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The willingness of conservatives to drift ever leftward from year to year is why I now call myself a constitutionalist. I now work to move the country rightward and reclaim the ground that “conservatives” have surrendered. But I still work to wake up today’s conservatives to the dangers of their slow-motion transformation into yesterday’s liberals.

What conservatism is meant to conserve is the “ordered liberty” of the constitutional republic bequeathed to us by the Founders. The “order” of that liberty is the natural order of “Nature’s God” (invoked in the Declaration of Independence), including but not limited to the natural family of one man and one woman united in life-long monogamous heterosexual marriage.

America was never a “theocracy” and I’m not advocating for one. Our political philosophy was always “Natural Law Based ‘Secularism,’ ” meaning non-sectarian but Theistic, on the foundation of Genesis 1:1, a truth perpetually affirmed as our national motto, proudly emblazoned on all of our currency: “In God We Trust.” It is also expressly confirmed as historic fact by the US Supreme Court in Church of the Holy Trinity v United States, not as a mere footnote, but a heavily documented 27 paragraph long legal treatise within the ruling.

Marxism is designed to destroy and replace every element of that natural order. No matter how conservative you think your fiscal policies may be, if you’re adopting their way of thinking about sex and marriage, you’re helping them destroy the republic. It’s a package deal – there is no American republic without a marriage-based family-centered mainstream, and that is why the Marxists primary weapon to take us down has been the “sexual revolution.”

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Note the dialog between Sam Wilson and Jane Foster, the fake Thor and the fake Captain America as they close in for combat with monstrous foes (see at about 9.35)

“Jane: Frost Giants. Small ones. Sam: They don’t look so small to me. Jane: They will once we are finished with them.Sam: I guess I can give the old threads some action this one last time. Jane (flourishing a honking, huge warhammer in her tiny, little, delicate, nurse’s hands): If this is truly the end of your time as the Captain, then let us make the most of this day. Jane (continuing): There will be the sweet taste of combat, then of mead, then, perhaps. of your lips. Sam: Kissing can wait. For now, let us stick to punching.”

Keep in mind, True Believers, that this is supposed to be the selfsame Jane Foster who was the love interest for Don Blake, the real Thor, back in the day.

And the writer has the woman proposing the hot smooching after getting roaring drunk on mead, while all the while exalting in the glories of smashing bones, splattering brains and blood and hearing the screams of the disemboweled and dying foemen, and seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

Yup. That is Jane Foster. Just the same person as this.


Note that back in the day, each sentence ended in an exclamation point. That is because everything was exciting! In the modern day, each sentence ends in a period. Nothing is exciting. Nothing matters.

The change between two entirely opposite personality types, from loving and caring nurse to brutal barbarian she-man is entirely organic and reasonable. Whatever.

Or, just maybe, on the other hand, these writers are sociopaths, with no native understanding of human emotions or interior human life, and so they cannot portray people except, perhaps, like the stiff and absurd caricatures seen on Soviet propaganda posters.

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Like all demonic foot-in-the-door projects, the organized Faggotry movement of 30+ years ago started out not with a radical demand, but rather, a honey-coated plea for a wee bit of "tolerance" ™ which went something like this: "You don't have to accept our private lifestyle choice. All we ask of society is to be left alone in our bedrooms and not subjected to abuse or intimidation." Most normies at the time -- although repulsed by "the sin that dare not speak its name" -- thought that to be a reasonable position, as long as the butt-buggery and gerbil-stuffing (don't ask) was discreet and hidden from children especially.

Indeed, back in the day when these characters respectfully kept their anal acts "in the closet," or at least on "the down low," your anti-sodomite reporter here never had any problem with frequenting the quaint (yet a bit queer) old river town of New Hope, PA with the wife and two young small sons in tow. Although my New York-trained, state-of-the-art "gaydar" could sniff out a pair of em' with 99% accuracy, it wasn't a big problem as far as I was concerned because, in the eyes of a child, a pair of these fruits just looked like two otherwise normal buddies or brothers going out for lunch, or enjoying a beer and some fishing from the banks of the Delaware River dividing Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There was no smooching, no hand-holding, no cross-dressing, no toned bodies prancing about in bulging pink "speedos," and none of this ubiquitous rainbow flag bullshit either. My little ones were none the wiser -- though we kept an extra close eye on them nonetheless!

Today, however, the perverted "pride" in New Hope, and so many other places, is "in your face" 24/7 --- which was the true destination of the "tolerance" ™ movement all along!

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But in order to find out if there’s anything to scream about, we should go to the text of the bill and not to the hysterical harpies screaming “GAY” for no apparent reason.

The bill, HB 1557, requires “district school boards to adopt procedures that comport with certain provisions of law for notifying a student’s parent of specified information; requiring such procedures to reinforce the fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding the upbringing and control of their children in a specified manner.”

Well, wait a minute. That seems reasonable. Why would Florida Democrat parents not want to be informed about every aspect of their children’s educational lives and be the ones in charge of directing decisions regarding those children? Why would they object to this? Maybe there’s something else in this bill that should make us all mad enough to screech at the top of our lungs.

The bill also keeps schools from “prohibiting a parent from accessing certain records… prohibiting a school district from adopting procedures or student support forms that require school district personnel to withhold from a parent specified information or that encourage or have the effect of encouraging a student to withhold from a parent such information…prohibiting school district personnel from discouraging or prohibiting parental notification and involvement in critical decisions affecting a student’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being.”

The reason this bill had to be written is that public school teachers and administrators are actively converting children into the trans cult and then hiding their brainwash-job from parents. They are leading children to irreversible hormone therapy and mutilation without informing parents. This bill is for teachers like this: “I never tell parents. Period. On their survey at the beginning of the year when it asks for a preferred name and pronouns it also asks for what you want me to refer to you as when I call home and what pronouns to use…even if someone told me I couldn’t do that…I would still do it.” Ok, Groomer.

