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Son_of_sambo #racist chimpout.com

George Floyd annuda goot boy who dindu nuffin with a mile-long criminal history
Yep another goot boy who dindu nuffin he was turnin hiz life aroun!

Bet he wuz fixing ta go ta skoo...at da community cottage!


Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses

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blackmetal84 #racist chimpout.com

This goes for everyone, including Guests.

I've had ENOUGH of this Jew bashing bullshit. Has anyone read the rules around here? This forum is for bashing niggers, and niggers only. Don't like it? Go to Stormfront.

Jew bashing will not be tolerate and will dealt with appropriately.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

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SnowDog #racist chimpout.com

[In a thread entitled 'London nigger gangs' ...]

Crips, Bloods, Ladbroke Grove Man Dem, Tootie Nungs, Hutu, Tutsi: different names, but the same old primitive tribalism. Once again demonstrating that you can take the nigger out of Africa, but you can't take the Africa out of the nigger. Streets of London, Detroit, Compton, ect, or the jungles of the Coongo: it's all the same to them.

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JT Buckmaster #racist chimpout.com

[In a thread entitled 'London nigger gangs']

We here in London are blessed to share our oxygen with some of the most vile, disgusting, subhuman nigger scum ever to walk the earth - the 3rd generation descendants of the mostly Jamaican original boons who arrived here on the Windrush in 1948.

Each generation has become more violent than the last. Many of the original arrivals were half-decent, God fearing Christians. Their kids (the first gen born here) started to show signs of reverting to type, and now their children are using knives and guns to settle their differences.

The only good thing about this state of affairs is the fact that the boons are killing each other in 99% of cases. Unfortunately, there have been a few humans caught in the crossfire. The media do their best to cover this up, but the info is there if you know where to look.

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Prefrontal_Cortex #racist chimpout.com

"The next time you see a negro...look at the negroes' forehead. Note the cranial slope as compared to an Alpine, Nordic or Mediterranean Caucasian. The sloping forehead is consistent with reduced cranial capacity with a specific reduction of the volume of the prefrontal cortex of the brain as compared to Europeans."

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SnowDog #racist chimpout.com

Trust me on this: I'm not the only furry here at Chimpout by any means. From what I've seen so far, the majority of furs are not nigger lovers. All our local furmeets have been nog-free, and held where coontact is unlikely.

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SnowDog #racist chimpout.com

Niggers make up just 1.8% of the Furry fandom, and yet are 99.999999% of the problem. The shitskins have been the bane of this fandom from the get-go, and they're at it again. . .

Of course, Tom Cat and Chew Fox share some of the blame. We Furs are too damn trusting. They should have known better than to do business with that nigress. Niggers can not be trusted for anything, for any reason. When will we learn?

Never do business with shitskins

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Unregistered #racist chimpout.com

I am a young white female and I am very uneasy around niggers, especially the males. They make me uncomfortable because they are loud, obnoxious, RUDE AS HELL, make completely inappropriate comments about me. I have had them make advances on me but I am not into dating outside of my species and I can't understand how any human can actually fuck one of these things. When they do, they usually end up with some butt ugly mongrel half breeds. Eeew!! You have to be messed up in the head to be with a nigger.

I hate it when I have nigger customers and I CAN NOT understand a damned word they are saying because their nigger babble is so bad.

I just hate the sight of these creatures and I DO NOT feel safe around them at all. I would never, even for a million dollars live in a niggerhood. I do not want to be raped, mugged, robbed, murdered, or verbally abused, and have them make passes at me.I would be scared all the time and not even feel safe in my own home. I also would not be able to stand their shitty jungle music, they make a lot of noise at ALL hours of the day and night, they could care less if you are trying to sleep at 2 am. Niggers never know how to be quiet or respectful of other people's right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home. They talk loud all of the time and they use the mf'er word in every or every other sentence and they are very unintelligent, too! I don't like the way they look or smell either. The sows always smell like cocoa butter lotion or some cheap ass cologne like jean nate.

Even though niggers are very stupid, they can sometimes sense that they make me uncomfortable. When I see one, I cross the street whenever necessary and I always stay as far away as possible. They get offended and think I am avoiding them and getting away from them because they are niggers.Damn right I am.

How do you feel around niggers? I feel anxious, annoyed, grossed out,tense, I feel my blood pressure rise, and am so relieved when nigger customers leave. I dread it so much when I have to deal with them. Fortunately there aren't lots of niggers where I live but even one nigger customer per month is too much.

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Creamed Coon On Grits #racist chimpout.com

Aha gentlemen...A long time ago, and I mean forty years and more, it was established that, Negroes listened to their radio stations more than any part of the white population, because they couldn't read and oral communication was how they got (a) news and (b) entertainment, etc. This especially applied in Chicago where most of the population came from due south and the social and economic dregs of Mississippi or Louisiana.

