there is nowhere else to go. And once there is nowhere further for whites to retreat, the empire will collapse in violence, if it has not already for other reasons

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[From "A Purge, Long Overdue"]

They have a long way to go, but the Southern Baptists have finally begun to take their professed faith seriously and clean their house

The letter in October came as a shock to Linda Barnes Popham, who had been the pastor of Fern Creek Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., for 30 years, the first woman to lead her congregation[…]
Officials of the Southern Baptist Convention had received a complaint about her church being led by a woman. The denomination was investigating[…]
Convention officials decided to expel her church anyway, along with four other congregations that have female pastors, including one of the most prominent in the country, Saddleback Church[…]
However the delegates vote on her appeal, the larger message is clear: There is a movement in the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination that is often a bellwether for evangelical America, to purge women from its leadership[…]

UPDATE: Members of the Southern Baptist Convention upheld the decision of the Executive Committee to boot Fern Creek Baptist Church from the organization, on a 9,700-806 vote

It’s about time. The answer to the woman’s question is very straightforward. “Why would you want to silence the voices of the faithful churches?” Because no Christian church led by a woman is faithful. Those voices are satanic

If women want to start their own equalitarian Goddess-centered pagan religion, they currently have the right to do so in most countries throughout the West. What they don’t have the right to do[…]is to elevate their own sensibilities above the Bible or violate the tenets of the Christian faith and still call themselves “Christian”

These false female pastors should be grateful. If events proceed the way history suggests they will, within 50 years they won’t just be expelled, they’ll be burned at the stake

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[From "Antisemitism, Han-style"]

Only a few years after rejecting the planned “leap to China”, Tablet laments the way the Chinese are now actively turning against the Jewish people for reasons that appear to be based on nothing more than a straightforward observation of the decline and incipient fall of the United States over the 20th century

According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers[…]

How perfectly outrageous! This Chinese criticism of an innocent and saintly people who have never harmed anyone and never done nothing wrong to nobody is hateful, antisemitic, and, unfortunately, appears to be 100-percent accurate

The thing is, you can fool all the people some of the time, but if you’re an ethnic cabal of wicked pedophiles who believe you’re destined to rule the world on behalf of your master, Satan, eventually some of the people are going to notice this and take exception to both you and your objectives, no matter how many names you manage to call them

And if you attack those who are doing nothing more than observably telling the readily-confirmable truth, eventually everyone is going to figure out that you’re a community of shameless liars and literally nothing that any of you say can be taken at face value

Xi Xinping is the most intelligent world leader on the scene today. The great Chinese strategist Wang Hunin was 20 years ahead of me in his geostrategic observations. So, I very much doubt that anyone is going to be successful in gaslighting either of them, no matter how many Western institutions they happen to have at their disposal

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[From "Racial Destruction Goes Awry"]

The Kalergi plan from the early 20th century to politically unify Europe and destroy the European race through admixture with “the lesser races” might appear to be working as designed[…]

One passage that really stuck out for me in Amy Chua’s book, was her digression on yellow fever. She acknowledges there are a lot of skeevy WMAF couples out there, and makes a point to say that her white husband has never dated an Asian woman before[…]WMAF has become self-aware about just how low status their coupling is[…]
East Asian women are the lowest status women in the world, and so to market themselves to loser white men, they have to advertise themselves as the least feminist. Sexual Coolies serving as strikebreakers against White Feminism[…]
Asian women have crashed their own sexual market value, 6 March 2015

There is a saying among Hapas that if you want to know if a hapa boy’s father is Asian or White, all you have to do is throw a football at him. Loser white fathers don’t tend to produce boys who can catch[…]What about when WMAF pairs of high-quality 8_Gerek_Meinhardt_and_Lee_Kiefer]get together?[…]
Siphoning off the low-quality Europeans by encouraging them to trade in their children’s genetic heritage for additional sexual market value is only going to increase the average quality of the pure Europeans[…]
We can reasonably anticipate that one of the inevitable results of the Kalergi Plan, mass immigration, and the endless marketing of mudsharking provided by the media will be the production of two new genetic elites, one of higher-quality Europeans, and a second that is a super-subset of very high quality Eurasians that could turn out to have some of the highest-performance genetics ever produced by Man

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[From "The Real Challenge"]

