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I am a black man and even though it is painful for me to say this but the black race is the most destructive race in the whole world. I say this because it was my own observation in my family and in my neighborhood. I don't have any loyalties to the black race, although it's painful for me to say this I wish I wasn't forced into my existence as a black man. Everywhere I see where the black race exist there is chaos,crime and poverty. I truly believe the only way to deal with the black race is through eugenics. There shouldn't be more than few thousand black people that exist around the world. I will do my part to end the cycle by not having kids and not spreading the black Genome further. The only way to save the world is removing the black Genome from the world's gene pool.

I really want to be proud of my race and be part of the extended black family but the problem is I couldn't find anything to be proud of, all I see is poverty, crime nothing more.. I want to see something historical accomplished by my race but is I couldn't find anything beyond simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle while the other world civilizations created Advanced societies. Most black people don't want to face this painful fact but I can't run away from the facts. I simply can't be a part of the victim class of the today's Black America it is better for me to die fighting for the betterment of human civilization as a whole and the betterment of the human civilization needs the eradication of the black race at least to a lesser population. I am a fact driven person and all my experiences have been horrible with black people. I have been treated way better by other races of humans



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