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as for the rest, it is my personal view of the Desert Faith called Christianity, as for the term surrender monkey's, take a look around at the Christian Church, is there any strong pro-white Leadership from either Canterbury or Rome?? Obviously not, it has already been mentioned, Christianity is a Globalist Religion, much like Islam, where it seeks a Universal human brotherhood, therefore, the Tribe, or Nation or Ethnic Identity has to be subsumed or completely killed off to accumplish that Universal brotherhood of Man, and that is the crux of my ill feeling, or emotional argument with Christianity, if you think its aimed at you personally, you'd be mistaken, its aimed at the very idea of Universalism, which in itself is Globalism, both aim to kill off the very human idea of Tribe, Nation, Ethnic Identity and everything that is Natural in the Human animal, in short individualism, seperatism, deference, against Globalism/Universalism, which is same, indiferent, one Identity, One Tribe, Human Tribe, in short, the 'Brotherhood' of man syndrome!!

As for the English, converting for political reasons, then the Earl, Lord didn't convert for the good of the Tribe, but for his own personal reasons, If you are saying that Jesus is some sort of Worthy Lord to swear an Oath to, you'd be barking up the wrong tree, at the time, as now, the English were very Tribal, the Travaling Christians selling the word of the Desert God, did use emblishments, lies and other forms including adoption of Native Heathen Practices and Festivals such as Easter and so on to ease Conversion, by adding a made up Christian Spin to it..

I'm sorry if my view on the Christian Faith offends you, but I didn't begin this thread, I am simply posting my views on the Desert Faith, Jesus was not English or Germanic, he was a Jew, therefore why should a Tribe of Germanic Origins swear any Oath to a Forigner??

My Native Gods do not expect me to bend the knee or bow to them when making my offerings, or looking to them for wisdom, help, and encauragement, as the Christian God does..

If you are content to follow a Forigen Religion then that is your road, it is not mine, I have returned to my Native/Tribal Beliefs and ways, that is my road, and I am happy with that!!

BTW, Neopagenism, I, we are not Pagens, Pagen is something invented by Hippies, and Academics of the Classical World, I/we follow the Elder Ways which are Earthen/Harth = Heathen, we are apart of Nature, and the Natural Cicle of things, we are of Nature hence Heathen, not pagen!!

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The Old Testiment is fall of Jewish Historical bull shit and propaganda! If it has anything in it about Nationalism its about Jewish Nationalism...

If i had my way, I'd burn the fucking thing and the New Testiment, and the middle testiment, and the one that's going to come after the New, New Testiment, its all total crap that means nothing to anyone with a mind of their own and has seen through all this Xitianity Middle Eastern Crap....

It means anything to the Four-Be-Two's and no one else...

Nail all Xtian's to crosses, burn churches, burn the fucking Gossples, and the Saint's pinkies and rib bones and wash in the so-called Holey water, then gob in it........

Ravish Nuns, crucify Monks and Priests and Vicars, and take all their gathered and nicked and begged for treasure as our Heathen Forefather's would have done to Extians, and their one god................

I do hope I haven't missed anything out??

Hael Woden!

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I've said as much on that other thread, arguing over Zionists, Liberals, Muslamics, Fabians, this that and the other is not going anywhere, because they are all in it together, none of em are separate, they are all singing from the same fucking song sheet, so whats the big issue??


Its not all Zionists its not all Muslims, its not all Fabians, its not all Marxists, its a fucking mix of all of em, they've all got it in for England, we know that, and its that that is important......

There are some on here who have got a thing about Zionists, what that thing is i'm not sure, its getting to be a Fetish it really is, some have Islam on the brain, some Marxism, it is all one, not separate, it is all under one banner the NWO, so lets get over it, we know who they are, so we know who we are up against.........

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[Neopagan fun die saying that Christianity stole from heathenism]

As for why our later ancestors converted was by thieving, our own native beliefs and celebrations, lies, and the obvious threat of violence, and fire and brimstone, a mix of all those things, plus the use of the All-Father Woden, as the image of their God, all seeing, wisdom and power, otherwise, they wouldn't have a God.. Also the use of their term..............."In my Father's House there are many Mansions."

Which looking at it was stolen from the Heathen view of Asgurd and the upper and lower realms, where every God as his/her own Hall, at least this is my view, what ever it took to convert our Forefather's, the wondering Monks used it, to Convert our People, much as Islam has and is trying to do, the Desert Religions are much like leaches, latching onto a Tribe and bleeding it dry of all that is good and true...

As for the above view that Elves and such creatures are simply stories, you've never heard of Nature Spirits then? Everything of Nature, is alive, and as such has its Spirit, its guardians, that protect the life force of what ever Natural creature and thing it might be, even Rocks, Stones, Rivers, streams and such natural things vibrate on their own spiritual levels, and as such Nature Spirits, Elves and such live in these places and objects of Nature..

What might be in the Jewish History and story book otherwise known as the Bible, may be fictional Myths or legends, but the idea of Nature Spirits being such, is untrue, take a good close look at Nature around you next time your out, and listen, it is alive it breaths, it vibrates on its own level of Spirituality, only man made modern brick and tower blocks are dead, a City is teaming with life, but its Spiritually Dead....

Would you say for instance all the treasures of the Germanic/Norse Sagas are Fictional Stories? Myths, Legends are simply Kids stories? No smoke without fire..

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[On gay rights]

It isn't dying out, nor will it, as I've mentioned, there will always be intolerance toward Oddities, and trying to force normal majority into look at these freaks as normal or another member of the human race is simply going to get people's back's up, until sooner or later, it back fires, as we see toward immigrants and multiculturalism, sooner or later there is going to be one almighty mess of bloodshed, and the Minorities of what ever form will catch the lot, because of either Socialists or themselves putting their oddities out in front and making themselves stand out...

They have rights? Only via that farce called 'The Human Rights' law, and that was a big mistake in itself.. They have no rights, they are a minority a must accept that, and quit pushing themselves out on show, and making a song and dance about their oddities... Human rights lets em marry and adopt kids, and that isn't going to help the kid's understanding of what is and what isn't Natural and normal, it isn't normal and it certainly isn't Natural... It should be against the law, not the way it has become...

I have a question Barry, why should you care what or how Queers and other Oddities are treated???whistle.png

Forcing Tolerance onto the majority is going to back fire and that isn't going to be pretty when it does, and the Liberal/Left will be to blame...

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This stinks rotten. For a long time now the Liberal West has been pushing, and salivating over Putin's declaration that his country will not bow down to mass immigration and special treatment for Foreigners, then the start a Ukaranian Spring Revolution, no doubt the Jews were behind that as they were behind the Arab Spring Revolutions??

So the Government falls into the Western open border policies of mass Immigration? Which would obviously push Putin into a Border watch position, when were they going to start a Russian Spring Revolution to bring them into line with the Liberal West and its aim of swamping the White Nations with unwanted Turd World Invaders??

They've been after Russia and Putin for a good while, Russia is the last bastion of White Ethnic majority and domination, so it sticks in the side of the Liberal West like a long Thorn that can't be pulled out, plus Russia is not open to Zionist Influence and pressure, so now they are attempting to either bluff Russia into backing down, or at worse, push Russia into War???

As I say, It Stinks rotten!!

Obuma's Confused is he?? I bet!

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Is the Jewish God divine?

Where did the Xian's get the idea for the Jewish God? Hanging from a Cross, Christ, was a man not a God, yet Xianity Made him a God, they say he was son of God, yet he admitted, that he was a son of man, he was in no way a son of any God, he was a Jewish Prophet nothing more, and perhaps a radical who the established Jewish elite hated...

Hanging from a cross! Woden hanging from the Tree of Life, to further wisdom and knowledge... You'll find that most of what Xian's look to as their Faith, and everything within its Dogma, comes from the Elder Ways of the Germanic Lands, Easter, Christmas, Harvest Festival, among many other festivals and beliefs.

