Steven R. #fundie

Christmas is a pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Many think it’s the celebration of the birth of Christ, hence many churches (unfortunately including many Baptist churches) put “nativity scenes” on church property and other wicked idols. The US government has decreed that this pagan holiday is also a federal holiday, and as such government buildings, many restaurants and stores close, and also most things that aren’t related to emergency response.
In the contemporary United States “Christmas” is celebrated with Yule decorations like trees, other greenery, bells, lights, ornaments, and nativity scenes by either fake or misguided Christians who think that Jesus wants them to buy useless trinkets, put them under a tree, and then eat lots of food and drink strong drinks. Retailers from Black Friday until the day before Christmas (called “Christmas Eve” and also a holiday in many states) blast pagan songs, (like “Christmas Tree Farm” by wicked liberal Episcopalian seductress harlot Taylor Swift) sell lots of toys, games, food, and other unnecessary expenditures just to celebrate the solstice like wicked sinners from years gone by.

Santa Claus is a mascot for Christmas, popularized by the Coca-Cola company, along with many movies related to Santa and his reindeer and other characters like Frosty the Snowman and others. These characters have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and His Church!



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