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Orgonite is a material, a formulation, first developed by Karl Welz for his Radionics devices. However, Welz’ forumlation differs from the material that Don Croft pioneered. Welz’ employs formulation consists of powdered metal and quartz in a resin substrate. The formulation developed by Don Croft, with the assistance of his daughter Nora (at the time a gifted energy sensitive) rather employs metal shavings/filings/bbs/etc., with an equal of an organic resin substrate (typically polyester or epoxy Resins) with the addition of a small chip of quartz crystal. The fundamental components are the equal parts of metal particles of a macroscopic size (not a powder) and the resin substrate; however, though not required for the basic effects of the material, adding a simple chip of quartz crystal improved the effects produced by the material for general purposes, and “gifting” in particular.
Regarding the effects of Orgonite, a great deal of experimental data (almost all of it annotated in the forum archives), by many EW members, and others, have substantiated that Orgonite positively affects the Electromagnetic, and Etheric, environment in the locality of such a “device”. Orgonite has been shown to mitigate the effects of “Electro Smog” (DOR — a term by Wilhelm Reicha term by Wilhelm Reich — Deadly Orgone Radiation) transforming these damaging emissions into POR (Positive Orgone Radiation — also a term coined by Reich) also known as: Life Force/Prana/Chi/Lung/Elan Vital/etc., to substantially improving the growth rate of crops within proximity of an Orgonite device (as substantiated, again, within this Forum’s texts).

Orgonite’s effects, to a significant extent, are almost certainly attributable to the substantiated phenomenon of these device’s emitting of a stream of Negative Ions which a great deal of research has show to improve health. However, most of us believe that there are additional, more subtle, phenomenon involved which the Academic Community (which is almost entirely mired in a Scientific Materialist, Reductionist, philosophy) has largely ignored in funded research. Wilhelm Reich, until he was marginalized, and then “eliminated” by US Government action, produced a wealth of primary research substantiating the existence of “Life Force” energies, and refuting a great deal of the Materialist/Reductionist Mythology of Modern Science.

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The clown image of Google is an effective meme to hide the NSA's actual nature so I'm going to re-share a story told to Carol and I, personally, by the late Stephen J Smith, author of 'NSA: Citadel of Evil,' which has a link on EW's homepage.

We met him in Portland, Oregon, about six years ago after he contacted me in email. He was about my age (I was born in 49) which is an element in the story since what he related took place in the mid 1950s during his childhood. When he was six or seven, he was working as a psychic for the NSA, stealing technical secrets from the Russian and other government agencies. He told us that the NSA uses countless children this way, then before they reach puberty they're murdered in a typically terrifying and gruesome way. Apparently, this is an economy issue since the energy released by the events feeds the NSA, sort of like the way money does. In his case, he remembers being in a crematorium with several other small children and NSA personnel were throwing living kids into the crematory, one by one as the others watched and screamed. He was tossed in feet first and the door was closed. Then he found himself standing outside the building with badly burned feet. He never recovered the full use of his feet and when me met him he had a lot of difficulty walking.

I want you to have this image of terror in your mind every time you hear or see 'NSA' or 'Google.' The Babylonians and all of their clone cultures throughout the middle east (including the Phoenicians) conducted large scale sacrifice of small children, not unlike the way the Spanish found the Aztecs doing though in the case of the Babylonians there was a lot more terror from the victims, who were thrown in the presence of their parents into a furnace. The present day order is evidently patterned on the Babylonian culture. Even though freemasonry/theosophy's lower rituals are an imitation of the Jewish temple rituals their human sacrifice rituals are Babylonian, hence the owl (Moloch) idol at Bohemian Grove and the large owl's head 'garden' behind the US Capitol Building.

Stephen contacted me to request a modest monthly stipend so that he could develop a free energy engine as a way to extract some payback from the NSA by marketing the plans for free. He evidently had the plans in his head but had no money. He probably knew that giving away the plans without having a working model to show was pointless. I wasn't able to afford it but he did find an investor and apparently built a prototype engine, then he was immediately murdered.

Even if I could have afforded it I doubt I'd have helped him because the only other free energy inventor I knew, Wilhelm Muller had been murdered and I'm not inclined to help someone get killed. The stranger part is that he was apparently killed in a way that we could probably have prevented. He had described to Carol and I a method that the NSA use to kill people that is a high tech version of how people are killed with the use of voodoo dolls. In this case, the 'doll' is a living but confined victim who is psychically linked to the target, then methodically killed. The target then dies that way, too.

Soon after he explained that, Dooney was apparently attacked that way and if we didn't have that information to share with the others in teh weekly chat she might have died. She nearly did. She's quite robust these days, by the way. Stephen was quite suspicious of others, understandably.

The other time Stephen was rescued from a murder attempt was when he was in his late teens. NSA employees, after having failed to murder him through the use of psychotropic drugs and associated aggression, threw him from the roof of the high building they were torturing him in. The only injury he suffered was (if memory serves) a broken leg and they pretty much left him alone after that, though he was never able to get employment, in spite of his genius and considerable skills.