You see, the Xian Church in England couldn't really turn the Population to its Jewish God, so adapted or stole many of the Elder Ways and incorporated them into their Church, so turning Folk from their Native Beliefs to the Jewish Church by Lies, and robbery and deceit....

The Bible is termed as the word of God, yet it is in reality, the word of man, and Jews, in reality, the Bible is in fact Jewish History, yet Xian's are being miss-lead by the Church, and deliberately it would seem, and the Church has been doing that since it first set out to claim divinity over other far Older beliefs and ideas!!

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[On the lack of Wiccans in racial nationalist groups]

Do you mean those who hang around Stone Henge in white Frocks, and flowers in the hair, these sorts, ain't Followers of the Elder Ways, at least not in any Germanic form, they are simply playing at being druids and such, which is far from being of any Germanic heritage...
Middle-Class! Its them that hate us, a bunch of rich kids, playing at Revolution until they grow up and then they piss off back to Mummy and Daddy and get a Job at Daddy's Bank or Firm....

When i say hate us, i mean they hate their own people, I.E. The Englisc, It is the likes of them that are Fabians, Masons, Neo-Nazi-Liebour, the New Tories, the Lineral Internationalists who despise their own People..........

They wouldn't know what a real Heathen was if they were shown one!

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English first last and always, but while we have foreign incomers (hopefully not for ever)........

I'd rather they had a White face and not a black or brown one.
I'd rather they came from Europe and not Africa, Asia or the Middle East.
I'd rather they had traditional family values and not the culture of 'no father'
I'd rather they were prepared to work for what they want and not rely on benefits.
I’d rather they had a strong anti-Islamic ethic, which the Poles do!
I'd rather they had a healthy distrust of Marxism, which the Poles do!
I'd rather they had a healthy distrust of Jews, which the Poles do!

I would much rather they were not here in the vast numbers they are, but as they are (for the time being at least) I for one am prepared to mix with them and associate with them and view them as racial comrades in a way I could never do with Blacks, Asians or Arabs.

It's far from ideal that they are here, but as they are, let's incorporate them in the battle against the REAL enemy.

PersecutedPatriot #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Political correctness in itself is a terminology designed for socialist control of the people and to enforce its corrupt values upon our society. How can it be politically correct for a nationalist and patriot who loves his Country to abide by the global intentions of socialist domination and a multicultural society where all ethnic values are destroyed and individual nations beaten into submission to accept that they are no longer part of a unique and proud culture but a ‘Citizen of the world’

In the last 300 years since the demise of the English parliament and rule enforced on us by the invasion of the Dutch and European mercenaries led by William of Orange. England has been without a voice and this is why Socialism was allowed to infiltrate so deeply into our cultural heritage and destroy us from within and the blame must lay with the British political system and our forced participation in the union that nobody really wanted. It is now time to rise up against the British political system and by doing so we can cast out socialism as well and restore our English heritage and cultural identity. Socialism must not be allowed to form an alliance with Islam or any other cult or foreign political ideology that is against English values and we need to spread the word and stay strong to our values. Once we show the people of England that there is hope and that by standing together we can defeat this political abomination that has partially destroyed our Ethnicity then only then can we regain control and cast it out once and for all. Keeping the faith and uniting together is the last hope for England for if we do not achieve this in the next two decades, then England will be no more and the likes of the Socialist led European Union and the satanic cult of Islam through its barbaric principals of Sharia law will ultimately control these once proud lands.

Antony #racist englisc-gateway.com

Christianity’s rotten democratic heart promotes weakness as virtue and nourishes instincts most normal people feel ashamed of. Everyone likes to be told they count for something, yet even during vigorous exchanges in the 19th century – yes even then - our state religion campaigned ferociously against protecting the race it publicly championed and long before political correctness made it mandatory to do so.

It stymied the eugenics movement. It bullied science into listing Sub-Saharan blacks as modern humans instead of categorizing them as a separate species. You might think we can defuse this ideological time-bomb but should we really take the risk?

By contrast Jews feel no compulsion to save the world but, like Muslims, fight to control it. The Jewish God is a national God. Jews seek no converts and leave the spiritual welfare of others to others. What’s wrong with that? In a closed society you could probably deify Axminster carpets or Haagen Dazs ice cream to much the same effect. As long as your concerned with ‘humanity’ you’ve no chance and, with christianity, no choice.

Nothing I can think of goes to the heart of our dilemma in the modern world more than universalism – a founding and ineradicable tenet of christianity and a flaw waiting to be exploited. Resurrections are all very well, but resurrecting a collective fetish for self-sacrifice in the interests of genetic aliens is intrinsic to this religion and will always follow at some point if we restore christianity to national life. I think we’ll have to beg to differ on this one.

African blacks are the nearest of the three major races to gorillas and chimpanzees and Nigerians - Ibo [Igbo] and Hausa - the nearest among Africans blacks, who alone carry their alleles. A white woman who creates a mulatto child with a Bantu African [Bantus having been more isolated than other groups] will almost certainly be more closely related genetically to a white child selected at random than her own offspring.

Steed #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Actually, my belief is that Zionism IS the end of England – or rather, it is the single biggest threat and is very close to wiping us out without us even realising it. Debt slavery and taxation that are bleeding us dry and will make slaves of our children; mass-immigration which is endangering our race and culture; the legal system which has stolen our liberty; Consumerism which has stolen our pride and our spirit; Christianity which has severed most of us from our Gods. These aren’t accidents. They are the methods of stealth used by Zionism/the Rothschilds to destroy us. It is NOT the same enemy as Islam. Islam is overt and crude, Zionism is covert and incredibly devious.

Hodekin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

There are two dimensions or levels upon which we fight our war of survival, one is of course the material plane out on the streets where we live our day to day lives, but the other is the spiritual plane which is not without but is within…us!

Since the end of WW2 our spiritual energies and integrity have been gradually whittled away in order to make us more pliable and more accepting of our ongoing destruction on the material plane. If they can erode that which is inside of us, our moral fibre, our race consciousness, our connection with the land and our ancestors, then the material outside war raging about us is easier for our enemies to continue.

The powers that be (our enemies) have the Christian Church bought and sold and on side, the Political ‘choice’ system we already know is no choice at all, whilst we drift into a virtual plugged in wonderland of Porn, Drink, Drugs and Race Mixing the last thing they want is for us to rediscover a spiritual dimension to our race survival. This is something which they do not and cannot control!

Therefore, our ancient racial Gods are very important, as has already been said, they themselves are not going to save the day in a flash of lightening and clap of thunder, but if they are within us, they give us the spiritual strength to resist the machinations of the architects of the decaying world around us and the spiritual strength to fight on in the material plane.

Do we need our ancient Germanic Gods? Yes we do!
Do we need more Odinists/Wodenists and Heathens? Absolutely!

Hodekin #racist englisc-gateway.com

We already have an Aryan religion, it's called Odinism... or Wodenism if you prefer.

It is racially exclusive for Northern Indo Europeans and any others from the rest of Europe and the rest of the world that can claim Northern Indo European blood connections.

There is no point in trying to accommodate uncle tom cobley and all by creating some sort of new Hybrid faith because it can't be done and if it could, it would be for ever twisting and changing in an attempt to be inclusive for all the latest temporary fancies and whims that become fashionable overnight.

Odinism/Wodenism is unchanging and is as constant as the North star, as a religion it is a one size fits all, you either fit into it or you don’t,, it’s your ancestral heritage, all you need to do is reach out and claim it...….end of.

Quite simple really.

Hodekin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

The time is now ripe to promote the 'Old Religion'!

In the soul-less hedonism of our materialist society, the rise of Islam has opened people’s eyes as to a spiritual dimension for life and being. In Britain at least, the long established Christian doctrine is all but finished and devalued and people who question the right of the alien in their land and the quest for their own 'Roots' find little comfort within the embrace of the mainstream Christian church.