They were all carrying portable radios and playing neegrie music in the rear of the bus, where until recent decades, they all hung out from ol' time Southern tradition. The ghetto blaster was popular replacement for portable radios for a while and carried like a piece of luggage to parties and parks. That artifact of neeglie public culture seems to have disappeared.

The sayal phone has apparently displaced the old portable radio playing daily neegrie stations, the ghetto blaster playing CD's in addition to radio, and left the neegries able to babble freely while being mobile. They can also likely pick up ghetto music, etc, on certain cell phones or their updated technology phone-like competitors. Eventually you'll have tablet-like devices with two way visuals and neegries will be walking around holding their screens in front of their faces and merrily babbling away.

They tend to babble pretty loudly to each other on a bus as the lower classes have no awareness of the social propriety of being private when in public. It's worse on a sayal phone as they may have trouble hearing the caller so they talk louder. I can just see a bunch o' neegrie women on a bus at full roar on their sayal phones. The lowest class ones among them are the most annoying.

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Ku Klux Klam #racist chimpout.com

[Re. a photo of black slave children.]

They look pretty healthy to me compared to the modern obese welfare fed groids and crack heads you see waddling and lurching down the urban sidewalks today. They most likely never sold drugs,did drugs,drank alcohol,raped white women or engaged in any other destructive TNB and they kept in good shape by doing a lot of good hard working constructive labor.

What's the problem?

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Feral_Coon_Slayer and NigNogNonia #racist chimpout.com


A fucking nigger is over at my house right now. Because we're having a fucking family reunion, and some distant relatives (white trash in my opinion) decided to show up from out of bum fuck no-where, and they bring their nigger with them. I had a hard time keeping from going into anaphylactic shock. The first thing that came to my mind was, is my gun loaded, and is it easy to reach. Fuck. Those. Shit. Bag. Relatives.

I feel your pain.

I visited my sister at Christmas a few years ago in St. Louis and there was a nigger buck in the room when I arrived. I took her into the kitchen and asked her why she invited a nigger from work. She told me that it invited itself and I said, "But, it's your house!". Then, I began yelling, "nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger!" and she seemed to get upset but was also laughing. She said, "He works were we do!". I responded: "So, it's not you saying it - it's your racist brother from Georgia!" When we came out of the kitchen, the nigger had fled, and there were no recriminations for my behavior. In fact, everyone seemed to be more at ease and more in the spirit of Christmas.

Then, we all settled in for a viewing of "A Christmas Story" and "Miracle on 34th Street".

It was a White Christmas!

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AFN Weasel #racist chimpout.com

Aborting its disgusting offspring is the only responsible thing that a vile sheboon ever does in its entire miserable life. Even the additional welfare benefits aren't enough to convince some of these bl##k bitches to pop out more niglets. I hope the abortion rate for niggers rises to 100%.

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Unregistered #racist chimpout.com

They always do that "riot" thing. Riot only means that "Dey Pohleese ain't in control no mo", and the inner chimp always rises to the occasion. Same thing with their failed attempts of society in Africa, or N.O. for example. No babysitter = chaos. Liberia, for example. Formed because the ex slaves wanted to go home, and the administration at the time knew what was coming, and was happy to send them back, and let them be free. This is where you will find what this country will look like if we don't get our heads out of our asses.

I have a fictional movie script here: ---> Why can't we keep showing on TV all the riot videos of the Watts Riots (1965) LA again in (1992), and now Oakland (2010) ? Eventually, we would start to look upon these beasts like we would a zombie invasion. Fear. Disgust. Hatred. We would all arm up ridiculously heavily, and the movie would go on as intended...you all have seen zombie movies, you get it.

That's the only realistic way I see it happening. The Libtards will never allow the mindless Sheeple (us, supposedly) to be told what science has been telling us all along about these intellectually inferior animals. It is all a feel-good mind-fuck on a global scale. The thing is, it has cost us so immensely much, and returned absolutely nothing. Please wake up, America and Europe. We do not have much time.

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Hurricane Shaquanda #racist chimpout.com

Let's make this clear sow; I couldn't possibly care less about starving niggers. I literally would feel worse about stepping on a frog or lizard by accident than a starving niglet. There is a very specific reason why your niglets are starving; because you start shitting them out at the age of 15, foregoing any kind of education or job training which might give you the ability to provide for them. I don't feel bad about niggers dropping dead, as a matter of a fact, I think it's a good thing. Every nigger that drops dead just means one less human who has to work themselves to death to pay for its monkeyshines.