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Some homosexual political factions in existence in the early 90s still use the pink triangle on a limited basis, but publication of The Pink Swastika succeeded in stopping that movement-wide campaign, indirectly forcing the “gays” to abandon the pink triangle as the primary symbol of their movement. (They switched to the rainbow.) “They didn’t dare to continue using the pink triangle as their primary symbol, because it would have drawn attention to the damning truth we had published in The Pink Swastika.”

Yes, some effeminate homosexual men aligned with the German Communist Party were in fact persecuted by the masculine/macho homosexual men of the fascist Nazi Party, but it was a relatively small number and they were never targeted for extermination like the Jews. The far bigger story is the widespread homosexuality among the perpetrators.

Solely for making this assertion, and proving it with 400 pages of documentation on the centrality of homosexuality to the Nazi movement, the SPLC has also labeled me a “Holocaust Revisionist,” a nasty lie which is close to the top of the list of “100 Reasons to Hate Scott Lively” that is today posted on the refrigerators of every leftist journalist and political activist on the planet (a slight exaggeration, perhaps).

On the contrary, the cover-up of the homosexual roots of Nazism is one of, if not the greatest feat of historical revisionism the world has ever seen. The sheer volume of documentation that has been suppressed to protect the homosexual movement from its own past is staggering.

Kevin and I are now working on the 5th Edition of The Pink Swastika, a slow process, because, believe it or not, there is still such an enormous volume of additional material that our researchers have uncovered. I am methodically working (in my spare time) through a 3-foot stack of photocopied pages from at least 200 new sources. The 5th Edition may be over 500 pages long by the time we get finished with it.

Importantly, and alarmingly, the claims of The Pink Swastika which link homosexuality with fascism are also being proven by the emergence of a form of homo-fascism in our own society. The forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich is the latest example, but there are many in recent years. “Gay” bullies have become the new Brownshirts (just as they were the original Brownshirts).

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The Left, caught with its hand in the kiddie jar, immediately swiveled and accused the Right of initiating this culture war. Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times lamented that she felt terrible for Raveneau, who, after all, was just "step[ping] up to defend the company's queer friendliness, only to become a national object of right-wing fury and disgust," and whose injection of LGBTQ propaganda into children's content was "sweetly anodyne." CNN hosted Washington Post transgender columnist Charlotte Clymer, adding the chyron "LGBT COMMUNITY LATEST TO BE CAUGHT IN CULTURE WAR." The takeaway, according to the social Left, is that anyone who defends traditionalism in child-rearing — or anyone who simply doesn't want children turned into targets of sexual propagandizing — is the true cultural aggressor.

This is a transparent lie. And it's a lie that won't rebound to the benefit of those who seek radical change. If they wish to pose the rubric of gay rights against parental rights, gay rights are likely to suffer. If they wish to suggest that LGBTQ freedom extends to teachers initiating children into sexual conversations without parental permission, parents are unlikely to go along for the ride. For decades, the social Left has made inroads by arguing that they simply want to be left alone. The Right, by contrast, has argued that the Left's agenda is far broader, that the Left demands cultural celebration of its sexual mores and that it will stop at nothing to remake society in order to achieve its narcissistic goals. Disney's latest foray into the culture wars proves that the Right was correct, that the Left's stated agenda was a lie and that its "not-at-all-secret" agenda targeted the most vulnerable Americans.

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First they came for the Trump Supporters And You did not speak out Because you were not a Trump Supporter

Then they came for the Republicans And You did not speak out Because you were not a Republican

Then they came for the Christians And you did not speak out Because you were not a Christian

How far down that list is me?

How far down that list is you?

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And what of Pinnacle Entertainment Group? Sure, they rewrote the Deadlands backstory, but supposedly there is a logical reason for doing so? Other than that, I haven't seen any woke pandering from them. I'd say at worst, yellow?

Pinnacle is yellow. They aren't like WotC or Evil Hat but they do pander occasionally. In addition to changing Deadlands, they also caved to the outrage brigade over the Science Fiction Companion cover and made sure the art in the new Savage Worlds core book was focused on not showing too many white guys.

Once you bend the knee, you'll spend the rest of your life on your knees, just waiting for the executioner's blade.

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While this is cause for optimism, I'm not going to believe anything will change UNLESS President Trump is un-banned from Twitter. Alex Jones and Milo Yiannapolis would also be fairly convincing but President Trump's Twitter Restoration is my non-negotiable. Either he's let back in or Twitter's just more of the same.

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Everybody can probably agree that, even in the most homophobic regime imaginable (e.g., Iran) some percentage of people will still be gay and, while we wouldn’t advocate throwing gay people off roofs (like they do in Iran), neither do we believe that homosexuality should be publicly celebrated as a special source of “pride,” as Democrats do. That is to say, while a majority of people are not intolerant gay-hating fanatics, neither are most people ready to endorse the rainbow-flag identity-acronym agenda that Democrats are promoting. And yet Democrats, apparently having learned nothing from Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia last year, and seemingly indifferent to polls showing them headed for a historic midterm defeat in November, have decided to double-down on the most controversial position possible — promoting LGBTQ identity to the captive audience of public school children.

This is why “OK, groomer” trended on Twitter the other day.

By the way, am I the only one who sees the connection between this and Judge Ketanji Jackson thinking child pornography is no big deal? There is a certain common theme here, namely the idea that only “right-wing extremists” are concerned about protecting children from sexualization, so that turning loose pedophiles with light sentences (a mere three months, in one of the cases Jackson was questioned about) is not really something to worry about, the same way a gay teacher indoctrinating your 5-year-old is not something to worry about.

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I've seen Libs of TikTok videos where a lesbian teacher created an in-class activity in which her very young students were told to pretend they were "detectives" and to search for "clues" about her. Every clue was about her being a lesbian. At the end of this "detective" exercise, they asked her, "Are you a lesbian?" And of course this gave her the pretext to discuss her homosexuality with them.