Now is the time for ancestral strength and recognition, now is the time to draw a line in the sand and say 'No further'! With our hearts in the past, our courage in the present and our minds on the future, now is the time for Folkish Heathenry to reclaim its lost children and re-kindle the flame of spirit to light our path in the dark days to come.

Hail Odin, Hail Woden, Hail the Folk.

Ecgbert #fundie englisc-gateway.com

Only time will tell if those who fought for our freedom and safety will be supported by the following generation. Most of them if they had known Great Britain was anti English, may have joined the Germans. As if they fought for the right of Muslim gangs and British state to attack and rape English girls. They were all unfortunately duped, unless the current English get their act together, then they did fight and die for nothing.

There was a programme on TV where it was said that Gibraltar. was seized by the "British military" in 1704. Strange that, Great Britain wasn't even formed until 1707, many of these British can not even bare to say the words England or English. Where as Hitler was fine with talking about England and the English, so who is the real enemy?

Antony #racist englisc-gateway.com

Disraeli observed that to acknowledge differences between men at all implies notions of superiority and inferiority many would rather not discuss. It's unavoidable. The reason merit is considered suspect in almost any form these days, at least among our kind, should be obvious. Our world depends on a civilization developed by white people. It wasn't designed for blacks, who can never adjust to or prosper from its demands.

As long as Jewish culture insists that Benjamin Zephaniah has the technical proficiency of Shakespeare we'll continue to struggle with conceptions of relative merit, with accepting the faculty of discrimination - the ability to distinguish between a pellucid mountain stream and a municipal sewer outlet - that made us what we are. I have no problem with it myself.

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On the death of Michael Brown]

Personally, they all get what they ask for, and what's coming to em............sorry if i sound like a White Supremisit, but, my conclusion is, you can't have a decent respectful and civil society with these Jig's and Mohamed's and Must-Haffa-leak's, these savages are incapable of living in such societies, without bringing the said societies down to the level of their Mind Set...

Of course, these savages have been pandered to by the White apologetic Liberal/Left for the past fifty odd years, these Savages are beginning to believe they are untouchable, and entitled to special treatement, so I don't point the finger straight away way at the Savage, but at those Wet Demented Liberal.Left White's who have been pandering to em and making up all sorts of pathetic excuses for the poor bloody savages!!

Witnere #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On the Baltimore riots]

I admire people like "Battle Cat" and Tommy Sotomayor for having the courage to tell the truth. But so many black people are wed to and profiting from this myth of institutional racism that they're really pissing in the wind. There is a race war coming, it'll likely start in America, and blacks et al will copy it over here. At that point, or just before preferably, we need to kill the Quisling bastards who caused it before taking them on.

Steven #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Hmmm. Westgate Shopping Mall, in Kenya, is owned by Westfield America, whose boss is Frank Lowy. This is the man who, together with Larry Siverstein, bought the 99-year lease to WTC 1 and 2 fifty days before 9/11. Silverstein Properties also held the lease on WTC 7. The insurance payout was huge: £5.4 billion. Rumour has it Israeli commandos are assisting the Kenyans. Oy vey.

saxnot #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

It is happening Antony, white boys have no chance of joining the London fire service for at least the next ten years, until it ethnically reflects the London population, it will because of training be a slow feed in, but it is happening. White boys are effectively banned.

Hodekin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

Unlike most other religions where one is supposed to lay face down in the dirt and grovel for forgiveness, Odinism/Wodenism is very much a case of standing on your own two feet and getting on with it! Also, most other religions are all about 'up there in the sky' and what will happen when you die, whereas Heathenry is very much about 'down here on the earth' and what you can achieve whilst you are alive!

But most of all, Heathenry is all about revering the ancestors and defining their common place with ours in the great web of Wyrd. This is where the Universalists part company with us, their idea of ancestors is 'Back to Africa' and 'Apes in the Trees' stuff. Whereas we look to the birth of our Folk in a definite European setting. This distinct racial contrast of Europeans and Africans is just too much for the PC brain washed Universalist Heathens to accept.

We are not all the same, we are all different! Whether we are superior or inferior to others is immaterial, the fact is we are different and that's what they cannot stomach.

I say we should infiltrate the bastards, just like they infiltrate us, weed out the ones worth saving, point them in the right direction and strengthen our Folkish blood base and our Folkish connection to the Gods.

Don't let the Uni's have a free hand in these things, newbies seem to find their way to them long before they get anywhere near to us!

Dan of Biggleswade #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On white women dating black and Asian men]

Dirty scum! It really pisses me off when i see a beautiful one of ours with them. First of all she must really despise her white skin to be like that and secondly she has no idea what she's getting herself into. The black n tans will only use them and then walk on when she pops one. Yes, some get married and seem happy but their kids and future generations are marked forever! Thier kids will probably class themselves as black and celebrate only one side of their heritage, which won't be ours, plus they're likely to fail in life and cause everyone a fuck load of grief. The word, 'Collaborator' comes to mind.

wodensson #racist englisc-gateway.com

The EDL are not getting any new recruits what with their recent demise with Tommy going etc. The rump that is left and running things will not change and any recruits they do get will be surrounded by the current nonsensical ideology and happily wave jewish & queer flags oblivious to any other way.
It speaks volumes for the sorry state of nationalism in this country that the EDL are still the main kids on the block, and this civic nationalism firmly rooted in.

As time goes by and more families have orcs integrated into them, civicness will of course grow even more, as its a happy excuse for the person with the daughter living with an Arab, or whose auntie brought back a Masai warrior from her African holiday; as they hold British passports now and are as British as bully beef.
There are at least 3 EDL'ers that I know of who have Thai wives that they take on demos.
Naturally the one dimensional "militant muslim" is the enemy approach takes out the other various orcs and puts them in the "friendlies" camp. And bollocks about the Chinese sticking to themselves and being no problem gets spewed out, regardless of the fact they are taking OUR homes - OUR jobs - making ghettos in OUR cities - installing Triad crime in OUR towns - using OUR NHS etc etc.

Steed #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Non-native presence in England is like a balloon being held under water. The downward force on that balloon is the hand of the Zionist Government and its use of multicult dogma, propaganda, welfare, tolerance, positive discrimination etc. Sever it and the balloon rises out of the water, i.e. most immigrants leave.

But the fact remains that some will still remain. The 1/4 black, atheist, football-loving, beer-drinking, working chap who receives no special treatment, speaks no language other than English, has mostly white friends and cares not for political correctness will NOT leave. He would have to be physically ejected and his group of white friends would protest.

Teutoburg Weald #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the lack of women in racist groups]

As i said in my above post, Females ain't as Territorial as men are, if at all, no offence toward the females, but even they must admit such truth, that is usually left to the male population, although it wasn't in pre-conquest England, if it came to the crunch women would join the men and both sexes would fight side by side, but since the conquest that was changed, with all this Ladies, weaker sex and Damsels in distress crap..

Men and women are not seperate we are simply to halves of the human race, in Old Englisc there was no word for woman, both sexes were as one, in the word 'MANN'...

There was no battle of the Sexes, another invention by the Liberals and Feminists, no women's Lib. both sexes in pre-Conquest England Stood together, worked together, fought together and if it came to it Died together, that is how it should be now, we don't need the ideas and views and inventions of the Liberal-Lovvie/Left clouding the issue, we are all of one Tribe, the Englisc Tribe, we are Nationalists, not Lefties, we are Strong and tough because we are Nationalists, the Lefties and Feminists are weak, sensitive, big girls blouses, we are better than them because we follow the Natural ways, the Natural Law, the Strong Survive, the Weak go to the Wall, the Lefties are Weak so they go to the wall...

Cerdic #fundie englisc-gateway.com

Indeed. He will teach those who will listen. If you accept God's teachings it will not be from an obvious miracle, no trumpets and shouts from heaven, but it will suddenly make sense. Everything will become more clarified and begin to make sense because the Most Holy Spirit will come upon you. You will become angry. Good. Become angry. You will become zealous. Good. Become zealous. Fools will mock you- or beat you and kill you like it was in the old days. When the Lord and Giver of Life takes hold of you- you will become both a speaker on behalf of Man and on behalf of God.

