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Well, I would have to agree with you on this one (the person that wrote this message) ok, dude, there has to be CHANGE, but evolution is incorrect. Nothing can NOT CHANGE over time, especially over thousands of years, it's impossible, but the 'Theory' (that's just what it is, a thought passing by someone’s head) that we came from a monkey, is stupid.

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I can see how you would say that I'm using God(capital 'G') to justify my own prejudices... but the fact of the matter is I'm not prejudice towards these people.. it's their sin and agenda that I come against... what they are doing is going to effect my country and my children's lives in a huge negative way. I come against the homo-agenda itself.

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I thought for the longest time that I had a chemical imbalance (or other physical problem associated with depression or emotional instability). I even took two different kinds of anti-depressants. However, in the end, I found that relying on God and trusting His promises given to us through the Bible was the only thing that cured me of my problem. The pills seemed to work a little, but they had side effects and made me feel in some ways "fake" (as if my contentedness was because I was "drugged," which I was). The pills seemed to treat the symptoms, while trusting in God cured me of the problem (the source of the symptoms).

I'd recommend avoiding them.

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[On being asked why Christianity should be taken more seriously than any other religion]

cause of all the proof available. its historically acurate. non-christian manuscripts describe things in it like the flood and jonah and the whale which people wouldnt regularly believe in. one dude wrote that the skys did turn black early and the was an earthquake and people did rise from the dead when Jesus was crucified. And he wasnt a Christian until he saw it all.

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You think you aren't harming others but you are treating whoever you are "lusting" after as an object. That is disrespectful. Treating people disrespectfully is harmful to them, whether you want to believe it or not.

Men using photographs of women to satisfy their "lust" is a big factor in the rotten treatment of women the world over. If you treat an image of a woman as a plaything to be used to satisfy your desires, which is disrespectful, you will be more likely to use real women the same way. This may not lead to rape in any one 15 year old boy but it does lead to rape in men who have the tendency to abuse others.

Maybe someday you'll take a class in Ethics and you'll discover a clue.

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while the earth was young it was covered with water. the flood happened while the earth was young. my source was the discovery channel. and everybody knows thats what scientists think anyways. thats why there are so many expaditions to go look for lost ships of the flood and stuff like that."

"yes i do admit that the colarado river does do erosion to the canyon but i and many others believe that the river couldnt have eroded that much i 6,000 years. and the canyon is very high. the river was not that deep at one time to have washed out the top and bottom of the canyon. it would have only eroded the bottom."

"whatever. continental drift. its hard to believe thats how all these fossils of things that were way at the bottom of the ocean have been found up there. but believe what you want. i dont care.

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There is nothing scientific about evolution but a lot of high school and college textbooks attempt to indoctrinate young people into believing they are just the product of a "chance" occurrence and apes and humans came from a "common ancestor." No wonder young people all over this nation are killing each other left and right.

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Plus, the bible hasn't yet been proven wrong or fallable. Yes there have been several links and websites saying they have, but shoot guys, there is a website proving that there wasn't a haullacost(sp?) and that all the jews fronted the 6 million deaths to make the germans look bad. If people can be so easily thrown by that one little thing from a huge action that happened, then of course you will be thrown and lead to beleive something about something so minor and detailed.

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I wouldn't equate the liberals with the poor and the sick, unless you're referring to a liberal's spiritual health." "So, you are saying that it is Christians [like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson] that are the problem, right? Homosexuals and Liberals are the good people, and Christians are the bad people, eh? You seem to have it all figured out my friend. What solutions do you propose?

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Unbelieving parents do not have a covenant with God and are in his disfavor. Their children would not be under a "spiritual blanket" and would face the same punishment as their parents.

I think this idea is supported by the cleansing of Canaan. Joshua was commanded to kill every living thing, which included children and babies. Infants were considered unclean since they were members of a pagan culture that their parents participated. Israeli children were considered clean because they were part of God's chosen culture.

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God knows what He's doing, and I haven't really much of a clue. Even from the Holocaust, some good came, because without the persecution, many, many Jews would have simply remained in Europe instead of making the exodos to what was then called Palestine. Just as the Israelites left the cruelties of Egypt in the first Exodos to Canaan, without which the original nation of Israel would not have been established, so the modern nation of Israel would not have been founded had it not been for the second great exodos.

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[Replying to thread started by another Christian; the topic title was provocative, but what was said was that the Bible should be respected but taken with a grain of salt because it was written for the ancients]

too long, didnt read, but i completely disagree with your thread title and it doesnt matter what you wrote, because you can never prove that your right. so shut up and stop trying to destroy the faith of the people that truly believe in the bible. your really stupid if you tink you can convince people that the bible is wrong, because its not wrong, its right because i believe its right.

