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The details from the Greek term for Mark (stamp or scratch), as in the Mark of the Beast, when considered with today's technology, reveal both the shocking accuracy of scripture as well as the way the coming, infamous soul-damning Mark of the Beast (which will be needed to buy or sell) will be administered (Rev. 13:16,17).

CHARAGMA is the Greek term for mark, scratch, or stamp (as a badge of servitude) which comes from CHARAX; that term can mean: TO SHARPEN TO A POINT, A STAKE, A PALISADE OR A RAMPART. The projected way to administer the Mark (scratch or stamp), i.e. the Quantum Dot Tattoo (QDT) to the physical body, will be at the same time as the COVID vaccine in the form of a microneedle patch, using Luciferase, a bio-luminescent enzyme that will make the QDT glow under a smartphone app. Those tiny microneedles are shaped like PALISADES or sharp sticks and will "mark" or scratch or stamp the vaccine recipients as qualifying to "buy or sell." Based on scripture, those are the two signs of the Mark of the Beast.

Furthermore, such a microneedle vaccine can appear like velcro on a BAND-AID and therefore look harmless, while it is spiritually disastrous for those who take it meaning that such people will irreversibly go to FIERY TORMENT IN BURNING SULFUR (Rev. 14:9-12). Because of those facts alone, the hidden events around the third temple, or any other end time event, do not need to be known.

The chronologic sequence of events for the Mark of the Beast is seals 4 and 5 (Rev. 6:7-11), to be preceded by peace being taken from the earth and by famine. FAMINE will occur at seals 3 and 4 (Rev. 6:5-8) and is closing in upon us and keep making their way into the world news... Hence, how far away can the real Mark of the Beast be? Surely, it is very close, especially in light of the constant news of the soon-coming COVID vaccine, which will be required in order for us to "go back to normal" and which will alter one's genes, and, therefore, what it means to be human, as stated by Dr. Carrie Madej and others.

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These hurricanes are not the result of global warming; they are the Judgment of God because of the innocent blood crying to Him for vengeance. In America, the blood of nearly 60 million babies murdered by abortion ascends as a howling chorus to God from landfills and sewers, where these innocent little boys and girls have been discarded. These hurricanes are not ‘natural disasters’; they are super-natural chastisements.

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Abortion is not a healthcare issue that can be resolved by a legal technicality. It is a crime that must be penalized by law. God demands justice in order to cleanse the state of Kentucky from blood guiltiness. We call upon Gov. Bevin, the legislators, sheriffs, and the police departments in Kentucky to be strong and of a good courage. Kentucky stands on the threshold of becoming the first abortion free-state in America. We plead with the good citizens of Kentucky to rise up, ignore Roe, establish justice, and outlaw all abortions from chemical to surgical in Jesus’ mighty name!

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The Southern Poverty Law Center is intent on destroying pro-family organizations. This dangerous action by the SPLC must cease. How many attempted mass murders and violent crimes will it take for the SPLC to stop this dangerous labeling? The SPLC must cease and desist.

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The political committee Abolish Abortion Florida (AAFL) has launched a ballot initiative to amend the state's constitution to punish abortion as capital murder. Under the proposed amendment, anyone who performs or procures an abortion would be charged with first degree, pre-meditated murder. "Abortion" would include any abortifacient drug or device that can kill an embryo by preventing implantation, as well as the intentional destruction of unwanted IVF embryos. The amendment would define life as beginning at fertilization rather than "conception," and declares that "abortion deprives an innocent human being of the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

According to AAFL, the idea is not only to collect enough signatures to get the measure onto the 2018 ballot, but also to encourage legislators to begin putting forward legislation to abolish abortion instead of merely regulating it. Per AAFL: "The Supreme Court cannot make murder legal. Pro-life politicians have passed incremental regulations for decades, but it's time to abolish abortion by recognizing it for what it is – cold-blooded murder – and prosecuting it accordingly."

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Mike Huckabee is the number one presidential candidate for traditional marriage according to Rev. Steven Andrew, who leads USA Christian Church. He said, "Voters want to know the truth about the candidates. Analysis proves Huckabee is the presidential champion for marriage of one man and one woman only."