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NiggerHairTobacco #racist chimpout.com

"what i wanna know is how low life niggers have a better car than me."

Yeah, I've been wondering that myself. Shit, everywhere you see there are niggers driving new BMWs. Either that's our American "Affirmative Action" nigger hiring requirements in action or they're scamming the system in some way. Either way it's theft - if they're working at a legitimate job, they're either doing nothing or actually hindering progress, so that's a form of theft also.

A special thanks to all of the libtard fucking pieces of shit that support the feral beasts. I hope libtards rot in hell along side all of the GODDAMNED NIGGERS.

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NRE #1 #racist chimpout.com

Niggers love to throw the word 'lynch' around. They act like they were the only species lynched. And they also act like niggers were lynched for no reason. 99% of the damn time they deserved it. So did all the white people who got lynched back in the day. I'm pro-lynching. It saved the country a lot of money in the old days. Course back then even the tame niggers wanted a criminal nigger to get lynched. But you'll never hear a nigger mention that today.

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ObongoLips #racist chimpout.com

[On a child who was crushed to death by an electronic gate]

You can hear the cha~ching of the ghetto lotto. The nigglet's mammy will be livin' like a classy 'lady' from here on out. The only thing that coon cares about is the fact that the gate is to a housing coonmunity built by a developer. Must be deep pockets. Insurance will have to pay, and that she~boon will be wearing purple mink and moving to Notting Hill before you know it. Shitting out a few more nigglets and dropping them off at buildings with electric gates on them.

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sxng9 #racist chimpout.com

You don't have to know what a nigger is to hate it. Newborn human children instinctively knows niggers are repulsive when they first see niggers. Even my little niece calls niggers, niggers when she sees them. She's like "hey, it's a nigger!". Unfortunately, the media and nigger-loving humans teach our children in school that niggers are just like us, but that really isn't true. The same way can be said about dogs, cats and other animals. Since dogs have a better scent of smell than we as humans do, dogs can smell the nigger stench from a mile away.

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Shiney #racist chimpout.com

Its only human nature to think that niggers are lesser primates. If you see something that has a protruding muzzle with giant bootlips, a wide, flat nose, and a sloping forehead indicative of having smaller cranial capacity, you naturally think of an ape.

Notice how nigger bucks wear their pants around their knees, this is an attempt to attract a female by making their arms look longer than their legs. They're trying to attract a nigger sow by making themselves look more simian-like.

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King Leopold II #racist chimpout.com

We should give our niggers to the Chinese to use as slave labor and help pay back the money we owe them.
The Chinese will keep the niggers under the whip and as "productive" as niggers can possibly be.
Plus, if the niggers pull any serious TNB over there, the Chinese will deal with it the way they deal with all serious crime.
A bullet behind the ear.
And the niggers will get that bullet within one week of being convicted.

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SirNigalot #racist chimpout.com

I took a class on the history of nationalism my sophomore year. The professor was always fucked up and wore dark sunglasses while he taught. One day our lecture was on 'race and nationalism.' I remember bringing up the fact that people tend to marry within their own ethnic groups regardless of the opportunity to do otherwise and he called me 'naive' without explaining why. Then ten other students raised their hand to try and torpedo my point, but all of them avoided the question or tried to invent some fanciful excuse as to why that was so ("Racism prevents intermarriage" was the most common one, even though I followed with a counterpoint that even in rich, progressive cities miscegenation is rare and racism is incapable of 'preventing' anything since it's an ideology and can't do anything on its own.) The professor ended the lecture by saying that it was our DUTY to have sex with members of other races.

In the same class, some Latino guy with tatoos all over his arms said that electing President Obama was the greatest thing this country has ever done. I was flabbergasted and asked him, "What about defeating fascism? What about the Bill of Rights? What about gaining independence from one of the greatest powers the world has ever seen?" He just said, "Nope, we're entering a new age and that stuff doesn't matter anymore."

Folks, these are the types of people who are educating your twenty-somethings and who attend classes with your young daughters. They are teaching on behalf of the economic elites who stand to gain much from the cheap, complacent labor pool that entitlement programs are designed to create. Luckily, most of the white, Asian, and Latino students avoided total brainwashing, but some do fall for the multiculturalist lies.

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Kunta Kantwork #racist chimpout.com

The frequency of tautological phrases and similar redundancies by niggers when trying to communicate through spoken language is directly related to a nigger's slowness of thought.

Humans tend to be able to think much quicker than they speak, just as they can read silently more quickly than they can read out loud. For this reason, a human who is trying to express a message verbally will tend to have thousands of words at the ready, and have ample time to select the appropriate word and place it in line to be spoken at the appropriate instance.

