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How not to argue. A response to taln0reich
(note by submitter: continued from, Transscript starting around 6:48 and ending around 8:47 of a 36-minute video)

The trouble with procedures is that it's human beings who make them, and human beings who interpret them, and as long as genderists succeed in obscuring the difference between men and women, women will get hurt. As for raping women en mass, this is a straw man and it is absolutely typical of the gender cult. They cannot refute the claims we are making, so they have to fabricate a claim that nobody has made. Nobody has said trans-identifying men are raping women en mass. We don't need to. Even if it were only Karen White - the whom I didn't mention by the way - but the reason the likes of me harp on about him is because he is a very high profile case, widely covered in the media, easy to point to and the perfect illustration of what can happen as a result of institutional capture by gender ideology.

Now i said

however much they try to dress them up in science the claims they make are metaphysical

and Taln responded with the usual canard about the brains of trans-identifying people being more like those of people of the sex they wished they were. It's not brain activity that determines whether someone is male or female. I did a video on the trans brain bad argument and it's really rather good. My favorite comment in response which I pinned below it came from a neuroscientist who said "you are spot on on this one the evidence shows that there are no consistent significant differences between female and male brains except for size. But even if there were correlation is not causation" - obviously - "neuroplasticity - a fancy word for the brain's capacity to change itself upon experience or training can shape brains functional networks"




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