"The USA having Biblical marriage only is important because the Bible teaches God judges those opposing Him; no one wants to see God's great destruction of the USA. Voting for Huckabee is saying, 'God heal our land'," said the pastor. "With God's blessings, our lives and nation will prosper again.'"

The pastor gave five reasons why Huckabee deserves people's vote:

Huckabee holds firm that same-sex marriage is not law because the Constitution says Congress makes laws not the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz said traditional marriage was not a priority; Last week Cruz was discovered fundraising with gay businessmen. Cruz is a hypocrite.

Ben Carson has more than a 15 year boardroom record of supporting gays at Costco and Kellogg, according to Reuters. God knows that Carson doesn't always follow Him. Sadly, Christians could be persecuted and harmed by Carson's compromise.

Even worse Christians could be jailed with Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. The reason is they think same-sex marriage is law. They don't follow the Constitution and are disloyal to our founding fathers and the 75% Christian majority.

We know the founders made homosexual sin illegal so God would bless the USA. They would agree with Huckabee and no one else.


"Voting Huckabee for president means God won't remove the USA in judgment for our sins. We know the Bible says God judges gay societies and none remain (2 Peter 2:6, Jude 7, Leviticus 18:25)," the ministry leader said. He hopes voters send Huckabee to the White House.

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Author Jim Hill Tackles Tough Questions on Homosexuality in His New Book 'The Gay Emperor is Naked'

Contact: Vista Books LTD, 855-355-4836

SAN DIEGO, June 16, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Why do 75% of the people who try homosexuality go on to conclude that that is not who they are, while 98% of those who try heterosexuality find it is who they are? More people have left homosexuality than have ever remained in it, by far.

One friend of the author wrote, "In many ways, and for many reasons, I wish this book did not need to be written, or even that I could, in clear conscience, simply limp along with the cultural trends regarding this incendiary topic. However, I can't, not because I have a guilty conscience, but because I love grace and truth, the foundation stones of who Jesus is as the Father's expressed image."

Statistically, according to Hill, it is healthier to be a chain smoker and a practicing alcoholic than an active homosexual. In fact, 2% of all active homosexuals experience 80% of all STD's. He continues to report that statistics show that gays are, on average, vastly more promiscuous and vastly less faithful in committed relationships. They account for a greater proportion of the use of under-aged persons in commercial sex, and have higher rates of smoking, drug and alcohol use. He asks the reader this important question, "Does that sound healthy to you?"

The overwhelming evidence supports the claim that a great majority of persons who try homosexuality go on to leave it, while this is not the case with heterosexuals. This calls into question the innateness of homosexuality. Pastor Hill also reports that there is substantial evidence that there are common potential causal factors in the childhood histories of adults who identify themselves as homosexual, which suggests that such factors may well have caused homosexual ideation. It is the author's belief that conventional wisdom is based upon casual assertion and little evidence, but also that truth can be known and that in the knowing of truth comes freedom for many who now suffer; many knowingly, others unknowingly. The truth can set people free. He invites the reader to pursue truth with him within the pages of his book.

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American Heritage Girls, an international faith-based character-development program for girls ages five through 18, has created a new Respect Life Patch that reinforces the organization's commitment to honoring life from conception to natural death.

Troops representing more than 30,000 girls in 48 states can earn the patch by participating in an event that brings attention to respecting life or by providing a service project for an organization whose mission/purpose demonstrates a desire to respect life, such as pregnancy resource centers, pro-life groups and hospices.

In January, AHG assisted the Catholic Diocese of Arlington as the largest sponsor of its national prayer gathering and youth rally in Washington, DC, prior to the March for Life event, which marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Across the nation, AHG members regularly participate in pro-life events, making the patch symbolic of the high value the organization places on the full continuum of life.

"One of the things that attracts so many girls to AHG is our strong affirmation of the Biblical worldview, which includes respecting all life from conception to natural death," said Patti Garibay, AHG executive director and founder. "Over the years AHG troops have supported life in a variety of ways, and we are pleased to offer them the opportunity to earn this patch and display it on their uniforms," she added.