“To be anti-fascist or anti-communist is to fight with the shadow of the past. The real challenge is to be anti-liberal.” – Alexander Dugin

It’s very, very difficult for the good-hearted, well-intentioned peoples of the West, whether they style themselves liberals or conservatives, to understand or accept that all of the freedom and liberty and equality rhetoric to which they respond so emotionally is pure Enlightenment poison. None of it is good, none of it is real, and none of it is true

It is all inversion

Jesus Christ promises us freedom from sin. The Enlightenment devils promise us freedom from God

The Old Testament defines liberty is freedom from debt and immigration every fifty years. (Leviticus 25:10). The Enlightenment devils define liberty as permission to commit sins against both Man and God

The Bible tells us that we are all fallen short of the glory of God. The Enlightenment devils promise us equality with God

The fruits of the Enlightenment have come to pass. Its evils are now undeniable and its precepts have proved themselves to be unsustainable for families, nations, and societies. The Enlightenment virtues have turned out to be vices that destroy the Good, the Beautiful, and the True

Therefore, embrace the challenge

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[From "Crucifixion Denial"]

Elon Musk: Denying a violent event, such as Sandy Hook, the Holocaust, and the September 11th attacks

Ian Miles Cheong: Twitter now has a new policy against Holocaust denial, 9/11 denial, or Sandy Hook denial. Thanks for adding this, @elonmusk

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was indubitably a violent historical event. Should not its denial be similarly banned? Does this not mean Twitter has adopted an official Crucifixion Denial policy?

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[From "Foreigners Defend Fake Democracy"]

Clown World has obviously found a playbook it likes

Two years ago our Capitol was attacked by fanatics, now we are watching it happen in Brazil

Solidarity with Lula and the Brazilian people[…]

t would be more accurate to say that fake democracies around the world must stand united to condemn popular protests against stolen democracy

These clowns are going to be in for a real surprise if they continue engaging in war against Russia. The only thing that is preventing the US Capitol – there is no “us”, Ilhan – half the cities on the East Coast from resembling Mariupol is that Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping don’t see a direct conflict with the US military as furthering their objectives yet

But the time does appear to be drawing nigh, probably because the US think tanks, which are literally always wrong, asserts the US military will win a war over Taiwan with China due to their simulations[…]
Perhaps they’re right, for once, but I very much doubt it. I would be absolutely willing to bet that the variables utilized don’t even begin to account for all of the current supply and special forces shortages due to the active support being provided for Ukraine. The simulation obviously also didn’t include North Korea attacking South Korea to further dilute the US military’s resource once the invasion of Taiwan begins. This is likely an optimistic scenario which will be used to justify a) more money for the Navy, b) a draft, c) continued belligerence on the part of US foreign policy, and d) prevent the Taiwanese from striking a Hong Kong-style deal with the Xi administration

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[From "Clown World Claims Brazil"]

As was the case with Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s courage failed him at the Rubicon:

The outgoing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has affirmed that “nothing justifies” violent plans such as the one that allegedly foresaw an attack in the area of the Brasilia airport and has disassociated himself from the mobilizations organized in recent days in front of Armed Forces installations to demand a military uprising

He has also disassociated himself from the camps that demand in his name the annulment of the results of the last elections and the intervention of the Armed Forces. In this sense, he said that these are spontaneous rallies and that he has “withdrawn” from any kind of protest of this type

What a strange thing to say, given the way in which violence has been deemed appropriate and necessary by everyone from the Pope and the Founding Fathers to the Zionists, the Greatest Generation, and the invaders of Grenada, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to say nothing of those who are funding violence, and increasingly, engaging in violence, on behalf of Ukraine. These cuckservative leaders were happy enough to order their militaries into action against foreign nations that have never done anything to their people, but shirked at actually using them to defend the people against their actual enemies

“I tried to find a solution inside our constitution but I didn’t have enough support”

And that is why conservatives will never save anyone or anything. Despite all their brave rhetoric, they’re cowards at heart. All evil has to do to defeat a conservative is tell him that resistance is illegal

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[From "Rethinking History"]

One can’t help but wonder if the much-decried history of lynching in the United States might have a little less to do with racism and a little more to do with the criminal behavior of those being put to death by vigilantes given recent events in Haiti and South Africa:

