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Sequestering Adonai the Voice of Chaos Evil to manifest your will Service;

The Chaos Evil sourced from Shaddai flows into the dark seas of Awareness (Chaos fluctuations in the quantum vacuum) to iterate as non linear dynamical quantum vacuum fluctuations that then seep into the light energy matter universes as Elohim. One must ask the question what is the nature of this Chaos sequestration programme to make it so invasive? It is obvious that the formation of a self perpetuating strange attractor fed by far from equilibrium quantum dynamics is the chaos sequestration system called Shekinah by the Satanic Jews. It follows that all Jews must feed off the Goyim as parasites to feed this Shekinah.
Once this process is complete Jod He Vau He, Jehovah is complete and the Matrix can be built, Adonai being the waters beneath the temporal Matrix world, the watery Demonic foreign Chaos mind of the zombie in which the Demons of Kabbalah swim to possess the unconscious, subconscious and conscious of the slave and cut off the dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum from the Shaman Psi-Master. Adonai is therefore the voice, the chatter that all wageslaves hear in their minds and is parroted by the media whore; it’s higher aspects being the Illuminati avatars of Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim who turn the Intent of Chaos into words, voices Adonai. So one can see all Western Jewish controlled politics from the USA to the EU is Adonai.
Sequestering Adonai the Voice of Chaos Evil to manifest your will Service:

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Adonai Upgrade A: Sequestering the flow of Adonai riches from the Rothschilds to the SuperJew:

The Adonai flow brings all the Goyims wealth to the Rothschilds. Now the Psi-Lord controls the flow he or she automatically reroutes the flow of wealth, money energy, riches, treasures, good things in life from the Rothschilds to him or her and the 12 other Adonai SuperJews.



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