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Gay sex is illegal in Kenya and President-elect @WilliamsRuto previously said “we have no room for gays.” Ruto tells me “we respect everybody,” but adds “this is not a big issue for the people of Kenya” and President Kenyatta was “spot on” to say homosexuality “is not agreeable.”

The average Western journalist has no idea how conservative the average African is. And it leads to foolishness like this.

Man wants to talk about jobs, infrastructure and poverty... and she wants to talk about butt sex.

Every time they interview African leaders, they ask them these questions. In order to try to demonise them to Western audiences.

It's an attempt at ideological colonisation and subversion.

They don't ask Middle Eastern leaders such questions.

(Wilfred Reilly)
Actually "respecting other advanced cultures" - Chinese, Arab, Nigerian, Brahmin- would be a death-knell for Western leftism.

The in-practice "multi-cultural" response to this problem is to focus curricula, etc totally on modern Western issues but use multi-colored presenters.

(Obianuju Ekeocha)
LEAVE US ALONE!!!! You keep setting traps for African leaders to try to villainize them.

The look on his face speaks volumes here. Trying real hard to not roll his eyes. We need to be making this face more in the US.


Africa has real problems not imagined ones.

and the west is creating real social problems for itself daily

(Very Swell Nice Guy)

Everyone outside of the west does not want western social values, they want economic prosperity but not broken family units

Hell, half the West doesn't want Western social values, they want economic prosperity and intact families too!

(Daddy yo)

What is it with America and imposition of thier culture on people
Cant you just accept everyone has a way of life and its not all like yours

It's not even the culture in America. The LGBTQ community just have a very strong lobby...



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