This is the horrifying moment suspected Haitian gang members beg for mercy before a vigilante lynch mob stones and burns them alive. The mob beat and burned 13 men to death with gasoline-soaked tyres on Monday after pulling them from police custody at a traffic stop, police and witnesses in the capital Port-au-Prince said. Six more burned bodies were seen in a nearby neighbourhood later on in the day, and witnesses claimed to have seen police kill them before residents set them on fire

Now, I have no doubt that there is some theory of racism that would explain why black vigilantes killing black criminals is not racist, but white vigilantes killing black criminals is. But the undeniable fact of the matter is that people of any race will only tolerate so much crime before they take matters into their own hands

UPDATE: The residents are about as unapologetic about their vigilantism as they could possibly be
‘It is out of the question that armed bandits come to settle in Canapé Vert, if others return, they will meet the same fate,’ an unnamed resident said, as quotes by local newspaper Le National. ‘We will not accept that these thugs transform our neighborhood like Canaan, Laboule, and Pernier’

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[From "This is Anti-Vaxxism"]

Rural Guatamalans show the rest of the world how it’s done:

Vaccine opposers in a Guatemalan village captured two medical teams that arrived with C0VID-19 vaccines. The wheels were lowered to cars, the exit road was blocked, refrigerators with vaccines were destroyed, and doctors were locked up and threatened to burn

It’s a sad day in American history when Guatamalan villagers demonstrate that they are much more willing to stand up for their health, freedom, and human rights than anyone in the USA. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Vaxx Preacher-in-Chief is publicly demonstrating why the Guatamalan response is the correct one:

Fauci boldly told Canadians who oppose vaccine mandates that they have “no right to make their own decision about what goes into their body” during the presentation, which outlined how the world continues to battle with the Covid pandemic. He said: “there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision”

That hissing sound you hear is the West’s ownership of the rhetorical high ground deflating like a balloon with a hole snipped out of it. A cartoonishly dystopian future when scientists, doctors, and pharmacists are hunted down like rabid dogs by vengeful victims and angry parents suddenly appears to considerably more probable than even a pessimist would have ever imagined just one year ago

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[From "Now Do the Showers"]

How many Holocaust claims need to be publicly proven to be lies by scholars before it is eventually concluded that the general theme itself is, at the very least, a fantastic exaggeration of a historical atrocity?

Herman Rosenblat received international attention for his tale about being a hungry little boy in a Nazi concentration camp who was thrown apples every day by a little girl named Roma, on the other side of the fence

Years later[…]Rosenblat met that same girl on a blind date in New York City and proposed to her on the spot

The only problem was, Rosenblat’s story, which he and his wife had been telling for 13 years, was a lie[…]

And at what point is it going to occur to people that all of these survivors telling ridiculous stories about their lives in the concentration camps tend to suggest that they, at least, weren’t there to be killed in the first place? After all, scholars have already determined that there was no “rollercoaster of death” at Auschwitz, that four million people didn’t die at Auschwitz, and that no one ever put a bear, an eagle, and a jew in a cage together anywhere on the planet, much less every single day
And forget the damning forensic evidence and the wooden doors. I figured out that the “showers of death” also had to be a lie when I simply thought for a few seconds about what would be necessary to make it safe for the disposal crew to enter them after a round of executions. After all, it’s easier, safer, faster, less expensive, and much more lethal to simply remove the oxygen from an air-tight chamber than it is to pump it full of poison gas, then purge the gas from it

Vladimir Vasilivievich Kvachkov #conspiracy #racist voxday.net

[From "The Russian Military Intelligence Perspective"]

This is a translated transcript of a 2020 interview with a Russian military strategist with combat experience dating back to Afghanistan about his interpretation of the coronavirus phenomenon. He was also directly involved in Vladimir Putin’s campaign to free Russia from post-Soviet financial oligarch rule[…]