Which was of course the entire point of her "activity:" She was creating a situation in which they would be told by "clues" that she was a lesbian, and then they'd ask her about it.

So she could then tell her bosses: I didn't bring it up. They asked me about it.

That teacher didn't say the "detective" game was designed to evade a ban on discussing homosexuality with very young students, but a later Libs of TikTok video featured a different teacher explaining the same basic trickery -- creating circumstances to prod students into asking about homosexuality, so that she could then say "They asked me." That teacher did confirm the entire point of the game was to get students to ask her about being gay, to circumvent the school's ban on teachers introducing the topic of sexuality to students.

Apparently this is a known evasion of limitations of sex-talk by teachers that gay or "Ally" teachers talk to each other about and encourage.

This groomer says he finds words like "indoctrinating" kids into homosexuality "hurtful."

Oh, well -- we wouldn't want an adult man to experience any discomfort.

Discomfort is for kindergarteners!

But the word "indoctrine" -- and the word "groom" -- are completely appropriate.

What else would you call it when a teacher brags that over 60% of her students have "come out" to her as some kind of LBGT?

Are we really to believe that the rate of homosexuality skyrocketed 3000%, from 2% to 60%, in her classroom?

Or is it more likely some hardcore grooming is going on?

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Looks like not all LGBT people are on board with what Disney and the far-left are doing. Also, Disney is being hypocritical in that they're trying to destroy the anti-grooming bill while releasing Disney+ in anti-gay countries like the middle east. Never trust a virtue-signaling company, guys. They're always hypocritical and/or trying to cover up some awful things they've done and/or doing.

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On the morning of Wednesday, March 30, movie superstar "Bruce Willis" (who, according to testimony from a trusted personal source of ours who knows Willis, went missing in 2019) announced that he will no longer be acting due to aphasia -- a brain disorder affecting language abilities. Two days later, movie superstar "Will Smith" -- in the aftermath of a fake slapping incident on an imposter "Chris Rock" at the Oscars-- announced that he is resigning from the Academy, which means no more movies for Smith either.

Though there are many other suspected cases of disappearing stars replaced by CGI technology and/or imposters (Tom Hanks, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, et al), Willis & Smith now fall into the category of lost stars whose personas have actually been "cancelled" under some pretext. Three other really big names who have been cast aside (publicly, that is) just in recent months are queer TV talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres (needed new challenges) and Wendy Williams (Graves Disease) --- and obsessive anti-Trump movie star Alec Baldwin (said to have killed a woman on set with a prop gun).

Something is afoot with all these queers, commies, cultists and adrenochrome drinkers who sold their soul to the Hollyweird system -- and it's got Q's name -- er, initial -- all over it if you ask this reporter.

This phenomenon of falling stars isn't just limited to Hollyweird, nor did it begin in just the past several months. Over the course of the now 5-year old presidency of Donald Trump (and yes, we do believe that he is the acting president until such time as he can return in a public way) the ever-growing list of fallen-from-grace, resigned, or suddenly dead A-List stars (and plenty of B level players too) from the intertwined Deep State worlds of entertainment, news and politics is astonishing to behold. Putting aside the ones who are still being "deep faked," and focusing only on the ones who are "gone gone" --- meaning, written out of the script of the movie we are watching -- or stripped of their status or position but still free and alive -- here's a list of some of the once unassailable A-list players that have, in one way or another, now been removed from the field of play, in a public way.

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The formidable America First journalist Emerald Robinson has just published a piece titled “Why Does Disney Hire So Many Pedophiles?: The LBGT community has now merged with the pro-pedophile community.” Being young and new to this issue, she doesn’t realize that she has the order reversed. It was the “pro-pedophile community” – more accurately the pederast community – that launched the LGBT movement. Pederasty, the sexual relationships of adult homosexual men with pubertal boys and young men, is the core of “gay” male culture going back to at least the ancient Greeks. It was men of this persuasion who openly dominated the American “gay rights” movement from the ’20s through the ’70s, then retreated into the background when lesbianism came into its own in the mid to late ’80s concurrently with a new movement-wide public relations and marketing strategy. That strategy was outlined in a remarkably frank 1987 article titled “The Overhauling of Straight America,” which was rephrased in more subtle terms and expanded into a full book titled “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s.”

I’m running out of space so I will close with this fact. At the very first national LGBT convention in 1972, 200 groups hammered out the first written “Gay Agenda.” Part 2, Item 7, of that agenda call for “The elimination of all laws governing the age of consent.” That goal has never been repudiated, and in fact, is implicit both in the concept of self-determination for child “transsexuals” just endorsed by Biden, and in the active indoctrination of kindergartners Disney is so desperate to protect by overturning the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida.

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The Ukrainian forces have shown consistently that they are willing to slaughter their own people in order to blame Russia. This has been the one constant. These are the people using human shields.

There was so much of this leaking out on social media and Telegram that even the Washington Post last week was forced to admit that the Ukrainians’ main tactic is human shields.

You can read that. They try to put as much lipstick on as possible, but ultimately do say that the Ukrainian forces are relying heavily on human shields.

And what happened to the Mariupol theatre bombing Russian atrocity war crime? It sure did disappear from the news quick! That’s because every piece of evidence showed that Azov locked the civilians in the theatre and then bombed it themselves to blame Russia. The US refused to release any satellite footage, or anything else that would have implicated Russia.

Conversely, Russia has zero record of targeting civilians.

This is just made up. It’s an atrocity hoax. The Ukraine yet again killed a bunch of its own people – this time in an area where the Ukrainians themselves confirm there were no Russian forces – and blamed it on Russia.

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The woke are EVIL. Perioid at the end, period

Look at Disney, they are openly evil these days. They are saying outright they hate white people, men and those that truly care for culture and happiness. If you want to end crap like buzzcut women, "subverting expectations" and open abuse help us end woke and social justice



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Most people don’t realize how the “transgender” propaganda machine has been targeting vulnerable elementary school children across the country – and how helpless parents feel against it. But MassResistance is helping families fight back and stop it!

