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[From “Was Victoria Nuland involved in the Moscow terror attack?”]

So who really committed the terrorist attack on a Russian theatre full of people last week, killing some 133 people?

ISIS has claimed "credit" for the attack with its operatives, supposedly Tajik-speaking Central Asians

Whoever they are, they are small fry, well-trained in ISIS attack techniques, but obviously with someone bigger backing them

There are plenty of others who may have been, not the least of whom is Vladimir Putin, who has been implicated in other terror attacks done for political purposes in his past

Putin's political frenemies[…]could have done it, as well

The Ukrainians themselves, who are suspected of other attacks on Russian soil, and who are at war with Russia, also could have done it

It's telling that the men apprehended for the act were headed for the Ukraine border, not Central Asia, nor the restive Caucasian states

Now a new name emerges, none other than pro-Ukraine warmongering Democrat State Department operative Victoria Nuland, who left office for greener, swampier pastures[…]
According to Mark Wauck, writing on his Substack:

[…]I referenced Victoria Nuland’s recent claim that “Putin will face some nasty surprises”[…]

There are a lot of potential perpetrators. Knowing which one really did it (or more important, who Putin thinks did it) tells us a lot about whether we can expect retaliation here[…]
So here are a few of the other potential perpetrators and their motives[…]
Keating at Vox thinks it was most likely a bona fide ISIS attack

But the Nuland angle is interesting, too, as she's fanatically pro-Ukraine and anti-Putin, and has engaged in warmongering, coups, and other stunning manipulations in the past, and often bragged about it, too[…]
Was it ISIS? Or did Nuland and her Ukrainian buddies have something nefarious to do with this awful act?



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