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Shouting slogans that included “Death to the Jews” and “LGBT, pedophiles, Zionists — enemies of Poland”, hundreds of ultra-nationalists took over the center of a provincial Polish town on Thursday to mark their country’s independence day with a brazenly antisemitic demonstration.

The scenes at Thursday’s demonstration in Kalisz, a city of 100,000 in central Poland, shocked even veteran observers of the Polish far-right. “They were chanting ‘Death, Death, Death’ and ‘Death to the Jews’,” Rafal Pankowski — executive director of the “Never Again” Association, a Polish anti-racist NGO — told The Algemeiner on Friday.

“In more than 25 years of monitoring antisemitism in Poland, I have never seen anything like this,” Pankowski added.

The centerpiece of the demonstration was the ceremonial burning of the medieval statute for which Kalisz is famed that granted legal protections to the Jews in the historic Duchy of Greater Poland.


One speaker at the rally, far-right activist Piotr Rybak, attacked what he called a “Polish-speaking rabble” who were plotting against “Poles in their own homeland.” His voice reaching fever pitch, Rybak pledged to “chase this Polish-speaking mob to Israel, just like we did in 1968” — a reference to the antisemitic campaign of that year launched by the former Communist Party regime under the guise of rooting out “Zionists.”

Another speaker, Wojciech Olszanski, bellowed that “LGBTers, pedophiles, Zionists are the enemies of Poland!” Throughout the event, the crowd chanted slogans including “Death to the Jews,” “Death to the Enemies of the Motherland,” and “Once with a sickle, sometimes a hammer, the Red Rabble” — a reference to the widely-believed myth among Polish nationalists that Jews were responsible for the installation of Communist Party rule following World War II.

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A Republican Party leader in Delaware blamed Jews for being behind the impeachment of US President Donald Trump.

“What amazes me the most in these theatrical Congress hearings, is to see how many Jews ‘In Name Only’ lend themselves to be in the hoaks [sic] of the pure made up story of Impeachment that the Democrats have woven as spiders catching flies and bugs,” wrote Sussex County Republican Party vice chairwoman Nelly Jordan, whose Facebook page, where she made the remarks, was apparently deleted.

“These jews [sic] have been enrolled to come and testify, to come and interrogate and to be involved in anything that the Democrats enlist them to do to try to look credible to the people of this country,” the post also stated.

Jordan added that Jews were going against the G-d’s will, “as it was in the times of the Old Testament.”

Delaware GOP chairwoman Jane Brady criticized Jordan’s comments.

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A new painting by an Italian Catholic artist that promotes the antisemitic blood libel of medieval times met with outrage on Friday, as Jewish and Catholic commentators condemned the work and called on the Vatican to do the same.

As reported by The Algemeiner on Thursday, the painting — titled “The Martyrdom of St. Simon of Trento in Accordance With Jewish Ritual Murder” — was revealed by its artist, Giovanni Gasparro, on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

The work shows an infant boy surrounded by a crowd of sinister Jewish men, variously wearing side-curls and religious items, who strangulate him, cut him open and drain his blood.

It is based on one of the worst episodes in the history of the “blood libel,” which falsely accused Jews of using the blood of Christians in their religious rituals — the March 1475 disappearance and death of a 2-year-old boy named Simon in the Italian town of Trento, whose fate was blamed on the local Jewish community.

Regarded as a “martyr” by the Catholic Church for centuries, Simon of Trento’s status was removed by Pope Paul VI in 1965 — the year that the Second Vatican Council issued its historic “Nostra Aetate” Declaration disavowing antisemitism.

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Speakers at a Wednesday evening University of London Student Union (ULSU)-sponsored panel called for the destruction of Israel as a solution to antisemitism, a British watchdog group reported.

According to UK Media Watch, several panelists issued the calls during an event centered on the theme of antisemitism in the Labour Party and alleging that the ongoing uproar over widespread anti Jewish rhetoric in the party is being used to silence critics of Israel and bring down leader Jeremy Corbyn. A leaflet handed out at the beginning of the panel, titled “Labour Jews Assert,” stated, “some people…are wielding ‘antisemitism’ allegations as a stick to beat the Corbyn leadership.”