Children are fed these “gender” lies through the media, school programs, social media, children’s books and magazines, and programs like “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in libraries. And radicalized school counselors and staff have become a big part of the problem. They support children’s descent into these perversions and keep that information from parents.

The brainwashing starts early in the public schools. This extremely seductive and harmful book is in school libraries and classrooms across the U.S.! It glamorizes the story of a boy who eventually had medical interventions and surgeries to “become” a girl. (Check for it in your area and demand that it be removed!)

Mass Resistance #transphobia massresistance.org

In October 2021, the new proposed policy language was released to the public for consideration. The draft still contained troubling language. Idaho MassResistance presented these critiques to the School Board members:

The policy says that the counselor’s role is to “balance” the student’s privacy rights with the parents’ rights, which the counselor decides upon. But there should be no “balance.” The student is a minor. The parents must be told about everything. It's wrong to allow this secretive relationship to emerge and continue with school counselors. The result would be no trust between parents and the school.
The policy states, “School Counselors connect students and families to outside resources and agencies.” That has traditionally translated into sending kids to LGBT groups and abortion clinics. If anything, the counselors should only suggest these outside groups to the parents and let them decide.
Nevertheless, in February 2022, the school board formally approved the new policy. It’s not everything that we wanted. But it definitely is a shot across the bow – a strong warning to the school counselors in that city – to absolutely stop what they’ve been doing to children. Parents feel that MassResistance has helped them achieve a victory.

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In case you think you’re merely witnessing a strategic marketing blunder or something more innocent, I’ve got news for you: Disney issued this statement about the anti-grooming Florida bill after a bunch of their employees got caught in a pedophile sex trafficking bust by the Florida police.

Let me repeat: After. Disney. Employees. Were. Caught. In. Pedophile. Sex. Bust.

This is not an isolated incident with Disney. In fact, you might say that Disney employees get arrested for child porn crimes and child sex crimes on a regular basis.

This is the very definition of pure evil, of course. What right does an entertainment company have to intentionally turn your kids into homosexuals? The answer is: none. We have left the boundaries of rationality and capitalism altogether — and nothing can excuse or explain it. America’s parents are now confronted by people who want to commit felonies on their children under the guise of tolerance.

This is Sodom and Gomorrah stuff. These demons recognize no legal or moral boundaries regarding your kids — and they openly acknowledge as much. The LBGT community has essentially merged with the pro-pedophile community.

It’s time to boycott Disney.

It’s time to stop tolerating the intolerable.

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The latest story comes out of California (no shock there), where teachers in the Buena Vista Middle School in Spreckels Union School District in California are accused of pressuring a female student to change her gender identity.

“It made me extremely angry, and now I’m taking action for that,” mother Jessica Konen told Fox & Friends on Tuesday. “I’m going to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore.”

According to her complaint, two teachers and the school principal conspired to have the girl use her new gender identity and pronouns in school while using her true identity and pronouns in the mother’s presence. The child was also instructed to “not tell her mother about her new gender identity and expression.”

The lawsuit alleges that the school district has adopted and implemented a “Parental Secrecy Policy” under which “teachers and staff would keep certain information about students’ gender expression and identity secret from parents.”

Under the Parental Secrecy Policy, Buena Vista teachers and staff would keep secret from parents that their children had articulated confusion about their gender identity, evinced a desire to change their gender identity, or assumed or expressed a new gender identity, unless the student expressly authorized the parents to be informed. Despite keeping this information secret from parents, teachers and staff would enable students to change their gender identity and expression at school by, among other things: (a) counseling students regarding their confusion about their gender identity, desire to change their gender identity, and assertion of a new gender identity and expression; (b) addressing students by any new name matching their new gender identity that they wanted to be called; (c) addressing students by pronouns the students indicated they wished to be called by; (d) changing certain educational records to reflect the students’ new name and pronouns; and (e) allowing students to use unisex restrooms otherwise reserved for teachers

Megan Fox #transphobia pjmedia.com

In the video, Chasten leads the children in a pseudo pledge of allegiance to gayness. “I pledge my heart to the rainbow of the not-so-typical gay camp. One camp, full of pride, indivisible, with affirmation and equal rights for all.” The event was described as a campaign event for LGBT youth. People are asking each other, “Why do Democrats want to talk to little kids about sexuality and sexual topics all the time?”

Christian Walker, son of senate candidate Herschel Walker and a podcaster, has been hosting live Twitter chats destroying the opposition to the Florida bill. If you ever happen to come across one of his podcasts, don’t miss it. In the video below, Walker says, “if you’re demanding that, specifically, children learn about sexuality when one day they would eventually figure that out on their own, then you’re demonstrating to me that you don’t care about teaching them about the idea; you care about pushing them into being attracted to a certain group or gender.”

By the way, today is also Detransistion Awareness Day. Many victims of the mass trans hysteria have woken up and realized they were brainwashed by teachers like these and were led into a life of pain, surgeries, and misery, when all they needed was therapy for psychological trauma. Support the detransitioners out there and share their stories.

Ron Desantis #dunning-kruger #transphobia patch.com

First graders shouldn’t have woke gender ideology imposed in their curriculums, and that is what we’re standing for because we’re standing for the kids and we’re standing for the parents. And I can tell you this. The chance that I am going to back down on my commitment to students and back down from my commitment to parents rights simply because of fraudulent media narratives or pressure from woke corporations, the chances of that are zero.

And when you have companies that have made a fortune off being family friendly and catering to families and young kids, they should understand that parents of young kids do not want this injected into their kids’ kindergarten classrooms. They do not want their first-graders to go and be told that they can choose an opposite gender. That is not appropriate for those kids. So, if you’re family friendly, understand, the parents who are actually raising the families want to have their rights respected.

