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Re: I think my girlfriend is a stealth Jew

We've been dating for months now, she is very White looking.

When I asked her about her heritage she said "oh I don't know German I think". Her surname is "Kohn" and she does have a somewhat jew/roman type nose.

At first I didn't think anything of it but now I'm a little concerned.

She has no clue what her ancestry is, so I just bought her a DNA test from 23andme. I will update everyone here when the results come in. I just hope I'm not race mixing without even knowing it.

In my many years on Earth, I've had "a few" chance encounters with individuals whose surname was "Kohn." Upon doing research and asking "the right" questions, I was able to rather easily identify that all were jews--some were Ashkenazim jews.

"Kohn" is a mongrelized, bastardized, and altered form of the jew surname "Cohen." The jews almost always alter the surname "Cohen" to the form, "Kohn," to somehow make it sound German. Actually, when I was still living up North, I had a family who lived about six doors north of me. The family's surname was "Kahn". I never pried into their business but one day I had a "rather cordial" chat with the father of the family. He actually divulged to me that he had altered / changed their surname from "Cohen" to "Kahn" in a futile attempt to make the surname sound "Anglo."

My dearly departed father was probably the most explosive hater of sleazy jews I've ever had the distinct pleasure of knowing. In his line of work he had occasion to do business with sleazy, diabolical jew bastards, which only intensified his hatred. Even though just a small boy, I loved listening to his "rants" about scumbag jews.

However, there was another species of individuals that he hated EVEN MORE than jews. You guessed it: subhuman, knuckle-draggin', primordial, feral simian "knee-growz" (aka: "enwerds"). I was taught well from an early age and I'm proud to say I've carried on his tradition quite proudly.



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