The English People are in a dire situation because we've inherited the lies of our fathers- that the Good God doesn't exist or is some ancient fairy-tale. Look at all of the Nations of Europe, France, Spain, etc. All Christian Nations- and all fallen unto the ash-heap because the pearls have been cast before the swine. The fathers of our fathers were men of a different sort- heathen men and Christian men- but fighting-men in the end.

The English Nation, in England, North America, Oceania, etc. is in danger but not from without- but from within. The Good Good doesn't desire that we perish- but to repent and believe the Good News and, like every true Christian, become a fighting-man (or woman) who is willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to defend home, clan, kith, kin, the nation, the Faith, the commonwealth, etc.

Wolf #racist englisc-gateway.com

All non white guests of this country will always be that,Guests.
Im sorry to offend anyone...well im not but anyway,English Folk are white Folk,simple as that.
I will not have some asian tell me he is english,just as i would not accept one calling himself scot,irish,welsh.Sick to death of the weak spirit we have somehow grown over the years.
Why do we always have to back down and say "oh its ok he was born here,you can bring your family over and they can spunge of our hard working folk and breed us out of existence"

Its time our folk got back the fighting spirit we are world famous for,nobody takes our little island without a fight!
No foreign mongrel is gonna spread there filthy culture to our lands,its time to fight back.

Racial Nationalists are the true nationalists,because there eyes are open,they have seen through the BS the left and its media are spreading.
Its time for nationalists of all forms to get our acts together.

Witnere #racist englisc-gateway.com

[David Cameron and his wife attend a Hindu ceremony]

And his stupid wife who feels the need to dress like a foriegner. I have never met an Indian who gave any concessions to our culture indeed many of them are at pains to tell Englishmen we have no culture in as rude and aggressive a manner as they can. I have no time for lickspittles like the Camerons and their ilk.

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

All you have said is correct mate, these not so bright Immigrants have enjoyed a very cushy existance in England for some time and, as you have said mate, they have and are being lined up to be the Scapegoat, whether they know it or not, and when the time comes, they will find themselves in the middle of a bloody Civil War, perhaps most will try and make a run for the Channel Tunnel, but some will try to stay and weather out the storm, hoping things will be just like it was before, but they will find that things will not be so cushy for none Immigrants as they once were!

There will be no middle road when the Storm hits, the innocent as well as the guilty will suffer, and numbers of Immigrants will find themselves on the wrong side, and will suffer for what Brit Unionists and especially Scots Politians have begun, and no one will be able to point the finger at the Ethnic English and blame them, although some will try, but what ever they say, the Ethnic English have been greaviously teasted and their Tolerance has been streatched to the limit of its reason and sense of fairness, and sooner or later its going to snap, and when it does, no place on this Island will be left out, it will end up spreading to the four corners of this Island and the Scots and Welsh will wonder why!

And if or when its over, for no one can tell how long it will last, the Ethnic English will come out of it stronger, less forgiving, less Tolerante and less trusting, the Ethnic English will have changed beyond all recognition of who they once were, because they will not be like they have been, and the Scots, Welsh or any other country will never find it easy to take the Ethnic English so easy going again, and the Ethnic English will not soon forget past wrongs done to them, and who did those past wrongs, the Ethnic English will no longer be such an easy touch as we have been.

Yngvi #fundie englisc-gateway.com

I personally hate Christianity for what it has done to our people. Many Christian establishments have been taken over by the liberal middle class. You never see a poor Vicar and even to this day the collection bowl keeps rattling. Its also the fact that Christianity is a sand religion used to enslave and steal from the poor. I really couldn't care less if every church in England was flattened. Although some are stunning, they are nothing more than beacons of Eastern dominance over our folk and land. Many being built on ancient pre-Christian places of worship.

Its the people that make a religion and so I believe personally we need a new folk religion to bring us inline. One for the English by the English with England and its people at the fore. A warrior religion to help us survive in the coming years. Christianity is to soft and fearmongering. We must not fear our foes and stop bending over begging for forgiveness. Its time to hold our heads high and make our enemies beg us for mercy.

We should also not be forced to fear death or fear making mistakes which may lead to us going to 'Hell'. Its keeping people back from having the spirit and balls to fight. Christianity has become way to hippyfied to survive in this day and age. If the Church was to introduce Warrior arts to its practitioners and teach folk personal protection without fearing death then it may survive.

The biggest fear I have for Christianity is it will join Islam through being dominated. Remember - both the religions are Abrahamic. Its just that Islam is a more extreme version of Christianity.

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

Exactly, when people are forced into living in fear of prosecution for speaking out for so long, sooner or later that fear turns to hate, anger and frustration, that builds gradually until it needs an out let, with no out let, it blows up, when that happens, you get bloodshed and war it has no option because it is given no voice, no hope of being heard or heeded, so it has no other way but to turn into violence, bloodshed and..............................!

That is the out come to this mess, only now we know who is at the center of all this, and they haven't done themselves any good at all, they will pay, for this act of aggression against the White Peoples of this World!!

The JEW!

Swaffington #racist englisc-gateway.com

My views on non-white immigration is very simple: I'm 100% against it, no ifs or buts. It's a form of genocide against whites and the English people. I think its racist to turn a blind eye, racist to witness the decline of the English for the sake of political correctness. I hope that answers your question?

For the record: My sales are very good, because I dont pander to PC. I write about real, proud men, not sheep!

Bane of Dumnonia #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Does anyone else find anything suspicious in the following.

Tony Blair becomes PM (married to a Catholic) ==> Irish peace negotiations are concluded/British army fairly rapidly pulls back ==> Tony Blairs glorious reign as PM ends, he immediately runs off to the Vatican and declares himself a Catholic convert

I'm all for peace and reconciliation. I care very little for Ulster Unionists, i'm sorry. I can't help but wonder if they've not been sold out in deals done behind the scenes though.

Can anyone enlighten one?

Steven #racist englisc-gateway.com

TV tonight:

BBC 2 08.30pm, Nadiya's British Food Adventure - a crude attempt to get us to think Muhammadans are 'just like us'.

BBC 4 09.00pm, Science and Islam - a crude attempt to get us to think Islam is more than just killing infidels.

Channel 4 10.00pm, Is Love Racist? - a crude attempt to increase miscegenation.

Hodekin #racist englisc-gateway.com

The Kith of Yggdrasil to which the police officer in question is secretary is Universalist, insomuch that it sees no distinction between different races in terms of them being Germanic Heathens. If an Eskimo fisherman or a Zulu warrior wanted to join them they would be welcomed with open arms!

The fact that the Kith are members of the Pagan Federation (which operates a strictly PC attitude to all manner of racial attitudes) corroborates this. The only reason that the Policeman in question can hold his 'Pagan' office within the Police force is precisely because of the PC strictures placed upon him, his faith and his organisation (The Kith of Yggdrasil).

They are not Folkish, I am Folkish, and I am a member of the Odinic Rite which is unashamedly Folkish and where would be Germanic Heathen Eskimo fishermen and Zulu warriors would be politely but firmly refused entry for all the obvious reasons.

Sceadugenden #racist englisc-gateway.com

My eldest son came in from school yesterday and informed me he may be getting in trouble for making racist remarks in class. The heinous " crimes" were asking if albinos were a race. daring to call black people by their scientific name, Negroids, and dis agreeing with the " out of Africa theory". Looks like I get the chance to tell the Marxist self hating hand wringing teachers how things really are .

Yngvi #racist englisc-gateway.com

Well there are hundred's and thousands of kids across Europe turning into whiggers, dumping their own ancient culture and adopting another. Why?

Media influence? Music? Education system? White guilt? The fear of Black? What is it that's driving so many kids to become Whiggers?

She was a victim not only of rape and murder but of the 21st century society.

