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What is sociopathy? Look at our political parties for the answer.

The American Marxocrat Party lies, violates laws, quite consistently shows no regard for right and wrong, respects no moral standard for behavior, ignores the rights and feelings of all others, purposely makes others angry or upset, manipulates and treats others harshly and with cruel indifference, lacks remorse and does not regret its behavior.

These are the hallmarks of Sociopathy: antisocial personality disorder.

What happens when a sociopathic political party gains control over the government of a nation, the courts of the nation, the news and information of the nation, the education of the nation, the science of the nation, the industries of the nation, the police and armed forces of the nation?

What happens when sociopathy, or a sociopathic entity, owns and controls even knowledge itself, and the dissemination of all knowledge?

Can a whole society be turned against itself, to destroy itself?

The answer is yes; it is happening right now, right before our eyes.

But how did a whole political party come to be sociopathic?
They have been trained to have emotional "triggers". And if you touch any of their emotiontional triggers, they're liable to start emoting in front of you, or even all over you. And the "triggers" are legion.

White people. Men. Maculine men. Paternalism. Fatherhood. Maleness. Gun ownership. American flags. Christian or Jewish religious symbology; a cross or cucifix, a yamulka or star of David, etc. Statues of famous American historical figures. True American history. Criticism or disagreement of any kind. Opposition to drag queens, sex ed, transsexual ed, homosexual ed, white racism ed, American racism ed, even hinting at the existence of anti-white racism, or any mistaken belief at all.
The Marxocrat Party hates America, pure and simple.

And if that's not true they've got a funny way of showing it.



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