And I also think you have companies like Disney that are gonna say and criticize parents rights, they’re going to criticize the fact that we don’t want transgenderism in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. If that’s the hill that they’re gonna die, how do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship with the Communist Party of China. They make a fortune and don’t say a word about the really brutal practices that you see over there at the hands of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]. So in Florida, our policy is going to be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musings of woke corporations.

Kevin Downey Jr. #transphobia pjmedia.com

In a victory for female athletes, champion male cyclist Zach Bridges, who now prefers to be called Emily, won’t be able to race against real women.

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body for international competitive cycling, made the call that Bridges won’t be allowed to compete against real women. The decision was made after female cyclists threatened to boycott the race en masse.

“It’s not transphobic to want fair sport—it’s anti-female to not,” said Sharron Davies, a former Olympic swimmer for England

Davies believes the threat of a boycott helped UCI make its decision.

“It would not have been fair to ask Laura Kenny and the other women cyclists that Bridges would have come up against to have to race a rival with the advantages of a biological man,” she continued. “No amount of testosterone reduction can mitigate that, but we’re being told to turn a blind eye to science and biology, to keep quiet and suck it up.”

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With the Sochi Olympics gearing up, I expect there will be many news articles bashing me as a symbol of resistance to the global “gay” agenda.

Now that I’ve reached a place in my personal spiritual walk where I don’t fear the persecution and don’t really care about the opinions of the world and the man-pleasers within the church, I now actually enjoy the battle for truth. All Glory to Our God who gives boldness in place of timidity and peace in place of worry.

Why do the Heathen rage? In part for our amusement 🙂

In any case, Rauch is drawing a common false comparison between Jews and homosexuals. Being ethnically Jewish is an immutable status like being African or Chinese. Each of these is morally neutral. Homosexuality, on the other hand is a form of voluntary sexual conduct with serious moral, sociological and public health implications. It is irrational to discriminate on the basis of race or skin color. It is irrational NOT to discriminate on the basis of harmful sexual conduct.

Scott Lively #dunning-kruger #homophobia archive.ph

Although I am portrayed in this story as a pastor, I am also a lawyer. I majored in International Human Rights in law school and have practiced as a human rights consultant in numerous countries. I also hold a Certificate in human rights (1997) from the U.N. administered Institute of International Human Rights in Strasbourg.

I agree that the Ugandan law is overly harsh on its face, but this is typical of African criminal law across the continent. Poor countries with limited criminal justice systems tend to rely on the harshness of the letter of the law to be a deterrent to criminals. In practice, the sentencing is usually pretty lenient. Kenya, for example, has the death penalty for burglary, but burglars are definitely not being executed there. I’ve explained this phenomenon to over two dozen journalists at top media outlets that have interviewed me over the past couple of years, but none have included this perspective in their stories. I guess it would undermine their efforts to bolster the “gay” cause.

SwytheQ #dunning-kruger #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia deviantart.com

Additionally, the bill prohibits classroom instruction by school personnel and third parties about sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.
That is the part these idiots are having a fissure over?

It forces you to actually follow "the science" objectively now.

The rest of the bill gives parents more control over their children's education. With a bill of rights.

Funny, how they will sing the whole "Faith in Democracy" song when it works for their corruption, but are all so willing to remove entire class of people from the public forum you don't like. Classes of people who pay for the schools they want a say in. That makes them shareholders with voting rights.

Shareholders (including the DOE, who lobbied for it) in Florida's education system have rejected LGBT child indoctrination. Democracy at work. Where's your faith leftoids?

Nice to see all these assholes out in the open. Man its so fun to watch Disney loose another $6 billion. Its so good to see Warner just let it out. Decades of hiding. Now we can objectively show normies how bad you all really are.

Pokemonquistador2 #wingnut #homophobia kiwifarms.net

They're not my least favorite Youtubers, but lately Overly Sarcastic Productions has been getting on my nerves. Not just because they make history videos with fucking chibis in them (seriously, have chibis been relevant to pop culture since 2005?) but because of their creeping SocJus. Like most creatives, they've always had a liberal bias, but in the last video I saw, they made a crack against Capitalism and I had to unsubscribe. (I suppose since they hate Capitalism now, they'll demonetize their videos, right?) And this is a channel that teaches history and literature. Any kid who tries to learn about these subjects via this channel is going to grow up to be insufferable, if not an outright faggot..

Scott Lively #conspiracy #fundie scottlively.net

Under normal circumstances the first question most people ask after a fight has broken out is “Who started it?” because we all know that while “it takes two to tango,” there’s almost always an instigator and it isn’t necessarily the person who threw the first punch. When it comes to mob psychology and the phenomenon of rioting or war, identifying the instigator is a little trickier because there’s often an unseen hand stirring the pot of social unrest. In the “white nationalist” incident in Charlottesville, VA, I suspect the instigator is the same network of Bush, Clinton and Obama deep-state intelligence agents, politicians and street activists that’s been working since the election to remove President Trump.

Importantly, this is a network of one-world statists with a common cultural-Marxist worldview. The tools of their trade are ideological polarization to create social and political factions, inflammatory propaganda to breed emotionalism and “group-think” in those opposing factions, and staged street activism to incite conflict between them (conflict usually of a political nature but sometimes of the physical sort). Tactically, they almost always lead with the left because leftists are easier to manipulate, and they use them as provocateurs to get a counter-reaction from the right. Their strategy today is to sucker conservatives into following extreme hard right populists into a war for the streets just as occurred in Germany after WWI.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a big component of the strategy, complete with Soros-funded rent-a-mobs and roving “community organizers” looking for the next opportunity to stage a “spontaneous” riot against the police. But there’s a much larger target than the police in this strategy: it is the entire “right wing.” The purpose of leftist social agitation is not “social justice” (as many of BLM’s “useful idiot” foot soldiers believe), it is to inflame the right. They want war, in whatever form they can get it, because it’s in the chaos of war that the elites make their greatest gains toward a global socialist government. The pattern is similar to how our intelligence agencies have conducted “regime-change” operations in foreign nations for decades (making them all the greater hypocrites for their breathless “Russian collusion” narrative) and now we see a version of it here it home.