But how do we fix it? - We promote our cultures in a good light, create role models, build preservation trusts, free books for schools, teach our children their own roots, train our people to take place in positions of power, share a cultural belief or religion, promote our own style and music, share knowledge, bring friends and family to the attention of sites like this, use our life time to dedicate ourselves towards helping the cause, set up cultural events, bring back our ancient traditions, get to know our neighbours and build community spirit, understand our rights as an ethnic people, learn our English common laws - be steadfast and use our own true laws against the false and illegal EU laws, show people the damage that multiculturalism has caused to this country and others, create an alliance with all other Germanic lands, build relationships with our children to build trust and ensure they are not being forced into the liberal way of thinking by their teachers and friends who's parents may be liberals, stop our children buying rap genre music or wearing said clothing. Distance ourselves from the main stream and use historical idols our children can inspire to be like (such as Hereward and Hengist & Horsa), have a white history month, a music of white origin awards, a white beauty contest, set up more white peoples charities, uphold the freedom of speech and teach our children not to be afraid to speak their own mind, release a blockbuster film that promotes an English hero with an all English cast, expose white slavery, use the race card whenever possible, boycott anything that doesn't fit in with our ethnicity....

Basically we play them at their own game!

Ceawlin #racist englisc-gateway.com

The "liberal whites" are anarchists and satanists, they have no real agenda but mass destruction, many of them are being recruited by Freemasonry who have their own agenda for causing revolutions and wars. The Blacks are also just puppet creatures who have been conditioned to want to destroy white civilization, none of them have the brains to seek the true cause of anything, they are all destined to be the victims of their own stupidity. The people who pull their strings will have them for their slaves in time to come, they have no idea of the master and servant agenda which is driving them to behave like savages. They are not shaking off their chains, they are merely preparing themselves and the other civilized peoples to be placed in chains.

Steed #racist englisc-gateway.com

I believe Judeo-Christianity has always been a control mechanism to pave the way for conquering Europe. There is no doubt that had Europe remained Pagan we would not be under Zionist occupation as we are today (and thus our nations would not be multi-cultural, multi-racial ones). Heathenry teaches kinship with your ancestors, Christianity teaches kinship with every human being on Earth.

That said, the reason our people adopted Christianity as our own is because it appealed to an ancient concept within our blood - that of the 'saviour'. There is such a notion as the Aryan Krist. So essentially, what the Romans and Jews did to subdue us was to wrap their non-European religion in an outer shell which appealed to deeply-held archetypes within our race soul such as the (Aryan) saviour. It is because of this that I don't blame our people who cling to Christianity (as many of my own ancestors did). They were and are drawn to the religion by its very English/Pagan values (whether they know that or not) but unfortunately they fail to identify the Judaic, non-European aspects of it and how harmful those aspects are to our national and individual identity.

In short, Christianity has good and bad aspects intertwined.
The good parts = Heathen and indigenous
The bad parts = Judaic and alien

Steven #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On the Finsbury Park mosque attack]

The authorities were extremely quick (8 minutes in the case of the police) calling it a 'terrorist attack' - usually at least a day or two has passed before we hear anything specific about the intention. Theresa May identified the alleged attacker as 'white', which is unusual because she never mentioned race when speaking about Manchester, or the two previous attacks in London. According to the BBC/ITV/Sky this attack was a 'far-right' operation and is therefore terrorism. Really? If it was I haven't seen any evidence of it. What I've learned over the past 10 years is when Muhammadans kill or maim native white people the government goes out of its way to find some white native people to blame.

Antony #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

[On the discredited prophecies of Mother Shipton]

As always you have to fight your way past author's eager to cast doubt on whether she even existed, but then she's English. 'Scholarship' plays the provenance card to nothing like the same degree elsewhere in folklore. Nostradamus is too famous and publisher-friendly to suffer lasting critical damage while those from designated victim-cultures are simply considered untouchable. One only hopes the the judeo-oirish criminal syndicate that runs Hollywood never alight on these stories. Placing the old girl in County Cork and casting LIam Neeson or Gerard Butler in drag wouldn't really do her justice, though they would certainly be ugly enough.

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On Nelson Mandela]

Are you defending the Black son of a Whore??

Those White South African's built South Africa, the Black Natives didn't, besides those Whites of Germanic Heritage have been there for generations, I suppose you might as well say that we Englisc should go back to our Ancestors Homelands, Anglen, Saxony, Denmark, and so on, I bet the Waelasc would love that..... Besides, what's Racism?? a nothing term invented by the Liberal/Left or by their Jewish masters, to beat the White Nations with, of course, it doesn't apply to the Shit Coloured Races dose it, they can't be racist can they, like the Jews can't be racist either, after all, they are the chosen people of the Christian God, right....

So if the Boers have to leave South Africa and return to their Nations of origin then that counts for us as well, and the Americans of English origin, and Canadians, Australians and so on, once you start that, where you going to end??

saxnot #fundie englisc-gateway.com

It is surprising how much of English culture is still intact after a thousand years of christard occupation. The morality of English folk I say is not driven by christard concepts, but rather the ethics of the working class have far more to do with the ethics of Odinism. Looking each other directly in the eye, brutal honesty, challenging/teasing friends, a belief in the self etc. In part some of our problems which stem from our traditional beliefs are a constant frustration to many of us here.

The English folk are a generous people we treat guests with deep respect. I used to get very upset when I was a left winger who had studied history and would point out the many events in history where the white working class put themselves through suffering to help foreigners or take the foreigners part against there own immediate interests. What i did not understand at the time was that the 'left' is just as much as the Tories controlled by an establishment that carries a deep hatred in their blood of the folk of Northern Europe, so those stories that in left wing groups would have put English folk in a good light were deliberately suppressed.

I think that although English culture is one of the least studied cultures in the world, the establishment are well aware of our traditional values, which is why immegrants are represented as refugees, travelers in need of help, rather than the middle eastern middle and upper class and their slaves who pay a minimum of £20,000 to get here each. Often with other wealth hidden that they will not share on arrival, because the English have a natural feeling to help wanderers, which exactly fits the sensibilities of our traditional religion.

There are basically two forms of religion, those invented to support the establishment of Kings, that promote the individual as a slave who must accept what authorities do and want, and the older tribal religions which are in tune which each tribe. Our tribe has its faith like it or not, see the gods or not, The Aesir are etched deep in our blood and culture.

Oh and the immegrants, sooner or later the revelers at the feast will be recognised for what they are, and Odysseus and his son will lock the doors, then Odysseus will string his bow. . . we European people know what comes next it is part of our culture.

Emeric #fundie englisc-gateway.com

I'm sorry, but trying to make Christianity out to be Socialist, Liberal (or anything else but Traditionalist, for that matter), is a rather silly conclusion when you actually look at the historical facts surrounding the religion's relationship with them.

Sure, Jesus gave out bread, but does that mean he wanted to have a revolutionary state force others to do the same? No, it was entirely voluntary. Don't miss the difference between charity and socialism. Socialists might try and use Christ as an example, but they do so disingenuously, their appropriation of it needs not make sense since they themselves don't even believe it; it is merely a smokescreen.

If you think that the current world order is a "Christian" one, then think again, because it is exactly the opposite. Radical, internationalist Socialists and Liberals have caused more destruction to Christianity than any other group - the modern organizations that claim to be "christian" while supporting these things are corrupted, breaking from centuries of tradition, and only occurring after these totalitarian ideologies first took over. These ideologies were composed by radical atheists who hated the old Christian order and everything it stood for, just as much if not more than they would hate any Heathen society.

Indeed, a Christian Order in any part of Europe hasn't existed in any form since 1914; it started to fall apart as far back as 1789, with precedents even earlier. From the Old Catholic Vendee rebels to the Orthodox White Guards and Iron Guard, we traditionalist Christians have been fighting against these poisonous ideologies since they first reared their vile heads. It is therefore nothing short of preposterous to suggest that we are in any way related to them!