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Before civilizations crumble, the last thing to hit the fan is government-sponsored, government-forced, homosexuality, sodomy, and pedophilia. Homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder and probably the worst sin described in the Holy Bible due to the permanent damage caused to what was or is or might have been a temple of the Spirit. The consequences are said to be nothing short of eternal damnation, by choice. It's a shame that the US military, historically known to be a beacon of morality and religious tolerance and freedom, while the civilian sector has engaged in immorality, is now having its nose shoved in the dirt of filth to make the Sinners-in-Chief in the highest echelons of politics--the perverts, the pedophiles, and the psychiatrically ill--feel better about themselves.

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Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman for the Rabbinical Alliance of America issued the following statement:

“When Americans are suffering economically and millions need jobs, it’s shocking that the Administration is focused on its ultra-liberal militantly homosexualist agenda forcing the highlighting of homosexuals and homosexuality on an unwilling military. This is the equivalent of the spiritual rape of our military to satisfy the most extreme and selfish cadre of President Obama’s kooky coalition.

“We agree with Eileen Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness that this will hurt the cohesiveness of the military, cause many to leave the army, and dramatically lower the number of recruits, perhaps leading to the reinstatement of a compulsory draft.

“Thirteen months before 9/11, on the day New York City passed homosexual domestic partnership regulations, I joined a group of Rabbis at a City Hall prayer service, pleading with G-d not to visit disaster on the city of N.Y. We have seen the underground earthquake, tsunami, Katrina, and now Haiti. All this is in sync with a two thousand year old teaching in the Talmud that the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes. Once a disaster is unleashed, innocents are also victims just like in Chernobyl.

“We plead with saner heads in Congress and the Pentagon to stop sodomization of our military and our society. Enough is enough.”

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Bill Keller, the world's leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblcial [sic] worldview, is calling out Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres, the media, and gutless pastors for the suicide of a Canadian teen who claimed to be "gay."

Last Friday, a 15-year-old Ottawa boy Jamie Hubley, committed suicide after documenting his hardships of being "gay." Liveprayer's Bill Keller said that while the media wants to demonize anyone who dares call this CHOICE of sexual activity what God calls it in the Bible, a sin, it is those in the media who glamorize and promote this choice as normal and acceptable, along with gutless pastors too afraid to speak out against this sin, along with faux churches that glorify this deviant, unnatural, and unhealthy choice of sexual activity, who are most responsible for Hubley's death.

Keller stated, "Sadly we deal with the loved ones of those who commit suicide every day. Suicide is a desperate and selfish act that is ultimately the sole responsibility of the person who made the choice to end their life. Everyone who commits suicide has reasons that led them to make such a horrible decision. The fact is, suicide is exponentially higher amongst those who choose the homosexual lifestyle, and while those in the media want to blame people like myself who take a Biblical stand on this issue, the fact is, they are the ones most responsible!"

Keller goes on, "A 15-year-old has no real understanding of sexuality, and most are still trying to figure out life and how they fit in. It is the homosexual community and media who promote this lifestyle to society, forcing it to validate legally and ethically this choice of sexual behavior and relationships to our children as normal, even desirable behavior!" He adds, "The Bible says in the last days the truth will become a lie, and the lie the truth."

Over the past 20 years, Liveprayer has helped thousands of men and women make the choice to turn from the sin of homosexuality. Keller says, "Homosexuality is a bondage like alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else people get addicted to. The great lie the homosexual community has successfully sold is that people are 'born gay.' There is absolutely ZERO legitimate studies to support this claim. People are born with black skin or white skin, with blue eyes or green eyes, taking off your pants to have sex is a CHOICE!"

Keller concluded, "It is the God in the Bible, not Bill Keller, that calls homosexuality a sin. It is sad to see children, those who don't even know what sex is, being brainwashed by our modern society that engaging in sex with a person of the same sex is a wonderful thing. God created sex between a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage. All sex outside of God's plan is not only a sin, but destructive. We are fortunate to see God's grace daily working in the lives of men and women who have been in bondage to the lie of homosexuality, as they find freedom, true joy, and true peace, living as God created us."