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Also science only tell us what is most likely according to the information gathered by our flawed minds. Science can NEVER prove anything so evolution can always be FALSE. This would go with god too, but if that was true nothing would be true or real cuz nothing would have been preset so nothing would be. But science supports christianity. I have develled into evolution and never have I seen a good mutation. I have only witnessed evolutionist support there movement with the unknown. I have not posted all the evidence i have found for christianity. If I did they would probably ban me for flooding.

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what does the Bible say about pro wrestling like wwe other whys nown as wwf because my bro loves it beyond all possible human beleif and when i asked him which site is better , www.bible.com or www.wwe.com, it took him a while to answer so i thought that was a bit stupid. so what im asking is wwf against the bible and if u could give a link so my bro dont pull a hissy fit if it is thanx and this will solve a lot of problems thanx again

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Ha ha ha, ohh, I can't believe you people are being disolussioned like this! Are there not abnormailites in humans? We don't treat all these abnormalities as reactivated evolution genes do we? Anyways, I wouldn't believe that picture [with the X-ray of an atavistic human tail, complete with vertebrae and nerve ganglia] unless I saw the girl herself. Don't believe everything you see.

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What do people think about this? As most know there is this lady in Nigeria who has been ordered to be stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock. This has caused a significant outburst from western nations worldwide arguing the ruling is inhumane, uncivilised and breaches basic human rights. Although I find decision to be somewhat "harsh" this lady bought about her own judgement. In Northern Nigeria where the sha'riah is the law, it is a well known offence to commit adultery and although the stoning will be the first time it's practised in the region the Qu'ran makes it clear it is a capital offence. So although she knew her actions might lead to her death she took the risk anyway and now under shar'iah law she is going to be punished for it. I respect the human rights groups but I really don't think they understand religion at all and are only preventing justice before Allah or God taking place. From a Christian perspective I don't necessarily think it's wrong as well. When Jesus was preaching some Jews bought him a woman guilty of adultery and asked if the men condemned her. She said no so Jesus didn't condemn her neither. However, the men in Nigeria do condemn her so it seems likely she is worthy of her death. If you ask me, I think Jesus would urge compassion towards the lady and she shouldn't be stoned to death however establishing a worldwide crusade to prevent this stoning she bought upon herself shows a lack of respect for religion.

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Why do people try to use this as a way to show how "unfair" God is and how "ludicrous" Christian's are? Bible believing Christian's believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. If mother Teresa didn't accept Jesus than she is in hell. If Gandhi, or any other devout religious or extremely moral person didn't accept Jesus than they are in hell. Whether or not you think that is fair or not isn't the issue. I'm just answering your question..

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This made me ask about how the bones [of dinosaur fossils?] got to be so large. Well, in biblical times people lived a whole lot longer than they do now (Methuselah, Noah). Well, in an ideal environment can live for up to 200 years and they never stop growing, this is more that enough time for them to become gargantuan accounting for the size of some of the fossils.

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'About 93 percent of Australia is in the grip of a drought blamed on the El Nino climate pattern, which brings drier than usual conditions to the Southern Hemisphere nation.' -Yahoo News

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

To us, its bad. Things are dying.

To God, it could be good. Some more people than usual are praying. It could be a result of God's judgement concerning sin in Australia in order to draw them back to himself.

One thing we have to realize about God is that everything is secondary to the soul. Bad things need to happen to some people in order to get them to repent and turn to God. When we reject God and turn from him, we incur judgement or at least leave his protection.

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[On library porn filters]All nudity needs to go. We have pretty sophisticated filters out there...if the filter won't let you see it then that's it. Even if the filter won't let in a legit site for one reason or the other, it's just the price I believe we have to pay so that my kid isn't subjected to anything that isn't appropriate.

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I would persoanlly go crazy and have sex with every girl I could, i would steal, I would Cheat, and I would generally not care about you and would do all I could to gain power over you and those around me. Without God I wouldn't care...I'm not joking..the second I was convinced there was no God, I would release all hell.
Good Thing I know 100% for a fact..that God exists and controls my life giving me a reason to obey, and follow him all my days.

also..If Jesus is Lord then all other religions are not real...sorry, but it's true

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Science has shown that were made out of dust just like the bible and they have also done experiments in trying to prove evolution but they failed. Also many tests year after year the age of earth would change. 4 billion, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, etc. years. Rescently they have discovered that the universe is made of subtomic particals.

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Noah lived to be 950 (Genesis 9:29). And Methusela lived into his 900's also. Read your Bible. Before the flood men use to live very very long times. After the flood the death age got younger and younger. Again you have no idea how long people lived back then because you believe man and not God, your creator.

