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Tom Hanks’ Mysterious Disappearance Likely Means The Following Update Is True!!

Tom Hanks’ mysterious disappearance from social media, or anywhere for that matter, has major significance. To date, Tom has yet to return, and perhaps never will. But what does this mean? Why was the celeb world so focused on Tom, and then at the same time, other celebs show up on pictures wearing ankle monitors… what does this mean? What does it all mean?

2. It means that the following is likely truth:

There is a covert plan to take down the illuminati pyramid, and all the players involved… it is a worldwide co-ordination of white hats, taking down the dark hats. Covid was their plan to usher in their new world order… it was their event that would cap the pyramid with a top down totalitarian control grid, and the rest of us would have no choice but to ‘obey’… make sense?

Lots of celebs only became celebs because they agreed to serve agenda… people over God.

They brainwashed society over several decades to choose their leadership over God.

They had unlimited funds to do so.

They distracted humanity, into a dreamstate, and then they went to town to build their secret control grid.

They drink blood and/or eat people.

They kill for fun and for a sense of power.

They put human meat into the food supply.

They dance in music videos.

They act and give each other awards.

They call each other, “the beautiful ones”, and we are the gullible sheep, because they are having fun, fooling the public with plans, that the public refuses to see… it gives them power.

Tom is likely Rockefeller.

Tom’s career was based his bloodline and his talent, and his willingness to indoctrinate the public with concepts that we woudl have trouble interpreting.

Tom became a bit of a leader in the hidden celeb circles.

Tom may no longer be alive.

There are reports of his death now.

I wonder if he did what George Bush Sr. did and tell them everything?



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