Speaker Tariq Ali — a British Pakistani writer, journalist and filmmaker, who is an outspoken supporter of Hamas — said the annihilation of Israel would greatly benefit both Palestinians and Israelis. Antisemitism, according to Ali, is a result of the creation of a Jewish state, and once Israel is wiped off the map, antisemitism will disappear.

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Jon Stewart is just another victim of the Vatican/CIA propaganda machine. Instead of attacking Jon Stewart for being feeble minded (Jon Stewart cannot help it. It is what it is), the author needs to look at and address who are the sponsors of anti-Israel propaganda along with their propaganda outlets.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is why Israel has such weak propaganda of its own. Propaganda that is always on the defensive and is always reactive, and why are the vectors of its dissemination (Algemeiner being a rare exception) so feeble.


Don’t believe for a second that ANY government or media outlet in Europe is independent. They are ALL muppets. Same for the Israeli gov and media. Our government is not our government. The script for this theater is written by the Vatican/CIA mafia.

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In an interview, Jon Stewart said, "We may not agree on the way [to handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict], but to compare me to the Jews who helped Nazis? ... Since when does disagreement with the policies of the Israeli government makes you a lesser Jew? It is very rude for other Jews to say things like that.”

“Stewart” is correct on one thing. The Jews who “helped” the Nazis did so because, in their mortal peril, they’d abandoned their moral principles for the glimmer of hope of personal survival. “Stewart” – a pampered, self-centered, deluded king of his world – is nothing like those wretches in his attacks on the Jewish state and its defenders.

He is incomparably worse.

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We’re Secular Jewish, Liberal Democrats, Extremely Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionism, Anti- so called palestinians, and believe the BDS’ers should be “EXCOMMUNICATED” for hatred against their own people!!! Their parents should put it to them…Us or the Arabs!!! If they hate Israel soooo much then they should become muslims…because there is no place for anti-Israel Jews!!!!…Anti-Israel is Anti-Semitism!!!!!!

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What is obvious is that George Zimmerman never should have been charged with anything. The entire perverse spectacle, from beginning to end was a political show-trial. The only reason Zimmerman was charged is because he was white and Trayvon Martin was black. The fact that the black-shyster, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, could compare Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till and civil-rights hero Medgar Evers, is a testimony to the racist sickness that ironically and sadly infects many black people in this country today.

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Tell it like it is; put the blame where it belongs: on the Democrat Political Party. There is nothing democratic about any Democrat leader. The Democrat Political Party has morphed into an instrument of poverty, oppression, and death. The Democrat enclaves of Detroit Michigan and Chicago Illinois are death camps; California & New York state are fiscal wrecks. Wherever the Democrat is in power there is poverty, oppression and death. It is time for reform. The only people who thrive in the Democrat Political Party are unionized bureaucrats who devise crooked rules and regulations that milk taxes. The taxes are used to hire more bureaucrats who write & enforce more rules to enslave those of us who are NOT bureaucrats. What Democrats practice now are the same practices Vladimir Lenin & Josef Stalin used against the Russian people. Lenin & Stalin lied and promised Russians a more prosperous life. What did the Russians get instead? Poverty, oppression and death. Repudiate the Democrat Political Party & defeat them overwhelmingly on November 6th 2012. Democrats are enemies of liberty, justice and prosperity for all.

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Al Sharpton and the Lynching of George Zimmerman

As jury selection continues in the trial of George Zimmerman for what are obviously trumped up charges of second degree murder, let us focus on the malevolent undercurrents that are animating this drama. One might be tempted to call the entire affair a miscarriage of justice but in using that metaphor we would be guilty of understatement. More appropriate: A Kermit Gosnell style late-term murder/abortion of justice.

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was released by the Sanford Police. Why? For the obvious reason that his claim of self-defense was perfectly reasonable and there was no probable cause to charge him with anything at all.


The lesson to be learned from Jim Crow and racial oppression is that justice is justice and truth is truth no matter what color the alleged victim or perpetrator. Many blacks and liberal whites who bend over backwards to show how “black” they are, seem to feel that the lesson learned is: It’s fine to lynch, as long as it’s a white man accused of shooting a black man.