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LA CROSSE, Wisc., Feb. 21, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- What's going on? Are all universally saved, after all? Did Richard Dawkins become a Christian? Did he— remain an atheist, and STILL go to heaven? Such questions leap to mind when presented with title of the newest short story collection released by author and Christian apologist Anthony Horvath: "Richard Dawkins, Antony Flew, and Mother Teresa Go to Heaven."

Written over a span of two years, these three short stories detail what happens as each of the individuals come face to face with the reality of life after death. From Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to God but felt abandoned by Him to Antony Flew who vowed to 'follow the evidence,' to Richard Dawkins, who with Bertrand Russell said, "Not enough evidence!" these stories draw from what is known publicly to imagine what would happen in this most private of moments.

The book is currently only available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook.

Author and apologist Anthony Horvath explains his purpose, "I have found that when I read stories their impact goes beyond the ideas they present. My whole being is stirred by them. That is why I also try to use stories. Antony Flew and Mother Teresa, of course, are deceased, but Richard Dawkins is still alive. I'd be interested to find out if he agrees with me on how he'd react when finally face to face with the Truth he was wrong about all along. I think that question is something we can all ponder, since even Christians will discover that there were points we misunderstood or were mistaken about. What will our response be?"

Horvath's apologetics ministry, Athanatos Christian Ministries, is unique in its attempt to use the arts and literature to make its case for Christianity along with more traditional methods of providing argument and evidence. From its annual Christian writing contests to its annual online apologetics conference featuring a defense of the family through film (keynote Gene E. Veith, with Jason Jones of "Bella" and Dallas Jenkins of "What If", and others), ACM attempts to engage the culture and call on other Christians to do the same.

"Let's face it," Horvath says, "People are moved as much by Story as they are by Evidence. And we've got the best Story in town."

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SAN DIEGO, Jan. 5, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- In an annual online poll conducted by DefendChristians.Org, a ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, the surprising number one rated anti-Christian act of 2010 was the threat of the federal government interfering in the employment decisions of ministries. If passed, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would have forced ministries to hire people who don't uphold the faith and values of the organization. For the second straight year it was the policies of the Federal Government that topped the list. In 2009 the Federal Hate Crime law was ranked number one.

[Full list in the link. Note that the attacks on churches in Egypt and Iraq are not even mentioned.]

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[in response to public outcry for performing an 'exorcism' on a 16 year old boy]

Where is the tolerance for a church who tried to help a young man who freely asked for help to overcome homosexual temptations?” asked Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “No church deserves to be maligned for trying to help a troubled teen who asked for prayer.”

White homosexual activists who demand tolerance for their sexual sin have no right to defame black Christians for practicing their Constitutional religious liberty,” said Cass. “As far as we know, this young man went to church on his own prerogative and left the church physically unharmed.”

Robert Peters, President, Morality in Media #fundie christiannewswire.com

[from article "Connecting the Dots: The Link Between Gay Marriage and Mass Murders"]

This secular value system is also reflected in the 'sexual revolution,' which is the driving force behind the push for 'gay marriage;' and the Iowa Supreme Court decision is another indication that despite all the damage this revolution has caused to children, adults, family life and society (think abortion, divorce, pornography, rape, sexual abuse of children, sexually transmitted diseases, trafficking in women and children, unwed teen mothers and more), it continues to advance relentlessly.

It most certainly is not my intention to blame the epidemic of mass murders on the gay rights movement! It is my intention to point out that the success of the sexual revolution is inversely proportional to the decline in morality; and it is the decline of morality (and the faith that so often under girds it) that is the underlying cause of our modern day epidemic of mass murders.