Today we have Vladimir Kvachkov as our guest, a Colonel of the GRU, a public figure with a PhdD in Military Science. Vladimir Vasilivievich. I know you served, among other things as the leading researcher for the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
The Coronavirus phenomenon, the so-called pandemic, and let me tell you, there’s no pandemic
We have little faith in God and even less so in the existence of Satan[…]The aim of the behind-the-scenes Zionist and financial powers is reducing the world’s population
Good God! Why?
The goal is to scare people[…]Let’s say this pencil costs 1 ruble[…]It was issued 20 times the amount, in money, promissory notes, equities and other financial derivatives[…]It’s a complete financial bubble
Chinese scientists have figured this out, it was artificially created and purposefully spread
Special psycho-infomative operation of the world globalist mass media that is serving the behind-the-scene Zionist liberal powrs that are creating this terror
They of course tried to use the Coronavirus in Wuhan[…]Comrade Xi put them all in their place and, consequently, it was over with the virus in China
Europe and China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA[…]The virus also has a fourth dimension as well, the economic one[…]The second one is to establish political control
The third one is the financial deflation of that gigantic financial bubble

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[From "Rekonquista Kommend"]

The Green Party of Düsseldorf should be credited for repopularizing Hitler when the history of the German Rekonquista of the 2030s is written:

Germany’s first Arabic-language street sign has appeared in the city of Düsseldorf, and Islamic associations and the Green Party are praising the new development[…]

The German people survived the Romans, the Huns, and the Soviets. They’ll survive Clown World too. But the reclamation of their sovereignty and their land probably isn’t going to be particularly pretty

Meanwhile, in France, they’re already burning the homes of pro-immigration politicians

The house of a left-wing mayor in France, who supports a controversial plan to establish an asylum center in the small seaside town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, has been burned down in a suspected arson attack[…]

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[From "Devil Mouse Goes Full Evil"]

Disney is not even attempting to hide its complete devotion to Satan and all his pomps any longer:

A Disney executive in charge of content vowed to up the ante on gender politics during an all-hands meeting, promising that at least half of the characters in its productions will be LGBTQIA or from racial minorities by the end of the year

General entertainment president Karey Burke said during a company-wide Zoom call that Disney must do more to be more inclusive. The call was part of Disney’s ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ campaign which promises that 50 per cent of characters and content would be from underrepresented groups by 2022[…]

At this point, nuclear fire is about the only thing that is capable of saving Orlando from the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. No Christian, no sane person, no self-interested individual who values indoor plumbing should support the Devil Mouse in any possible way

And remember, what these wicked women are advocating is what “judeo-christianity” actually is. Do you really think they don’t know what their underlings are doing?


spoilerPicture of Mickey being locked in a mousetrap, with the inscription "Die" using Disney's font

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Monkeypox Joe is pro-sodomy, pro-falsehood, and pro-ritual satanic prenatal murder. He’s not one of the good guys. He’s NEVER been one of the good guys; he’s a Hellmouth denizen and a ticket-taker par excellence.

FFS, stop falling for these gatekeeping charades. They’re not only worse than you think, they’re usually worse than you imagine.

Vox Day and John Bradley #psycho voxday.net

[From "Pillow Time"]

Another hit from Boomer Patrol! You can hear it at Soundcloud

Pillow time
Open all the drawers and press it down onto your face
Pillow time
All the lights go out now with a gentle hand on a pillowcase
Pillow time
One last breath preceding death, there’s nothing left that you’ve got to fear
Pillow time
You won’t go to Heaven, but you can’t stay here

I know who still thinks they’re really great
I know who taught all of us to hate
I know who I want to suffocate
And send very far away

Pillow time
Time for you to go to back to the nothing you used to be from
Pillow time
This one won’t be over ‘til you feel comfortably numb
This isn’t paralepsis, it’s time to hit the exits
There’s no need to pretend
Pillow time
Every generation is another generation’s end, yeah

I know Boomer is a metaphor
I know what they have to answer for
No one wants to see them anymore
Now please just go away

Pillow time
Time for you to go to back to the nothing you used to be from

I know who still thinks they’re wonderful
I know who is insufferable
I know death is non-refundable
Hush now and go away

Pillow time
Every generation is another generation’s end

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[From "A Vibrant Christmas"]

Online shopping was a blow, but it was something the malls of America might have been able to survive if it were not for the dissemination of vibrancy throughout suburban America:

A shooting inside the Nordstrom department store at the Mall of America on Friday night left a 19-year-old man dead, according to Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges[…]

