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In the eyes of liberals, there is only one thing worse than Christian nationalism. It is white Christian nationalism. The addition of the adjective white supercharges the expression with vitriol and power, turning its followers (especially if they are male) into something everyone should love to hate.
People would think this white Christian nationalism, being such a broad and imminent threat, must have many ways of expressing itself and exerting its enormous influence over the population. It must have an articulate doctrine and a means of diffusing itself into every sector of society. It must have books, publications, think tanks and political organizations building its cause—a power base proportional to this overwhelming influence.

However, no vast network of influence exists. Aside from racist fringe groups with no projection, there is nothing in real America that remotely matches the description or even uses the WCN name. Most people cannot name a white Christian nationalist or say they know one personally. They also cannot recall growing up under this influence or hearing of its existence.

Indeed, to use the language of the liberals waxing hysterical over WCN, this danger is a social construct that exists much more in their superheated imaginations than in the public square. The expression serves to malign anyone who questions the woke agenda or takes their religion seriously. It is not meant to describe reality.
Politically, liberals use WCN as a social construct to help them explain the 2016 victory of Donald Trump and frame the upcoming elections. However, it is really a socialist construct since it creates a class struggle narrative of resentful white oppressors in the face of a class of woke oppressed.

Thus, the WCN moniker must be rejected for what it is: a social (and socialist) construct without foundation in reality that shifts the debate away from the serious existential questions and principles that need to be discussed for the nation’s future.



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