Scott Lively #conspiracy #homophobia #fundie scottlively.net

The latest reminder of that was watching the despotic Justin Trudeau regime declare martial law to crush peaceful opposition to vaccine tyranny in Ottawa. Remember Ottawa? Remember vaccine tyranny? The trucker convoy bearing down on D.C.? Hillary’s spy-treason? Election fraud? CRT propaganda? The Second Amendment? “Gay”/transgender grooming of children in our public schools? None of that seems to matter now because of the Ukraine war, and that’s no accident. As I said in a recent WND article, “From time immemorial elitist despots have started wars to deflect attention from domestic political crises.”

Let’s leave aside the question of whether Christian Russia – which has both honored God and protected normal marriage in its new constitution – has any right to use military force to stop the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Soros-created LGBT Woke-ocracy of Ukraine from putting anti-Russian nukes on the Russian border.

Let’s instead ask whether God is using Barack Obama’s avatar, Joe Biden, to punish our own country. I’ll answer with another question: “Politically speaking, what is the last best hope for saving America?”

Isn’t it the MAGA movement?

What MAGA movement? Do you mean that formerly united group of Trump supporters now fighting with each other tooth and nail over whether or not Vladimir Putin is (the globalists’ version of) the Antichrist? Or whether the Ukraine president (a former TV comedian who thought performing a homoerotic dance skit with three other men would be a good message for the children of his nation) is a hero for forcibly conscripting his entire male civilian population to be slaughtered in an unnecessary no-win battle with the overwhelming might of the Russian army, when he could win the peace by simply agreeing to remain neutral and not join NATO?

Conservapedia #homophobia #dunning-kruger conservapedia.com

Myth refuted conclusively
The most thorough investigation of the Homocaust myth is Gunter Grau and Claudia Shoppmann’s Hidden Holocaust? Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany 1933-45. Written in German, by two historians of Humboldt University Berlin, it has been translated and published in English. [8] This book examines first-hand documentary evidence and reveals that during the entire Nazi period, the number of people convicted under anti-homosexuality laws was only 5,000 and they were sent to prisons or labor camps, not extermination camps. Half of that 5,000 survived the war. None were deliberately killed, but some died towards the end of the war of harsh conditions, such as cold, starvation and disease. No lesbians were arrested or jailed. So while the LGBT sites talk hysterically about 100,000 or a million victims, professional historians give a figure of 2,500 accidental deaths.

Misrepresentation tactics and methods
The bizarre publication history of this book gives some insight into the mentality of the people who spread the Homocaust myth. Although Grau and Shoppmann’s book conclusively refutes the claims that the Nazis carried out any large-scale killing of homosexuals, the blurb of the book on the Routledge website says the opposite. It claims the book upholds LGBT activists’ version of history. The fact that they will go so far as to misrepresent an academic book in order to uphold their false world-view could provide useful evidence for a debate on whether homosexuality is a form of insanity.[9] This misleading blurb is reproduced on Google books and elsewhere, perpetuating the fallacy and giving it bogus academic respectability.[10]

Lucas Fryman #transphobia #dunning-kruger #pratt aminoapps.com

Now, I have not wasted any money on the....Unbearable Rodent Mutant (who never mentions that she is a mutant in her comic, and I am dead serious about that), but from I've seen in books I've flipped through and snips of dialogue form this piece of (not)literature, it is plain to see why Erica genderbendison, does not deserve a Eisner for comedy...or just plain anything.

Well, from the Video from Diversity and comics and the Twitter feeds of these miraculously employed keyboard warriors, you can see that the SJW crowd in Marvel seem to have an inner circle. The create a "SaFe SpAcE," and echo their same zombie-like ideals like every SJW in existence does. They then go out to anyone who has the least bit of criticism for their ideas and then they systematically ear rape them with BS claims and threats until they get their way. It's sort of like going up to a Muslim extremist....but you won't get shot in the face....and they also don't bastardize wide spread religions.

Because Ship Chimpanzee and Erica Genderbenderewhatthehelliswrongwiththischick-ison got rewards for "comedy," it makes Marvel and it's dunce of a Chief Editor "Axel Alonzo" think that the majority of people still want social (in)justice politics in our comics, even though the vast majority of people despise the mere existence of it in our fantasy comic worlds that we are paying four bucks to read about on a monthly basis.

JonIrenicus #dunning-kruger kiwifarms.net

Overly Sarcastic Productions. As bad as Extra Credits. Blue's 'History' is skewed so far to leftist west-bad bias. Goes through the indian history video praising the Mughal Empire for tolerance, ignores the Mughal persecution and neat eradication of the Sikh Religion. Red is your typical feminist leftist, the Lovecraft video was embarrasing and she spent Trump Election night crying into her guitar.

Megan Fox #transphobia pjmedia.com

Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter is at the forefront of exposing all the teachers who are carrying on like stuck pigs because they can’t indoctrinate children anymore (at least in Florida). Not only did the bill outlaw discussions of sex and gender with students from pre-K to third grade, but it also outlawed hiding information from K-12 parents about their children’s gender identity or any other information that would be important for them to know. There is a disturbing trend of public schools actively keeping secrets from parents that has led to suicide attempts and harm to children. In Florida, that’s no longer allowed.

But at least one teacher, Amber Mercier who works at The Academy, says she’ll keep lying to parents about their kids, and she’s willing to lose her job over it.