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Best and Worst Developments Affecting the Family in 2008

Worldwide the most encouraging pro-family trends are:

1. Sarah Palin, Pro-life Woman Is Vice Presidential Nominee

2. Vatican Panel Issues Instructions on Bioethics

3. Lithuania Bill Would Protect Minors From Homosexual Agitation

4. Honduran Family-Perspective Law

5. Proposition 8 Passes In California

6. Greater Awareness of Demographic Winter

7. UN Study Links Abstinence and Delayed Rates of AIDS/HIV in Africa

8. British Psychiatrists' Group Says Abortion Can Cause Mental Problems

9. Family Advocate Becomes Senior Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister

10. Anti-Human Trafficking Law Passed

And the most troubling trends for the family are:

1. The Election of Barack Obama

2. Mexican Supreme Court Backs Mexico City Abortion Law

3. Luxembourg and Washington State Legalize Assisted Suicide

4. German Persecution of Home-Schooling Families

5. OAS Passes "Sexual-Orientation" Resolution

6. Brazilian President Calls Opposition to Homosexuality A "Perverse Disease"

7. UNFPA Nigeria meeting Pushes Abortion In The Guise of Women's Health

8. In France, Most Births Out-of-Wedlock

9. Australian Prof. Proposes Baby Tax

10. Queen's Representative In Canada Celebrates Androgyny

Dr. Gary Cass, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission #fundie christiannewswire.com

Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America, 2008

VISTA Calif., Jan. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) has prepared a Top Ten list of the most egregious acts of Christian Bashing in American in 2008. Every day in America serious Christians face increasing hostility at work, school, and in the culture because they stand for their faith and values.

"It is time for the Christian bashing to stop and for Christians to no longer be treated like second-class citizens," said Dr. Gary Cass, Chairman and CEO of CADC. "Anti-Christian bigotry is real and growing. Those who engage in it should be exposed and called to account."

INSTANCE #10: Jack Black Musical Video [Prop 8 The Musical]
INSTANCE #9: Bill Maher Gratuitously Attacks Pope
INSTANCE #8: ESPN Anchor Dana Jacobson's "F--- Jesus" Remark
INSTANCE #7: Minnesota University Professor Desecrates Communion [PZ Myers]
INSTANCE #6: Religulous the Movie
INSTANCE #5: Chaplains Fired for Praying in Jesus' Name
INSTANCE #4: Colorado Law Criminalizes the Bible
INSTANCE #3: Barack Obama Defames Christianity
INSTANCE #2: Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Is Attacked
INSTANCE #1: Radical Homosexuals Assault Prop 8 Marriage Supporters in California
BONUS INSTANCE: Senator Grassley's Abuse of Power
[see link for full text]

Dr. Gary Cass #fundie christiannewswire.com

In a short video posted on FunnyorDie.com entitled, "Prop 8 The Musical," an all star cast of Hollywood celebrities perform a low budget musical farce that defames Christ, mocks Christians and distorts the teaching of the Bible.

"Jack Black should remember from his days at Hebrew School that homosexual acts aren't funny and are roundly condemned in the Bible," said Dr. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. "Appearing as a sarcastic, rotund Christ, Black distorts the Bible and condones shameful, homosexual acts. Associating Christ with perverse activity is an affront to all people of faith, especially Christians. Apparently Black and company find it hilarious to falsely accuse Christians while they intentionally distort the Bible. Black ought to apologize."

Cofraternity of Catholic Clergy #fundie christiannewswire.com

The same Bill of Rights which protect freedom of speech also protect freedom of religion. The Founding Fathers did not envision a freedom FROM religion, rather a freedom OF religion. In other words, our nation's constitution protects the rights of ALL religions, not one and not just a few. Attacking the most sacred elements of a religion is not free speech anymore than would be perjury in a court or libel in a newspaper.

Pat McEwen #fundie christiannewswire.com

Ante Pavkovic, Kathy Pavkovic, and Kristen Sugar were all arrested in the chambers of the United States Senate as that chamber was violated by a false Hindu god. The Senate was opened with a Hindu prayer placing the false god of Hinduism on a level playing field with the One True God, Jesus Christ. This would never have been allowed by our Founding Fathers.

"Not one Senator had the backbone to stand as our Founding Fathers stood. They stood on the Gospel of Jesus Christ! There were three in the audience with the courage to stand and proclaim, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me.' They were immediately removed from the chambers, arrested, and are in jail now. God bless those who stand for Jesus as we know that He stands for them." Rev. Flip Benham, Director, Operation Save America/Operation Rescue