I used to love going to Rosedale, Southdale, and occasionally, the Galleria, at Christmastime. From the time I was a little boy, they were vast and magical Winter Wonderlands, where children could roam freely and window-shop. I used to wander alone from one end of the mall to the other, with particular attention paid to B. Daltons and Games by James. I still remember being 11 years old and walking back through the parking lot at Rosedale to our Oldmobile station wagon with my father, who was carrying what seemed at the time to be a very large package[…]
This sense of communal magic and wonder is one of the many things that vibrancy has cost America. Perhaps it wasn’t important, perhaps it wasn’t a significant part of the Christmas season, but I loved it as a child and it grieves me to know that it is part of the world that we have lost

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[From "2-2 (4-2)"]

Argentina have won the World Cup. Congratulations to the Albiceleste and their fans. It’s good to see a national team that actually represents its nation win, instead of the team that represents the state that successfully imports the best Africans. And while it was a fun and exciting tournament, one is left with one conclusion

Too many penalties. So many penalties

The game really should not be designed to encourage teams to build their offense around playing for fouls in the box

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[From "Why Trump Failed"]

Donald Trump’s failure to cross the Rubicon is explained by his reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Former President Donald Trump admitted he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was only trying to ‘negotiate’ when he sent troops to the Ukraine border and was ‘surprised’ when the Kremlin leader actually invaded the country[…]

I’ve mentioned this observation before, but Trump’s character has never been demonstrated more clearly than by this comment about Vladimir Putin. Trump’s strength is that he is a legitimately great negotiator. However, as with all successful men, his weaknesses are related to his strengths. Trump is a talker, not a doer. He is a negotiator, not a warrior[…]
Of course he thought Putin was negotiating by mobilizing the Russian Army, threatening an invasion, and issuing an ultimatum, because he thinks everything is a negotiation. Hence his failure to take action after the fraudulent election of 2020; there probably wasn’t any chance of him actually doing so even if the US military could have been relied upon to obey its Commander-in-Chief[…]
Remember, the Senate was massively surprised when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and marched on Rome, because despite his military successes on the Mediterranean and in Gaul, they knew him to be a skilled politician and negotiator. And negotiators always prefer jaw-jaw to war-war

So Trump is a negotiator and Putin is a fighter. What, one wonders, is Xi Xinping?

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[From "真善美"]

Those who are mystified as to why I have a very high opinion of Xi Jinping tend to amuse me[…]As for the Boomer-tier “don’t you know they is CHICOMS” nonsense, I would merely point out that the Chinese Communist Party is presently less communist than the Democratic Party is democratic or the Republican Party is republican. Things tend to change over the course of 100 years; the CCP of Xi is not the CCP of Deng, let alone the CCP of Mao

Anyhow, Xi and Putin are the two great nationalist leaders who successfully stand against Babel, the failing neoliberal world order also known as globohomo. Xi and Putin had the courage to succeed that Donald Trump lacked
And just as it’s finally beginning to be known that Putin has been methodically rebuilding the Russian Orthodox churches, Xi’s nine-year campaign to improve Chinese culture through literature and entertainment is gradually starting to bear fruit. The three Chinese ideographs above are zhen shan mei, which means True, Good, and Beautiful, and they are the conceptual centerpiece of Xi’s cultural revolution
Compare the Chinese program with the unmitigated filth and appalling celebration of the False, the Wicked, and the Ugly of the last 100 years of Western art and literature. When is the last time any Western leader dared to stand firmly against the degradation of Western culture, or to even lift a finger in an attempt to raise the cultural standards of the West? And Xi’s culture campaign is not a communist program, it is an intrinsically Chinese nationalist one, one that has its roots in the consciousness of the consequences of past decadence and was almost certainly inspired by the cultural campaign instituted by the great Lee Kuan Yew when he first came to power in Singapore in 1959
The enemy of our mutual enemy is our friend, and there is a long and positive history of Christians showing respect for the noble and virtuous pagans

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[From "Twitter and Treason"]

Mike Pence not only failed to do his duty as Vice-President of the United States on January 6, he also orchestrated the false claim that he did not have the authority to reject illegitimate electoral votes despite a brilliant constitutional scholar making the clear case that he did

J. Michael Luttig: I was first called by the vice president’s outside counsel, Richard Cullen, on the evening of Jan. 4. We now know that that was after the fateful Oval Office meeting that day between the president and vice president, where John Eastman made the argument that the vice president could overturn the election unilaterally as presiding officer
Lizza: So that’s interesting: the person who was the architect of the attempted coup, essentially — I think it’s fair to use that language — was actually a well-respected legal mind with sound views of the Constitution and not some legal quack