George Zimmerman is being sacrificed on the altar of the liberal/progressive gospel. That gospel states that white racism is among the most powerful forces driving events in the United States of America. If there is excessive unemployment in the black community, the cause is always white racism. If black students are failing in school, the cause is always white racism. If a black man is killed by a white man or policeman, the cause is always white racism. If the black community is rife with drugs, prostitution, street gangs, out of wedlock children, and men who refuse to take responsibility for the women they impregnate and the children they sire, the cause is always white racism. Facts – for example: the one thing a young black man must actually fear more than anything else in this country is being murdered by another young black man – are irrelevant, as are reason and logic. The inherent irrationality within this gospel is evidenced by the accusation, that demanding proof of identity before voting is also motivated by white racism (is it racist to require an ID before boarding an airplane?).

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I don’t hate woman of the wall at all. My only point – and it is quite obvious both here and in my previous article – is that the Kotel is not the place to showcase your ideology, not for woman of the wall or anyone else. It is a place for all Jews to pray to God and the only way to maintain unity is for everyone to observe orthodox customs.

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All we are missing now is a scholarly “scientific” study which informs us that we have finally isolated a “man-child attraction” gene! An old German expression comes to mind: “So fangt es immer an”- “It always starts in the same way.” What also comes to mind are the lyrics of an old protest song from the 60’s: “And you tell me over and over again my friend, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction?”

The atheistic notion that life emerged randomly from ancient Earth’s prebiotic slime, coupled with the Darwinian belief that humans are no more than intelligent chimpanzees, leaves us morally bereft. In a society whose schools consider it a noble undertaking to teach a teenage boy how to use a condom, but streng verboten to teach him that God has forbidden us to steal or murder, how can one anticipate anything other than a gaping and ever-expanding moral sinkhole? While there exist real challenges in determining exactly what God requires of us in the moral sphere, let us, at least, agree on the following before it is too late, and move forward from there:

All men are created in the image of God and are therefore inherently and intrinsically precious.
All men have been endowed by God with unalienable rights and among these are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Thou shalt not murder.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness.
Thou shalt not commit adultery, incest, or bestiality.
Thou shalt not have sex with children, and if you do you will be looked upon as a disgusting and contemptible criminal and will be treated as such.
Thou shall teach these laws to your children.

We hold these above truths to be self-evident, not by proxy of some pragmatic social contract that can be amended and revised as often as societal whim and convenience demands, not as the result of the pompous and vapid philosophical musings of so called professors of “ethics,” but because they reflect the eternal, immutable, and absolute moral laws that emanate from Almighty God, the Creator of the universe and all mankind.

A wise man once observed that while belief in God after the Holocaust may be difficult, belief in man after the Holocaust is impossible. The choices before us are clear: we will either seek a transcendent moral law to which we will all submit, or we will seek our own personal and societal indulgence. If we turn to God in our quest to create a moral and just world, we have a fighting chance; if not, we are doomed to spiral into the man-made hell of the human jungle.

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[Ms. Bryen is against the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the Native Americans' requests to have Mt. Rushmore returned to them.]

Americans happily adapt and adopt parts of other people's cultures (Chinese food unlike anything served in Beijing, pizza Italians wouldn't recognize, St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo parties) and respect other parts (forms of dress, holy days and fasting for Ramadan). But there are aspects of "native" cultures that simply do not warrant respect: honor killings, female genital mutilation, slavery, stripping trees for cooking fuel, clubbing baby seals, and governance by the sword come to mind.


Applied, to American Indian tribes, it [the Declaration] not only covers Mt. Rushmore, but also may include reparations and mineral rights.

Applied to Palestinians and Kurds, not to mention minorities from Azeris in Iran to Uighurs in China to Armenians, Hmong tribesmen, and Guatemalan Indians, it could wreak havoc.

The Kurds form a tribal/national grouping that spans Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. They are unquestionably an "indigenous people" with a distinct language and culture. Is the United States prepared to support border changes to allow them the right of self-determination? American lives were expended in the quest for a unitary Iraq, and we supported Turkey's determination not to allow Kurds to secede during the PKK war. But how can we deny the Kurds while supporting a Palestinian "right to self determination"?


Far from a harmless exercise in multicultural sensitivity, the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples sets the stage for an endless series of "small wars" that may have big consequences. Mt. Rushmore is only the beginning.