Niggers, however, are a different story. Despite the fact that the average nigger has only mastered about 600 words, it still struggles with word retrieval, and tends to need extra time for this "thinking" process. As a result, absent the use of "gap-fillers", a nigger's oral expressions would have significant periods of silence between words (imagine trying to speak to someone in Greek by using an English-to-Greek dicitionary-- there would be pauses while you looked up the next word).

Since niggers cannot be silent, they either fill the gaps with eeks and ooks (mmmhhmm) or with meaningless rhetoricals (gnomesayin) or with tautological phrases (any phrase with words that are superfluous because they are implicit). Many humans use tautologies to some extent (e..g., in the phrase "whether or not" the words "or not" are superfluous because they are implicit in the word "whether"). Still, niggers take it to a much higher level. In your example, the nigger who says that he will "kill you dead, Muddafuggah" is using the words "you dead" so that he can stall for time, so to speak, while his primitive brain searches for and then retrieves the word "Muddafuggah."

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Chimp Herder #racist chimpout.com

The things that will help to rid us of the nigger plague are already here. But the fucking libtards won't let mother nature cleanse our planet. They insist on providing funds to help niggers with their AIDS and HIV. Helping niggers with their sickle cell. Helping niggers to not kill each other as much. We need to stop all aid to niggers across the world. Let them starve. Let them die of AIDS. Let them die of malaria. Let them die of sickle cell. Let them die from being more likely to have diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and others. Nature has selected the niggers for extinction, it's not nice to fool mother nature. Let the niggers die.

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RetahReggin #racist chimpout.com

If ANY restaurant in my city hung a "NO NIGGERS ALLOWED" sign in the door, or window, I would EAT THERE EVERY FUCKING DAY FOR A MONTH to support them and enjoy the nigger-free atmosphere.

Not only that, I'd order the most expensive things on the menu, plus dessert, to show my support for them!

When there are no NIGGERS around, something rarer and rarer these days, everything is better. The environment is friendlier. There is less stress. Think about it: Any human waitress will be friendlier and in a better mood if she has not had to deal with tables of niggers who complain about everything for no reason, don't leave a tip, and leave an un-holy mess on the table to clean up.

And, obviously, the air quality is better because there is no nigger stink in the air. (what the fuck do those beasts put in their "hair" that smells so fucking disgusting anyway? Somekind of turpentine/rat turd/jenkum mix??)

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I Lubs Bakkaball #racist chimpout.com

The world, particularly the USA, is drowning in slavery myths. Being a slave may not have been the most pleasant life, but it was arguably the very best life a nigger, by it's inferiority, could hope for.

I wonder what the average life expectancy was for the average nigger in Africa, during the time of slavery? Why do I think those disease ridden, primitive things, lived longer and better as slaves? With the nigger African unable to record anything in writing, I'll likely never know. Whatever records of such matters will have been recorded by humans.

Slave abuse? I'm certain some amount of that went on, but let's be practical. The nigger slave was cattle, a piece of equipment to be used by humans. What would have been the practical or financial motivation for all of this alleged abuse? Slave owners would not have done well by having their niggers "in the shop", inoperable.

Do people beat on their horses, cattle, goats, routinely? Of course not. They'd destroy their own livelihood. In the case of the nigger, that rational would have people draining the oil from their tractors and revving up the engines until they exploded.

No doubt, some niggers had the shit kicked out of them for being a useless burden, but that had to be a fairly rare exception. A smaller portion of niggers, due to their crimes or behavior were "put down", I'm certain. I seriously doubt that the owner got any financial gain from that and those were reserved for serious infractions.

I really don't know the purpose of niggers on the planet. We certainly would have done well to let these things be whatever primitive, purposeless animal that they are. We've paid very dearly for trying to find a use for them.

Left to what they are is Aperica in it's full glory today.

Cattle with opposable thumbs didn't play out for us as well as our ancestors thought. In their defense, our ancestors would have NEVER believed that we'd have let these loose on the population.

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Gallóglaigh #racist chimpout.com

[from a thread about jamaica]

From my understanding, pot paralyzes brain cells.

In humans, this causes the well-known hippie daze.

Perhaps in the nigger brain, it paralyzes those brain cells which are "almost human", and as such this causes the nigger to chimp out because the only functioning brain cells remaining are those of the wild, violent, sex crazed ape.

This is the reason why catnip doesn't effect humans. The brain biology is too different. However if niggers, being species of un-evolved hominid, do have some rudimentary human-like brain cells, this might explain why those few cells are paralyzed, giving The Inner Chimp a wide open door to emerge and commit all sorts of monkeyshines.

That's something we humans call "science".

Niggers know it as White Debbil Juju.