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again, why are we supposed to hate Russia?

because they fight against the Pedo Groomers?

@JohnRivers Exactly. Normiecons are itching for us to put troops in Russia. Why??? The enemy of judeo-globohomo is my friend.

@JohnRivers Over the past 20 years Russia and the US seem to have swapped.
We are now the communist shithole.

@JohnRivers I like Russia more and more each day. If they would nuke israel off the map I would have to learn Russian and move there


Also the Chinese

@JohnRivers This reason alone is worth backing them. Lets not forget they castrate pedophiles before imprisoning them.

I really hope JewSA keeps poking them towards world war 3 then loses to them.

It will be wonderful.

I welcome my LGBT banning overlords.

Wow. I'm on Russia's side.

@JohnRivers I might have to become Russian at this rate

@JohnRivers Compared to our government today, Communism don't seem so bad especially if it rids communities from 'those' people! LGBTQ+

@JohnRivers I'm liking Russia more all the time. It would be great if we had politicians in this country brave enough to stand up to these sick bastards. We need to send all of these sick bastards to an island like they did the lepers. Disease would kill all of them off in no time.

Russias looking a more attractive place to go live every day.
Unfortunately I cant really speak Russian.
Maybe theyll start a fast track immigration system for people who want to go there to get away from western degeneracy....

@JohnRivers "Guys, why are we supposed to hate Russia? As far as I know, the only thing Russia has ever done, literally, is be against homosexuality. Literally!"

@JohnRivers I have noticed the Russians do not have a negro problem with crime ... DUH ! I wonder why ?



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