He was a close friend of Phil Schneider's and was with him in Schneider's Portland apartment the day before he was strangled in 1997. He told us that the death towers are, among many other things, amplifiers for gov't psychic predators. Blending high tech with ancient dirty magic is a sewer rat agency forte, in case you didn't know.

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I like to post about our weird stuff from time to time because a lot of people enjoy reading about it and a few people who have such experiences like to have some confirmation that they're not losing their minds Cool

We moved back into our previous house at the airfield in Athol, Idaho, last month and it was very stressful because we had been living in a bigger house, 12 miles away, and had to account for all the stuff we'd bought in the previous three years to fill the rooms in that one. It took us over a month but now that it's done I dragged Carol up to Nelson, BC, so we could go to the nearby hot spring for some recuperation. After our session yesterday evening, while we were in the dressing rooms, Carol had one of her 'flash' visions and saw blood running down her legs to her bare feet. She wasn't going to put her socks on so to 'void' the vision she put socks on. When she was telling me about it she explained that when the sewer rats implant visions intended to terrify or neutralize someone they do it in increments, which is how any parasite operates. The 'flash' visions are clear warnings and guidance, in her experience. When she has flash visions about me I take them seriously and act on them. One time I decided not to fly my plane when that happened, for instance. A lot of us have this sort of guidance, especially when we're out in the field destroying the poisonous corporate world order's 'food supply' with our orgonite. It doesn't often happen as a distinct vision, of course, which is why we all need to pay strict attention to our hunches and act on them.

Her impression from the event was that on our way back to Nelson we could be in a car wreck and she would be hurt or killed. There were very few people at the hot spring because the 'cave' was closed for a couple of weeks and only the pool was available so it was easy to take note of people around us. People go to that one on account of the cave where the hottest water is (and in which Carol and other psychics met an anciently departed native healer) & we weren't aware that the cave would be closed. The mineral deposits build up pretty fast in the cave and it has to be excavated regularly. There's a lot of lithium in the water, which is just what we want for relaxing now so the less desirable pool is good enough.

When we got to the nearly empty parking lot a man was sitting in a big pickup truck with its engine running and when we left, he got right behind us, pretty close. At the first opportunity, Carol pulled off the road and made him pass. We saw him a few minutes later, parked off the other side of the road. Her impression was that this was the fellow who was probably instructed to force us off the road an an appropriate place. The road near the hotspring was kind of tortuous because the mountains are steep, there, and border Lake Kootenay and when someone comes out of the hot spring he/she is a little woozy from the lithium. During a previous visit someone had almost entirely detached my rear bumper while we were in the spring--pretty typical NSA/CIA prank. The Brits invented and control all of the American, Arab and Israeli sewer rat agencies so of course they have free rein in Canada. Today, we'll finish up at the spring before it gets dark Cool.

Very shortly after the fellow passed us Carol saw what looked like a big dog that had been hit by a car but when she got closer she realized it was an enormous black wolf, lying prone and relaxed on the far edge of the two-lane road with its head up. As we passed, he turned to watch her and the light reflected from his retinas. While it was happening, I was looking in the other direction, unfortunately, but she felt it was a good omen; a clear confirmation of her warning vision. She said that all wild animals are good omens.

I mentioned stoplights as an attention grabber and last week I got some more confirmation that she routinely does this. North of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where we live, there are a few stoplights along four-lane federal highway 95 and because the speed limit is 55 and 65 there is a yellow light about a quarter mile from each one that starts flashing in advance of the traffic light turning from green to yellow. This gives someone time to slow down and prepare to stop for the red light. She was driving at the time and the yellow light started flashing well before we reached it. I've timed those lights to recognize how close I need to be when it starts flashing before I can get through the intersection during a yellow light and this time we would definitely not have time for that. As we passed the yellow light I noticed that it had simply stopped flashing and when we passed under the traffic light it was still green. She just does that automatically but when she causes all the lights on that highway through the city to stay green on days with heavy traffic she can't seem to resist mentioning it to me.

She taught DB to do that on the day we were returning to his home from our horrific experience at Devil's Punchbowl in August, 2004 and DB quickly parlayed that skill into directly interfering with the electronics on the sewer rats' omnipresent helicopters, evidently causing one of them to crash. Our very reliable old friend, Ryan, witnessed it a few days later while he was DB's guest and told us about it. The crash wasn't even reported in the news, though it happened on a hillside in view of a pretty big city in LA County. That's how much the enemy crave secrecy Wink. I don't think he did that again. Carol never feels inclined to interfere with the enemy in any way that they interfere with us all. We can't defeat them unless we genuinely love them but we certainly do need to defeat them as soon as possible.

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I think a big stage in the development of our personal discernment is to recognize what the enemy are capable of, as opposed to what they claim to be capable of. Not long ago, when these sewer rats announced their murderous and destructive intentions we could be confident that they were going to carry them out. By 'announce,' of course, I mean in their characteristic way such as the inscribed Georgia Guide Stones. By the time those monuments were erected, though, in the 1980s they were already losing ground and were not achieving their stated goals. My favorite failed goal was their prediction (on those stones) that the population of the earth would be reduced to half a billion before the year 2000. The UN's depopulation programs never came to fruition because the targeted third world countries' governments simply refused to comply . If you want to read real horror literature, check out Lucifer [Theosophy] Trust's strident UN official literature about depopulation that was published in the 80s. We'd be hard pressed to find science fiction that could match that (failed) dark-future scenario.