A true Monotheistic Christian worldview is also a Traditionalist, Monarchial one, in which Satan is a usurper and revolutionary against the original order of the universe, moreover he is the source of all revolution save for counter-revolutions that seek to reverse his effects. By this we are also anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic, after all it's Christ the King not Comrade Jesus.

As we can see Satan's ideologies of choice are all anti-traditionalist, anti-religious, and, deep down, anti-nationalist. So today we see that very few people hold to a Christian historical and political worldview after all, even if they follow the religion. The modern faith is shattered into many pieces, most of which have become deeply corrupted. So these ideologies are not by-products of Christianity, but rather by-products of the prime anti-Christian force.

As for universalism, that is viewing it through a modernist lens. Just because you have a single ruler, a single God, doesn't mean that all peoples must be mixed together to create a single race, otherwise we wouldn't have been made into separate Nations in the first place....

Once again, the Satanic Revolutions seek to make all man homogenous, and eliminate all ideas of uniqueness, yet do so in the name of Tolerance and Diversity. World Revolution is their watchphrase. By contrast, true cultural pluralism allows all natural cultures and ethnicities to exist unmolested, in their own homeland, as originally intended.

Sorry for my mad rant, but i've seen this kind of stuff before....

EastSaxon #fundie englisc-gateway.com

The problem is not Christianity itself. The problem is cultural Marxism which has penetrated every aspect of Western culture.

Sadly the Church has been infiltrated and needs to be as nice, friendly and inclusive as possible to put bums on seats. Christianity is being watered down in an attempt to be as popular as possible against the rising tide of militant atheism. This is not a failure of Christianity itself, but a symptom of the modern world which puts a monetary value on absolutely everything and doesn't really care about identity, tradition or faith. It is a weakness of the people involved who devalue their religion out of fear and a desire to be liked.

These people are heretics and should be burned at the stake not gifted with public money.

I'm sympathetic to both Christians and pagans. They both make up part of our history, tradition and identity. Paganism is ours, they're our gods, the English are descended from Odin himself. It is a religion deeply bound up with ethnic identity. However, even paganism has been hijacked by the left. It's popular amongst the hip young crowd who are looking for some deeper spiritual meaning in life but who have been taught to despise Christianity and themselves and their people. The agenda behind hating Christianity is rooted in the same desires to make white people feel guilty for the slave trade and to hate themselves in general.

The love that Christians seem to have for Israel is a modern aberration aided by cultural Marxism and populism. Christians should not support Israel. The correct point of view is that because the Jews reject Jesus they are going to Hell for their beliefs. That is what the people of this country believed up until the modern age, when Jews were shunned and expelled from the country. Imagine what a powerful idea it would be if fifty million English men and women in this country believed that Jews were going to Hell.

Like I mentioned, I'm sympathetic to pagans too. Not the pagans that I'm sure we've all seen: the hippies, the lefties and other degenerates who profess to be pagans or bloody witches just to be different and edgy. They don't have any moral objections to homosexuality or abortion or any of the other social plagues we are facing because they don't have any real faith. They picked an obscure religion so they could be tool cool for the universe and rebel against the current system, but without doing anything actually rebellious such as speaking out against immigration.

Guthlac #racist englisc-gateway.com

The ethnic English are the only English race and nation. No one else can be off us. The English are white, but that is just part of our ethnicity, culture and identity. It does not mean any white person can be a real English person, even if they would like to be.

Any fool and foreigner can claim to be English, but the real English the ethnic English know it for a fact. Their families are all English, they know as far as they have knowledge of or have traced they are English family history. Those that have some Welsh, Scots or Irish in them still put their English ethnicity first as they know that so many folk of those places are actually of English decent. In some cases by over a thousand years of English living those areas or of the English families moving to those places on mass over the last few hundreds of years.

Anyone here who claims to be English, yet promotes and puts first being British, civic/semi-civic and claims every tom, dick and harry white foreigner (let alone alone any other coloured foreigners) can be English is either misguided or a traitor. They are what they 'claim' to be against. They are enemies of the English and England. As just as much a threat to us as the lab/lib/con, the EU, multiculturalism, islamification and 'immigration' /importation of votes.

Ceawlin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

This Pagan Police Association stinks of the Illuminati, whose whole goal in life is the destruction of Christianity, and when the Christians are finished off, then they may come for the heathens. Christianity and paganism are so linked as to be cousins of belief, once upon a time there were many Gods, and some people began to place one higher than the others. When the Hebrews were choosing El, we were choosing Woden, the only difference is they believed in a Messiah, and when the Messiah came, known as the Christ, some of their number refused him, and had the Romans kill him. To this day some people hate the notions that the Messiah has been and gone, and hold out that he is yet to arrive. These people loath Christianity, and will do anything to destroy it. Including the promotions of pre Christian worship, so be careful that the neo pagans do not have an ulterior motive.

I would like to think that we as the English people have advanced a little since the old days, and the worshiping of the stars the moon and the sun is like looking back to the seventies when people had flared trousers. Satanism is also linked with paganism, but there again Satanism is the worship of the anti Christ, so there is an ulterior motive there in. An old English pagan would have no idea of the "anti-Christ", he would understand good against evil and know to recognize one from the other.

Woodsman #racist englisc-gateway.com

What the fuck goes on in the minds of these people? Is it any wonder that blacks have never once, not in all recorded history, mangaged to construct a civil, well ordered society, not founded on the principal of chucking a spear at anyone who crosses them!

Please, if anyone can spot one white person in these pictures, other than the cops trying to control these warring savages, please point them out. What a jarring reminder of the way poor benighted old Englands' own scummy, entitlement happy ethnics behaved in the riots just a few short months ago.

And I'll almost guarantee that a good proportion of these spear chuckers are on welfare, living off my fucking taxes. They remind me of fucking chimps with a string of pearls, they are completey unfit to live amongst civilised people!

Rant over... Happy Christmas everyone!

Bervauelajar #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[From an Odinist discussion about gay comedian Stephen Fry]

Maybe this Sodomite should delve deeper into his subconscious and try to figure out why he is a pervert when it comes to sexual Acts ? .They never spend time and much thought on that one . Accept Woden the Allfather into your heart and the line of your Ancestors . But in such a macho environment this puff would only be fit to carry the milk pitchers after milking a cow !. I would love to debate these so called interlectuals I would cut right through their crap !.

Seaxan #racist englisc-gateway.com

[The British police force has its own pagan association]

The Police Pagan Association...... gladly beating and arresting white racist Heathens for the sake of diversity and the ethnic cleansing of those dirty Anglo-Saxons.

Paganism is a faith for all colours, creeds and beliefs....... now let's all feast on some Halal meat, and don our Jewish skull caps whilst we dance around Irish clovers.

Rainbows, I see rainbows and pride. GAY pride, oh what joys our government provides. I shall adopt two male African babies and several female Indian girls if you please. I give thanks to Elton John for his enlightenment into adoption. I have bummed my partner several times, and he has never given birth. Why Odin? Why would you make us infertile?

Thjodolfr #racist englisc-gateway.com

Look how white men are portrayed in television adverts: usually fat, lazy, stupid or generally clown-like. In film or television the white man is always the 'bad guy'; negroes are portrayed as noble and wise, and even those that are a 'little rough around the edges' always come through in the end. The whole Magical Negro has been taken to new levels; no doubt the concept was to assauge white 'guilt' in America, but it has been foisted upon the whole West, even those countries that did not indulge in colonialism seem to have been swept up with this bullshit. The only white men you see in television adverts that do not fit the above descriptions tend to be metrosexual, geeks or spivs. Negroes, when there are seen in advertising, are always healthy looking, well dressed and seem smart, although the occasional token 'funny black' slips through the net. Outside of the ridiculous hip-hop culture, who are the successful black men? With very few exceptions they are athletes; their success relies entirely on genetic advantage not on work ethic, dedication, desire or background, but it would be 'rascist' to say so, but by not saying so it must be assumed that black sporting prowess is entirely due to the lack of those qualities in non-black racial groups, which oddly enough is actually 'racist' against everyone including the negroes; the blacks only win because nobody else bothers! So what if a negro can run faster or jump higher than you, the same can be said of many members of the animal kingdom. How many gay black personalities are there? One would assume that if we are all the same (as in species) then the numbers of gay blacks would be similar to gay whites. But where are all the gay blacks? Hidden away, not doubt, while gay whites are lauded as the epitome of civilisation. Negroes are portayed as masculine, physical marvels but blessed with ancient wisdom and nobility; whites are portrayed as stupid and lazy, inherently corrupt and evil. Why would a bimbo, her glazed eyes fixed on the 'telescreen' hour after hour, day after day not, view the negro as a better mate? The only black 'role models' are athletes, therefore this is how negroes are perceived; strong, athletic. Perhaps there need to be more television programmes featuring Royal Marines or the SAS, of course they have negroes in their ranks, but I would think the numbers are disproportionately low.

