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[From “Representation”]

A democracy might’ve worked for an ancient Greek city state, but in the modern Western context it merely serves as a facade to manufacture public consent for an opaque system[…]
If it wasn’t a facade, there’d be a direct connection between what the average Westerner wants and public policy. The average Westerner doesn’t want replacement migration[…]
In a democracy the voters wouldn’t constitute a threat to democracy, but this is what we get in our democracy. This would be any voters, even illiterate black slum dwellers. Especially true with the White voters who keep the lights on[…]
It’s simply taken for granted that Whites are the scum of the Earth[…]
Since we’re still the majority[…]this peculiar animosity towards us does indeed support my contention that this democracy is a facade for a system of power held by people who hate us and see our existence as a threat[…]
The sad reality is that our democracy is a system where everything is for sale. This is why the Jews settled at this system as the best system[…]In a monarchy, the sovereign could be put under pressure to deal with them after the population was abused and exploited enough[…]
This happened hundreds of times. For example, that was how we got the Magna Carta. It wasn’t about democracy, the nobles were fed up with the Jews brought in through the Norman conquest[…]
It was then thought that communism would be better for the Jews, but under communism nothing is for sale so there’s no way for them to maintain a grip on power after they’ve forced it on the population. That’s how it went from a nightmarish Jewish takeover of Russia to Joseph Stalin purging them and establishing a[…]stable society[…]
We have the truth and God on our side, while they have lies and the devil on theirs. They won’t prevail in the end. Their Satanic text, the Talmud, promises them that when the temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem, their evil deity will give them the rest of humanity as slaves



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