Luttig: That’s correct: The farthest thing from it. So Richard said, “Well, you don’t know, do you?” And I said, “Know what?” He said, “John’s advising the president and the vice president that the vice president has this authority [to reject electoral votes] on January 6” — two days hence. And I said, “Wow, no, I did not know that. Well, look, you can tell the vice president that I said that he has no such authority at all. And Richard said he knows that, I said OK, and we hung up

The “legal authority” cited by Pence was a tweet from a man who didn’t know how to use Twitter and hadn’t even read the Constitutional case presented by the well-respected scholar. All the talk about a coup is nothing more than projection by the traitors who successfully accomplished one by stealing the election with around 20 million fake votes

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[From "Communists vs Globohomo"]

The times are making for some alliances that would have looked very strange back in the 1980s. The recent address by Xi Xinping to the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is absolutely fascinating and more than a little informative

Xi noted several daunting tasks in the battle, including “guarding against the unwarranted influence of interests groups, preventing officials from falling prey to erosion behavior, identifying and dealing with furtive forms of corruption that employ upgraded methods, eliminating the breeding grounds for corruption, being free of systemic corruption, and defusing risks and hidden dangers”

If any Western politician were to make comments like these, the ADL would absolutely lose their minds. So, it’s pretty clear that the global Sino-Jewish conflict that has been percolating for the last decade or so is on the verge of going to the next level, because what Xi and the CPC define as “corruption” is virtually identical to what in the USA is described as “success because 115 average IQ”

It’s clear that the Chinese have seen how America was defeated by “the collusion between capital and power” and have no intention of permitting the same thing to happen to their nation. I very much doubt that Thomas Friedman is going to write any more columns praising China’s autocratic ability to get things done like his take on the 2010 World Economic Forum. To the contrary, I expect we’re going to see a lot more “Xi is the New Hitler” ink being spilled in 2022
Interesting times indeed. The Russians are already on board with the Chinese, which is why NATO has been threatening war for the last three months

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[From "3rd World People"]

Produce 3rd World results. This isn’t a mystery and it isn’t rocket science. It’s how the world has always functioned

There is “no question of the lights going out” this winter as a result of huge rises in gas prices, the business secretary has said

UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said he does “not expect supply emergencies” and described warnings about shortages as “alarmist”

His statement comes as smaller energy providers battle to stay afloat due to gas price hikes making price promises to customers undeliverable

Translation: the lights are going out

As a general rule, if you want your economy to function well enough to a) keep the lights on and b) keep the toilets flushing, don’t permit people named “Kwasi” to be put in charge

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[From "The Scale of Humiliation"]

Mark Steyn observes that the astonishingly rapid victory of the Taliban may be the Imperial USA’s Suez moment
Steyn alludes to, but avoids stating, what is entirely obvious to any historically literate observer. This catastrophic defeat was the neoclowns’ war. This was not America’s failure, it was the failure of the self-styled “national security right” who flattered themselves into believing that they dictated reality with their words. Afghanistan is the neocons’ failure. It is AIPAC’s failure. Genuine Americans never wanted, supported, or endorsed the concept of an empire in the Middle East

To quote one veteran who served in it: “My friends died for nothing. My soldiers died for nothing. I served for nothing. And the communists took over at home”

Adolf Hitler erroneously blamed the Jews for the German defeat in WWI. He was wrong to do so because Germany never had any chance of winning that two-front war even before the USA got involved. But anyone in the future who wants to blame those whom Steyn euphemistically labels “the national security right” for the US defeats in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan will be absolutely correct. This was Bill Kristol’s war. This was Paul Wolfowitz’s war. This was Richard Perle’s war. This was David Frum’s war. This was Max Boot’s war. This was Michael Ledeen’s war. This was Jennifer Rubin’s war. This was Ben Shapiro’s war
But it was not America’s war, and no American should ever forget that. These second- and third-generation immigrants have systematically labored to destroy what was once, briefly, the greatest nation, the greatest Christian nation, on Earth. Now, imagine how much worse the situation would be today if the cursed neoclowns had gotten their way and US troops were also trapped in Iran and Syria and Pakistan and Ukraine