Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

For improvement of my mental health white Western European females need be exterminated

Still under current OCD attack, longest one in many years now, lasting almost month, while other in those times last few days at worst. It got started right before Putin's military operation in ukraine from casual daily shit which triggered me, and polluted my mind with intrusive feeling of disgust. That feeling was increasing when reading news about military campaign and getting nervous and disappointed it not going as well as was expected, later got better, but when in tinder was swiping females in Wester Europe, strong OCD feeling of disgust came back, but now, when started swiping mongoloids, it almost went away and even have hope it will vanish atlast. So I see solution how to help me with OCD: exterminate white Western European and North American females, because they give me very negative emotions

If just looking at this easens my suffering from mental problems (similarly too looking at cute animu girls) - just think how much it could help by having and touching as own personal waifu (and exterminating white Western European and North American foids):



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