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This is the future of Britain, and it's beautiful.

why anon you are telling me I don't belong in the country I was born in and identify with.

you are genetically different
you are a pug trying to be a greyhound, it is false.

Being indian means to be genetically indian, being african is to be genetically african and to be english is to be genetically english.

We accept some movement between the neighbouring countries like france, netherlands, aus, usa, can, etc because they are our genetic brothers.
You do not look like us, you will never look like us and you will never be us. You are not even an adopted brother, you are a colony of slaves who were brought here by jews to keep the host economy running for a few more years.
The english did not vote to bring you here, they would never have voted to bring you here and they never wanted you here. The reason you are 'accepted' is because of the tight hold jews have on the propaganda media network. The general sentiment is that your people are unwanted. You are one of those people and when the media curtain drops you will be removed or worse.
You are vulnerable and in a place you should never have been, protected only by the system which your people seek to destroy.

I am still british even if I'm genetically different anon.

You will be removed because you are not one of us, you do not look like us.
Trust is based largely on genetics, a racially AND culturally homogenous society is one of high trust.

If you wish to trust me, know this: You are not white and cannot be English. If you are not English you will be removed in under 10 years.



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