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I'm calling all Christians on this board, all God fearing, God loving people, to open your eyes to this subject who considers himself a follower. We absolutely need to keep Bush in office. He has done a fabulous job and will keep our country together. We may be losing troops everyday over in the middle east. Just remember, that every man who dies over there for us, shares the same glory that Jesus recieved when he died for us.

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Sham, you say that god killed the fist born in Egypt. Well yes that is very true. Moses went into Egypt and warned the Pharoah over and over and over again, let my people go or else. So just like you, I will say to you, turn to God or else. But if you do not turn to God, and then he punishes you, whos fault is that.

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[On the rather unwholesome idea that Jewish people killed in the Holocaust are now in hell for eternity because they didn't accept Jesus]

If the gassed jews are in hell then they're in hell. It doesn't change the way I feel about God. I think that most probably are (except the children). God plainly states He sends no one to hell, but can only save people from hell. He gave people free will to choose heaven or hell... it's actually a choice. I infact believe that since God desires us to be like Him then eventually everyone will end up in Heaven since I don't believe in eternal punishment as justfication. This may go against my Christian beliefs but it's how I truly feel and if I'm wrong... oh well.

['Is there a point where we should reject a powerful tyrant's authority even at great risk of personal injury?']

Yeah if you want to go to hell. I don't.

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It may have an extreme generalization about all democrats being traitors. But to say that she dosen't get her facts straight is in need of some more proof. That was an outstanding book. She defends Joe McCarthy, who became one of my heroes after reading that book and doing some other research. Talk about a true patriot.

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People say it's okay to be a Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever but it must be made clear God hates these false religions (if they are in fact false) and He'd like to see them eradicated. Homosexuality is the killer. Priests, pastors, politicians etc are decieving God's little children into thing it's okay to be gay. The world has come to largely accept homosexuals in this world and the gay movement is stronger than ever... God hates it all. People think female pastors are a welcome but God says they're not (debatable). Many don't believe in capital punishment even though God created it. Pacifists and anti-war (defence) Christians are just confused. Is there a passage in the Bible that says we're to conform to social beliefs or don't people give a shit about the truth? Why so weak?

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If you learn from your parents that apples are purple, and that you beleive the color red is purple and pruple is red, you beleive that it is true.

However, unless you stay at home your whole, in security of your limitations, you will soon find out taht others thik differently and that they infact realized the truth.

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Witchcraft is not of the Lord. The power comes from energy that is creating and given by demonic spirits. These demonic spirits all have a rank, a purpose, and a master. Their master is Satan. Satan is very pleased if a person decides to tap into the powers of witchcraft. He may use those powers that the person calls upon to show them supernatural things;(deja-vu feelings, paranormal happenings, coincidences, superstitious feelings) These demonic spirits may take the form of animals, the animals may act a certain way that would make a person believe that they had power over that animal or even a human. Withcraft in my opinion quickly turns into a practice of vampirism. This vampirism that I am speaking of is merely spiritual. It is were people feed off the thoughts of one another in order to become more powerful. This really takes effect when the person has sex with the other, essentially they become one spiritually, so the energy or power is increased every time you sleep with a different person. I may be getting off the subject of witchcraft and into the subject of Hallucinogenic drug cults, but oh well. To me it is all the same. These behaviors and thought processes are highly addictive and can cause very bad emotional and physical problems. A person could have insomnia, lose a lot of weight, have psychotic episodes, become suicidal, put distant between themselves and family, lose touch with reality and sense of responsibility. This is merely my personaly experience and my personal reality. I do believe that it is a universal reality though. I believe that satan uses these same "deceiving realities" to keep people away from God and eventually destroy them.

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son you are sadly mis-informed and comfortably lying. No "Christian" ever beat a gay or murdered a gay person. No "Christian" ever ever bombed a clinic. You are sadly mistaken about Hitler. Mein Kampf is full of anti-Christianity. Dark ages and the inquisition and the crusades were don by those claiming "christianity" yet they were way off base and sadly most of those involved I'm sure are in hell. Read the Bible for yourself and tell me if you find anything about killing. Then tell me again if those guys were really "christians". They were anti-Jesus not pro-Jesus therefore if they claim Christianity they are guilty times 2! The whole repress scientific knowledge thing is stupid and you know it. The whole John Ashcroft thing is also stupod and you know it. Since he dosen't agree with you you attack him. Well he is a great man!

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[Replying to "After surveying the true horrible nature of YHWh through the scriptures and the implications it held, I could no longer maintain belief. what kind of madman uses 2 bears to murder 42 children for mocking a prophets [Elisha's] bald head?"] WHAT?! thats horrible! thats just sick! who did that? I never heard anything as such. Some really sick, perverted people out there. Do you have a link? What is YHWh? Is it some cult with a few references to Christianity?

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