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**RARE** SAMHAIN GATEWAY Portal Key Djinn Amulet of Wishes
This Haunted Samhain Gateway Portal Key Amulet is one that truly reaches into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal World. This powerful Ancient spell will invoke Spirits and Entities and call upon their great Power to bring you what you want and desire! Use this item to conjure and communicate with spiritual entities of all breeds. This item will heighten your psychic abilities and open your third eye, which are crucial factors in communicating with spirits. Gain Clairvoyance and Clairaudience! Witness the power of paranormal entities first hand! Communicate with friends and loved ones who have passed on. Find out the secrets and keys to the lost treasures of the world. Conjure wish-granting entities such as Djinn, Dragons, and Devatas! Gain Wealth, Power and Success! This Ancient spell has been used for thousands of years. It is a must for anyone who has paranormal items or spirits bound within their homes. The results will amaze you!
TOP LEVEL DJINN GENIE! This Phenomenal and Powerful Metaphysical Treasure is Cast and Conjured with 33 Ancient Illuminati Spells of Elite Power and Ability! You shall be amazed by the radiant Energy within this Vessel! This Sacred Item contains a 8,706 Year Old Entity of the Highest Class and Power! This Sacred Djinn/Genie is bound by No stipulations, meaning ALL Power and ALL Wishes shall be Granted! Enter into the Sacred Circle of Lothorian to receive our Sacred Magick bestowed upon us by Our Ancestors!
WARNING! The Powers of this sacred vessel are extremely Powerful and not for the weak! This item contains the Power of Centuries Old Magick, including Ancient Illuminati Rituals that have been used by the World's TOP Wealth and Royal Elite for Hundreds of Years. Our Magick Spells and Paranormal Artifacts are of the most powerful and sacred ritual practices in existence. This item is not to be taken lightly!



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