Related for our VIPs: Parents Sue After 12-Year-Old Daughter Attempts Suicide at School—Twice—After Secret Trans Counseling

Mercier is gay, and she believes keeping secrets about sexuality from her students’ families — if the student wants her to — is worth losing her job over. “I just want to go ahead and state that I would rather lose my job than out one of my students to their families. Being a safe person and a safe place for kids who don’t have that at home is one of the best parts of being a teacher, so, yeah, I’m not doing it. Fire me, sue me, take me to jail — I’m not doing it.”

Boskov01 #transphobia deviantart.com

"Transgender activists who go under the illusion that they care for their own when in reality they are actually causing psychological harm to their own."

Transgenderism itself is self-harming. And the people who go along with it and celebrate it are harming transgender people even more. Coddling and enabling this mental illness is harming these people. What they need is therapy to realize and accept that they are the gender they were born as. To want to mutilate their bodies to try and pantomime being something they're not is peak derangement. And if there is one consolation with these people mutilating themselves this way, it's that they are, in essence, removing themselves from the gene pool as they often sterilize themselves in the process

Another consolation is, as times get hard and when the Western Empire finally collapses, among the millions if not billions of suffering people, things such as transgenderism will be stamped out for centuries if not millennia. Survival will take priority over this notion of self-mutilation. The Roman Empire's collapse proved this to be true as the Romans were in a similar state we are in now. But then when the Empire collapsed, it was forced out of the mainstream and became a fringe belief system for nearly 2000 years. The same will happen again when the Western World collapses.

Kamuroshiryu #transphobia deviantart.com

A big double take from Clownfish TV and the best trans journalist not known to many herself, Sophia Narwitz regarding the insanity of transgender activists who go under the illusion that they care for their own when in reality they are actually causing psychological harm to their own through misinformation, self-destruction, malefic, civil disruption and unwanted mental disrepair.


Eirikrautha #dunning-kruger therpgsite.com

Quote from: fixable on October 31, 2020, 04:00:43 AM
“Those proposing games like RaHoWa and Myfarog have points of view that can cause active harm to others.”

harm /härm/ noun: physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted.

Bullshit. No one has ever been hurt by a roleplaying game (unless someone threw a 1st edition Warhammer RPG book at them... they were heavy enough to maim you). Ever. Someone might have been offended, or angered, or embarrassed, or annoyed. But those are emotions. Only the most spoiled, narcissistic, never-matured man-children would even dream of asserting that mental discomfort is the same as physical injury. Your mental comfort is not anyone else's problem, nor is your mental discomfort "harm."

Ideas cannot "harm" anyone by definition. Ideas can be evil, reprehensible, immoral, offensive, and disgusting (like fascism or Marxism/communism). They cannot cause harm. Only the direct physical actions of people can. And unless you can come up with examples of an RPG book that literally says "find a tranny in your neighborhood and beat them up," you can't even justify a claim of RPGs encouraging or promoting harm.

Boskov01 #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

And yet, Romney, Graham, Collins, and Murkowski and perhaps a few more Republicans will still vote to confirm her. When Mr. Biden announced his criteria to selecting a SCOTUS justice was their immutable characteristics, i.e. sex and skin color, that should've immediately disqualified anyone he chose. Every black and woman judge with any ounce of pride and self-respect should've condemned Mr. Biden for this criteria and immediately and preemptively refused any nomination.

But of course, he picks a black woman judge who is absolutely craven, depraved, a judicial activist that is worse than Sotomayor, Kegan, and Ginsburg combined! A guaranteed mouthpiece for the Establishment. And sadly, because of the near 50/50 split in the Senate, she's guaranteed a confirmation! I can only hope that when Republicans retake Congress this year, and then the White House in 2024, they actually have the impetus and the balls to actually REMOVE this horrid woman from the bench completely!

Ann Coulter #dunning-kruger vdare.com

In “a still-emerging story” (exciting, no?), Project Veritas “worked to expose personal information about the Biden family at a crucial stage of the 2020 campaign.”

Isn’t that what journalists are supposed to do?

Just kidding! As we saw with Hunter Biden’s laptop, the job of journalists is to suppress negative information about Democrats. Instead of reporting news “without fear or favor”—Times founder Adolph S. Ochs, 1896—the U.S. media now function as the Praetorian Guard for the Democratic Party.

Still, you’d think the Times would be embarrassed to attack others for doing the reporting they won’t do.

The story was about how Project Veritas got its hands on the diary of the president’s daughter, Ashley Biden. (She’s the good child by virtue of being less of a drug fiend than Hunter.) It was titled: “Ashley Biden’s Diary Was Shown at Trump Fund-Raiser. Weeks Later, Project Veritas Called Her.”

The Times no longer reports news about the president: It berates other journalists for reporting news about the president.

Seven Devil Wolf #transphobia #pratt kiwifarms.net

But on the other hand, PbtA has become the shitty, SJW OGL of gaming. Every single game you find is generally the same premise, with the descriptions changed 'When you want to go aggro' becomes 'When you want to do a cringeworthy assault that leaves your enemies in the dust...') but is also picked up by the mainstream Twitter circle jerks for self-promotion. I've seen OSR making little footnotes, but even then, the few I see which really get pushed are immensely ruleslite (Mork Borg) which are picked up by mainstream media because 'Swedish roleplaying game'.

Even the games which are pretty good (Blades in the Dark, Apocalypse World I'm not a fan of, but it's kinda' cute design-wise) are not the issue themselves, but these major OGLs are now the gatekeepers to gaming. Blades in the Dark never touched the 'muh gender' stuff directly, or ever mentioned it, but you won't find a single Forged in the Dark game (Scum and Villainy, which I'm pretty sure is written by a troon), Girl by Moonlight (multiple games about being magical girls. Based around 'who you are, what you believe and the power of relationships and community against an oppress society) which doesn't contain this stuff to the hilt.