Harold Godwinsson #racist englisc-gateway.com

[On major English cities having large non-white populations]

Who the fuck needs the Cities anyway? I certainly don't, i hate cities, i'd rather be in the hills than in the city, let the Orc's have em for all the fucking use they are, we came from the land, why not go back to it, i'm sure we can all adapt, as mentioned above..

I thought there were fellow Englisc Folk on here, with the same Fighting Spirit of our Forefather's when first signed up, don't make me think i was wrong??

Defeatism is the first step to resignation, and finally surrender, and giving in, when you do that, your lost, fucked, no longer a man, and no longer worthy of your Ancestral Roots.........

I'd rather die fighting than surrender to defeatism, better to die fighting than submit to Islam or Globalism.......

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

Israel has no known resources of its own, so needs the affability of its chosen victim to protect it, and the worse victim it has latched onto is the US, strong, but not very bright, and any Country allied to the US, Britain for instance, is infected as well, over the past century and more it has been bled white by this humanoid type Parasite!!

Charles Dickines the writer of Oliver Twist, wasn't simply blind when he chose a Jew, for his Character "Fagin", since most the Fagin types around at that time, using English kids as thugs and Pick Pockets among other things, were Jews...

They are, and have always been a scourge on this world, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we should have joined Germany instead of standing against them, in standing against Germany, what we are facing now, is a forgone conclusion, we didn't win that war, we lost it, in a most bloody awful way we lost it, because we fought on the wrong side!!

Yngvi #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

This whole thing has been created by the EUSSR.

Multiculturalism is Dr Frankenstein and no matter what they try to do to make it seem lovey dovey it will always create monsters - sadly Breivik was a well made monster and i'm more than definite there are more to come.

The worlds population are being sardine'd into a tin can of genocide all whilst a handful of out of touch millionaires grim reap the rewards. This case is no surprise to Dr Frankenstein and doesn't change a thing. Breivik will be banged up in an asylum for the rest of his days and nothing will change with the EUSSR steam train. Sadly its full steam ahead for them and if people are ploughed down along the way, so be it.

Steven #racist englisc-gateway.com

The majority minority in 2050 will be Muhammadans and it is then that Norway will cease to exist as a Nordic nation. Sweden will follow a decade or two later. When it does you can expect a forging of these two countries into one Islamic state. Of course that is what our own political class have planned for us here in England; they can't deny it, the figures speak for themselves.

The UK's Muhammadan population is 3 million plus and the vast majority of those are in England. Breivik acted on what he saw as a racial and ethnic takeover of his homeland by those who worship multiculturalism - the same worshippers we have here in England. There is no difference between socialists in Norway and socialists elsewhere in Northern Europe. The game is mass immigration and for each, sometime, somewhere they agreed to do the same: no majority ethnic group = equality, the mantra of the Left. It won't work because one ethnic group will fight to gain dominance over the others and that is human nature. The future, as Enoch Powell knew, is blood and death on an unimaginable scale.

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

[Replying to a conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a hoax]

Ah yes, the old story of the little boy who see's the reality behind the lie of the "King's New Cloths" and the little boy's all over the world are waking up to the reality behind the lie..

The above article, has given us a time for the Shit hitting the fan, when the Global Gangsters are finally exposed, the bloody clean up will begin, it can also give us a place, for the revolt...................The US?

I said a long time ago, all power is fleeting, sooner or latter, the whole farce of it all is revealed and is exposed for what it all is, a lie.........A Giant House of Cards..

The Liberal/Left are shitting themselves, their all facing the Noose!!

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

[Response to an article claiming that Sandy Hook was a hoax]

Ah yes, the old story of the little boy who see's the reality behind the lie of the "King's New Cloths" and the little boy's all over the world are waking up to the reality behind the lie..

The above article, has given us a time for the Shit hitting the fan, when the Global Gangsters are finally exposed, the bloody clean up will begin, it can also give us a place, for the revolt...................The US?

I said a long time ago, all power is fleeting, sooner or latter, the whole farce of it all is revealed and is exposed for what it all is, a lie.........A Giant House of Cards..

The Liberal/Left are shitting themselves, their all facing the Noose!!

Yngvi #racist englisc-gateway.com

I'm English through and through and have stated I am definitely not British but with time running out I'm beginning to change my mindset and with more and more aliens entering our countries I think its time the people of these islands put aside our differences to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for what is truly ours!

If that boils anyones piss then i'm sorry but i'm past talking about doing something and fed up of playing silly games. My only hope is that those with any bottle are ready to get off of their butts and fight for our homeland. People talk of when the time comes but has it not come already?

If you talk the talk then its time to walk the walk - if not then go find yourself a hobby and stop pissing about because this is not a game. The bloody country is in shit order and far from the dream those brave people of WWII had in mind for us.

If you've got a family, a wife or husband or if you have children and you haven't already become active then you should be ashamed into doing so. Do not let us be remembered as the weak generation which got butt fucked by the EU - be the generation which fought for these islands and the generation which won with glory. The past generation's did it and we must now pay homage to them to ensure our future generations inherit these lands.


This sounds a little hypocritical but the last time we were forced into working together we nearly ruled 3/4 of the world - (however I certainly do not condone that achievement because I believe it is partially to blame for what's happening to us now) - but the point I'm making is that in hindsight if we all work together then taking back our own homelands should be a stroll in the park for us. This is why at present I believe the only thing close enough to be able to achieve this is the BNP.

Woden's Child #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

The real problem we face in portraying our identity as Germanic are the self-haters, lefty academics, etc. These are the sorts that infect our education and media systems. Have you noticed that any time the Anglo-Saxons are mentioned, these sorts are always at pains to mention the 'they were only a elite minority and had little effect on our gene pool' bullshit? Do they do the same when discussing the origins of the Welsh and Scottish people?? Do they hell! Any time a programme featuring them is shown, it's full of the usual mournful sound of bagpipes and 'Celtic' flutes - and earnest talk of their rich culture and heritage, with the inevitable Welsh or Scottish voice-over . None of it's by accident either. There is a conscious effort to replace any idea of a distinct English identity with that of Britishness. The Welsh and Scots are of course exempt from this brainwashing technique. You will also notice that the Olympics and the Golden Jubilee celebrations are also pushing Britishness for all its worth - along with the fact that most of these televised celebrations have concentrated their efforts on England, just to drive the idea of Britishness into the English even more.

Eassex cempa #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[Background: Woden's Folk is a racist cult based on an "ancient prophecy" that is actually a piece of dialogue from Robin of Sherwood, a 1980s TV series]

It's funny how the central core of wyrd of our folkish faith is understood by us and never understood by the oh-so moral lefty arses.
Wyrd had me doing a random chain of searches via google and the ensuing linked topics last night.

The linked topic took me to the WF page on theRational Wankie site for the critique of all and sundry that the left don't like.
One thing they got all moist about on Rationalwiki was the usage the Hooded Man prophecy from the 80s Robin Hood.
Well all fair in a world that does not have a Northern Germanic faith that, as mentioned above, has wyrd at its core.