Twitter is how these things are going to advertise. These are then picked up by CritRoles, which have to toe the line to not get removed, which then become the advertisement, while other indie games will get left in the dirt. Writing a Kickstarter game about troons in PbtA fighting penguins will not only be signal boosted within the community (as they all fund each other), but if you're lucky, picked up by Twitter and pushed further and with the low effort artwork needed? All you need is some basic writing, some rules made by copy-pasting OGL and you're sorted.

Paul Kersey #racist #conspiracy vdare.com

These insurrectionists set fire to the 205-year-old St. John’s Church right across from the White House as well, all part of a true uprising in the name of a black career criminal.
So more than 60 Secret Service agents were injured in an event completely forgotten from the summer of 2020. What happened next? Corporate America gave Black Lives Matter $10 billion as tribute to the shock troops of establishment.

Yes, there was an attempted siege of the White House in late May of 2020, but it’s an event we aren’t supposed to remember.

It’s all about who/whom when it comes to perceived acts of insurrection or literal attempts to invade the White House injuring scores of Secret Service agents.

Oh, and Chris Evans: not one Secret Service agent opened fire on the massive crowd of black people during the Black Lives Matter siege of the White House in late May of 2020… so we already know of the ‘perceived’ carnage if they hadn’t been white. It adds up to scores of injured Secret Service agents, because shooting one black protester would have only enraged the conflict to the nth degree.

Michelle Malkin #transphobia vdare.com

Savanah Hernandez, 25, is one of the most stifled young journalists in America. She's intrepid, prolific and opinionated. But because she has relentlessly exposed the lies of Big Government, Big Business, Big Pharma and Big Alphabet (LGBTQIXYZ), she will never be embraced or promoted by establishment gatekeepers. Because she is right-thinking, right-leaning and a proud America First advocate, you won't see her invited to appear on mainstream corporate media—even though her videos have been viewed tens of millions of times over the past five years.

Savanah first caught my attention several years ago when she bravely plunged into left-wing mobs to expose their hatred and violence firsthand. I've interviewed her for her work on Black Lives Matter riots and the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on fertility. Last week, Savanah was on the ground reporting from Georgia Tech's McAuley Aquatic Center, where the NCAA swimming championships took place. She nabbed an interview with an outspoken Virginia Tech female athlete whose teammate was beaten by biological male Lia Thomas, the hulking "trans" competitor for the University of Pennsylvania wreaking havoc in collegiate women's swimming.

"It's heartbreaking to see someone who went through puberty as a male, and has the body of a male, be able to absolutely blow away the competition," the Vtech athlete told Savanah. "And you go into it with the mindset that you don't have a chance."

kamuroshiryu #transphobia #pratt #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

Ever since J.K. Rowling gave International Women's Day a very low viewpoint that earned her the high rise of scorn from Labour MPs like Annaliese Dobbs, the BAFTAs is now next for becoming pants-browning woke especially for the fact that Emma Watson has left me rather puzzled with her current shifts in her own brand of feminism, but if she thinks she can speak highly against J.K., then she really needs to sort out her priorities. But what is great about this elite circus is that Ricky Gervais took the right time to even demolish the fake actors' guild at this year's BAFTAs award after they waffled a lot about the Ukraine War, gender politics, Emma Watson's aforementioned disapproval of J.K. Rowling's objective opinion on politicised pandering towards women and Rebel Wilson butchering a James Bond story.

Reckall #pratt #dunning-kruger therpgsite.com

"In recent years, many writers, including writers of color"

...You need to specify this because writers of color are special, I guess. Nice crypto-racism right there. Why no mention of, let's say, Japanese writers? Or, more importantly, Israeli writers like Hunter C. Eden? It seemed a big thing only a few paragraphs ago. Maybe you don't mention them because it turns out that Jews can appreciate Lovecraft just fine? (much more than you, it seems, and much more able than you in understanding how his "anti-Semitism" was actually not so clear-cut: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/arts-letters/articles/my-favorite-anti-semite-h-p-lovecraft). Or maybe because in Israel they consider anti-Semitic the very works by authors of color you are pimping? https://www.timesofisrael.com/why-does-hbos-anti-racist-lovecraft-country-stumble-into-anti-semitic-tropes/

(Incidentally, I found those links while doing the internet research you asked for. Strange how things turn out sometimes…)

All of this for a game that is:

"More Aliens and Terminator, less Shadow over Innsmouth, it’s a game where instead of becoming a howling fool when faced with the terrifying truth of nightmare creatures from beyond space and time, you pick up a twelve-gauge and do what needs doing. Your job is to save the future, not to sit in a corner screaming and clawing your eyeballs out."

I.e. whose designers either don't understand or don't want to contemplate that Lovecraft's main poetic was Cosmic Horror - not racism. People who, instead of creating their own mythology which expresses their own views, never in the life will ditch Lovecraft. Because Lovecraft sells a lot, especially today. And, sure, Lovecraft must burn in Hell, but one must be crazy to ditch the Lovecraft train when you can jump on it, lazily repaint it with "progressive" ideas and rush to a publisher with your uncreative RPG.

What a pathetic, ignorant mess. And in two pages! That's the real mind bending" reality behind "Fate of Cthulhu": a game that wants to be "woke" and ends up being lazy, derivative, anaemic, hypocrite. And racist.

Kajm #crackpot deviantart.com

When George Lucas- as I understand it - created Star Wars, he intended it to be Massively political.

One of his criticisms (of the US, I would imagine) was that the military was designed to put 'brown' people on the front line. ie, the US was being racist / protecting its white population. So in the production, the Storm Troopers of the Empire are all Hispanic...

Again, correct me if I am wrong.

Now, look at things:

The Left demonizes 'whiteness' all over the map.

They are forcing 'white supremacists' out of the military. To what extent this is happening, I do not currently know.

Who does that leave to put on the front lines? 'brown' and 'black' people.

I have to imagine the military is still primarily white, of course.

But Good God. Was Lucas actually thinking of the Dem / Left / Socialist racists, when he was writing his scripts?