The left may well see nothing wrong with the pope getting revelation from the White Christ and then transmitting it to the faithful, so why is Wulf of WF picked out for seeing a revelation in the works of a person, priest or not, who just happens to write for a program.
As it is said, Wyrd goes where it must and if it needed to find an outlet via the pen of another then so be it.

Let's be honest here, putting diluted animal shite on the field you grow food crops on sounds disgusting if you don't understand the mechanism involved in the crop, so if you don't understand the web of wyrd then how can you judge the harvest of revelation and the field from which it came forth.

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

[Thread suggesting that British politician Jo Cox was murdered in a false flag attack]

Don't you just love em, total and complete bollocks, if they weren't in Politics to 'Take/Get' they wouldn't last long, the Mafia of the Establishment would see to that, a man/woman who goes into Politics for honourable and Patriotic reasons, is bullied until they quit themselves, or are shoved into a position where they are of no danger to the Party or Political agenda..

Or they become the target of the Dirty Tricks department, if they prove any real threat, they are murdered, like Earl Mountbatten back in the 70's, the Media were told it was the IRA, but it was the Establishment, who bumped him off, of course I have no real proof of this, but I've learned to believe the opposite to what the Establishment mouth pieces the Media tell us..

Oh yes, we are seeing the Establishment becoming increasingly desperate and fearful, they are universally hated and despised by the Native population who have the mind for independent thought..

And they've brought it on themselves!!

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

[Members of this forum call non-white people 'orcs']

English women/girls who go with anyone who is not English, is lost to us and their country, they are as much apart of the treason infesting England as the British Political Establishment, and the liberal/socialist minions who push such treason..

I have no Orc friends or need any, and i detest the likes of Billy Brag and his inclusive dreams/agendas if these views makes me an ist/ism in the twisted sick minds of the politically fashionable then so be it, but then I like you, am a creation of the warped, sick, twisted agenda of the likes of Billy Brag and the rest of em, we are the monster that haunts their fluffy minds, we are the shadow walkers that they fear, and they made us, and they know, its us that will destroy them...........

And I long for Pay Back!!

Eassex cempa #fundie englisc-gateway.com

Steven, Your story above reminded me of a similar case that surfaced in a junior school a few hundred yards from me. All the staff at the school have been told that after the holidays a little boy will be returning as a little girl and must be treated as such.

In this country an adult is not seen as such until he/she/it is 16 or 18, that is the age that such a life changing thing should be entertained, if at all ! A child has no right to make such a choice when their world/life overview is not as complete as it would be with more years under the belt/

I can hear the SJWs saying 'but that would be many more years under the belt of misery', but regrets voiced are not unusual in the sex change community. I am reminded of the child antiques dealer that had made his first million by his teens. He was quite a strange person but was held up as a wonder by the media. Later the same lad had resurfaced as a woman, a woman that had had the full works with all the surgery required.

Again the media had a field day holding this pseudo-woman as a credit for gender realisation, the person was then subject to the void of non-stories thereafter. Perusing the TV news some years later I came upon a short news story whereby the news presenter said the child entrepreneur and sex-change role model had committed suicide, I believe that it was briefly mentioned that his/her/its choice of gender change may have had some bearing on his/her/its choice to commit suicide.

I've heard politicos say 1 knife crime murder is 1 to many, is not one sex change that prompts the later choice of suicide one sex change to many and therefore should it not be seen as a potential hazard in its surgical implementation ! To put it in shorter terms, if it's born with an undercarriage then it's an airplane !

3 SONS OF OLD ENGLAND #fundie englisc-gateway.com

[On the murder of politician Jo Cox]

OK my thoughts now I've given time for the family to grieve.She was a rank lefty so by dint of that she is my enemy.An mp who wasted no time in promoting multi cultural crap.,again my enemy.Putting it bluntly one of theirs has copped for it and they the left don't like it one bit! I won't shed any tears in fact it's nice to see them squirming and hopefully put the wind up them all.Im not apologising for my thoughts coz I'm well past caring what people think.

Ceawlin #fundie englisc-gateway.com

The trouble is "National Socialism" destroyed the German people, never again should aristocratic cabals be allowed to direct the actions of a country. Most of the German aristocratic elite were involved in the occult and were homosexual. That does not fill me with pride of country.

Teutoburg Weald #racist englisc-gateway.com

(talking about Anders Breivik)

But, this Nordic Hero, killed many son's and daughters of Islam and Orc's, casualties in an ever growing Race War that will sooner or later see the lid blow off in bloodshed never witnessed before, and on a scale never heard of...

Those of you who do not condone what he has done may not like my views, that is your right, but this is a reality check, what he did is apart of a growing Race War that will one day engulf the World in blood.........That can not be blamed on this man, but on those that brought all of this into being, and creating Race Hate, that they profess to despise, and pushing the white man into a choice that he would not ordinarily make unless he had no other course to take..

What he did, was an act of War, against a clear and present invasion protected by home grown quislings and other assorted scum traitors....So i can say that i can condone what he did, but not his targets..........If you really want to hurt the enemy, you go for the protectors of that enemy, the establishment that protects the invasion...........

Byrtnoth #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

Tesco oiks have been hand in hand with the establishment for decades. I agree. They had been planning all along in case the lost the referendum. The lost and the economy actually held and business has improved in many areas. And there are countries waiting to deal with the UK. But the UK establishment has been undermining its own economy in order to blame Brexit. I also notice these are ending the gold colour currency coins and leaving us with the coins that like the worthless fake money called euros. What a coincidence and wonder what is behind it? It was widely known that referendum was for the public to have the final say on EU membership. It was explained that we would leave completely if we voted to leave.

We voted to leave. We could have been out by now in all areas with no sell outs. But the lab/lb/icon suddenly asked to put in thousands of clauses to be included. When the EU rules and the EU did not then even ask for any. Now the MPs and lords think they have the right to sabotage and betray the will of the majority and our majority mandate to leave the EU entirely in all areas and permanently. They betrayal makes it clear they have declared themselves enemies of democracy and set themselves against the majority will of the people. Now the 17.4 million majority who won Betwixt must steel themselves again for the fight and vote UKIP at the next election.

Remember after the referendum UKIP had to deal with certain organised infiltrators, which it has done. And has also has to deal with since the Brexit referendum with what amounts to and establishment and media blackout. I will certainly vote for them. It is no good giving the vote to lab/lib/con traitors or even not voting because if we do no vote that is pointless gesture which the lab/lib/con would welcome.. UKIP are the true opposition to the Brexit betrayal and all that encompasses. It's new lead ere one of its founders.

Æmeric #racist englisc-gateway.com

The main issue with the Jews isn't the Zionist Israeli Jew, it's the International Marxist one who hypocritically promotes anti-national causes among the Goyim or non-Jews (by the way, look at how the Talmud tells them to deal with such goyim). Case in point is the promotion of FEMEN throughout the West by George Soros who is an American-based Hungarian Jew, that is until they started FEMEN Israel! The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were supposedly a "fake", but everything one reads in there is coming true.....

Yes, I am anti-Jewish, not for any blind or bigoted hate but out of anger that my folk are being exploited and lied to!

Teutoburg Weald #conspiracy englisc-gateway.com

The likes of Jew book and Twitter, are only influential with those who have no independent thought ability of their own, there are a lot on their, especially Jew Book, at the moment I'm going through my second ban, for my views, my account was deleted, anyone with an Independent thought of their own, are often deleted, those who blindly follow the Establishment line are left alone, after all, what threat are they..

As for the above, they've gone through years of Political though control, and thought implantation by Establishment trained teachers, and the Comfort blanket of the Established Nanny State.. They couldn't have an Independent thought, if they were told to have one, their personal Independent thoughts, come from their rears, as wind..

You'll also probably find that the above sheep come from the Football and Soap brigade who actually believe that the Media News out lets are telling them the truth, and Auntie BBC can't tell a Lie..

They are not the majority, and are not of any use to our survival!!

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