CERN is still a favorite fear-porn subject for 'alternative' [read: disinformation] internet and magazine sources. There's probably so much orgonite there, by now, that I'd be surprised if they could still even kill a goat in a satanic ritual, there. The probably-obsolete HAARP array in Alaska, similarly, probably has so much orgonite on the site that you'd need to walk carefully not to trip over it. The enemy are still producing fear porn about HAARP in Alaska and by now there are probably ten thousand weather weapons that are more powerful than that one. It doesn't take a lot of people to disable all of the enemy's etheric weaponry, fortunately.

I don't know if Laurent's report of the first CERN orgonite campaign survived the last NSA destruction of this forum (July, 2010?) because our website didn't finally become secure until August, 2010 when Azti took responsibility for our continuity, here. As Laurent mentioned there were already several visits to CERN with orgonite that he knew about but right after he put orgonite on the ground all around that underground gigantic ring structure, on the eve of the announced debut of the mysterious tech there was a catastrophic failure of the device, if I'm not mistaken. Laurent and another Swiss fellow had earlier cleaned up Lake Geneva and they actually got brief credit for it in a major newspaper. The lake had become quite polluted and noxious. I mention 'old victories' from time to time so that our newer readers can know a little about some of the people who post field reports, here.

The next time CERN announced another 'experiment' Axel in Austria went there and put more earthpipes around the gigantic ring and that time the failure was even more catastrophic, including underground conflagration. Around that time, too, Axel also put orgonite all around a nazi drug cartel lab that had produced a new bioweapon to be injected into millions or billions of people and that 'predicted, promised deadly global pandemic' also failed to materialize . His report is still available here, I think. There were some brilliant field observations in it and he apparently got there just in time.

There are probably at least a dozen CERNs around the world by now but the media whores and fake alternative sources only focus on the one in Switzerland. We believe stargates have been around and in use on our planet since before the dawn of recorded history, otherwise. We used to focus on finding the underground weapons in the chatroom and most of them outside of China and Russia are probably well flipped by people on the ground. Even if the enemy were capable of bringing armies of murderous draconians through existing portals I don't think the draconians, et al, want to risk invading us, any more. Nor are the enemy apparently capable of causing much mayhem at all with their more expensive and frightful creations. 'If they could have, they would have' by now and even that would, some believe, depend on approval from Peking, which I doubt is forthcoming.

One of HAARP's stated purposes was to map underground features. The Japanese orgonite makers affiliated with Tetsuzi Moriwake evidently found that orgonite cloudbusters have influence deep underground as well as in the atmosphere and they put a couple hundred of them along Japan's major faultlines, along with a couple thousand earthpipes. They finished on the eve of the offshore quake that is blamed for the destruction of the Fukushima nuke plant. By the way, people who are addicted to fear porn can't easily be persuaded to take an objective approach. I've been unable to persuade enquirers in Japan over the years to simply get a radiation counter in order to determine, for themselves, that radiation sickness is a threat. I've never heard from or directly about anyone in Japan who has experienced radiation sickness, by the way. Jim Stone did a nice exposé, I think, about the demolition of that reactor: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html and it reminds me of the way the enemy overtly dynamited the levee (dike around the city, which is now below sea level) to flood New Orleans after 'Hurricane' Katrina failed to make landfall, there

A cute aspect of this global, unorganized effort is that when people lack complete confidence in orgonite's ability they tend to toss out a lot more than is needed and the more orgonite there is in the environment, the better. Typically, people who subscribe to Google/NSA's Chinese Opera of fakers and disinformants will not gain genuine confidence in orgonite's ability until they wean themelves from featured and promoted liars, chest pounders, 'saviors.' and the rest of the misrepresentatives that search engines send everyone to. Because of all that theatre, though, untold thousands of orgonite cloudbusters were built or bought by benighted people who believe that they're breathing chemtrails. Only people who are twelve to twenty thousand feet tall can still breathe it, of course, because it hasn't fallen to the ground since 2002. Whenever these people contact me I can assure them that the main, designed benefit of the device is to balance local weather, which it does very well so I can at least assure them that the money was well spent. Disabling the chemtrail agenda was a side benefit. I can usually assume that an enquirer has been influenced by disinformants when they call the orgonite cloudbuster 'chembuster.'

The savvy orgonite flinger will conserve ammunition and thus cover more territory. This is a basic principle of warfare and this is certainly a war, even when militant pacifists and confused people are flinging orgonite. The current challenge is to inform these people that orgonite is only as effective as the volume of the metal content but it seems like we're making progress. It's still a mystery to me how this forum can still set reasonable, rational standards in spite of our relative obscurity.

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A satanist male wormed his way into my sister's circle of friends and is psychically attacking one her friends who was ensnared by this "honey pot" agent. He is too blind to see the guy is a rich psycopath. I think he is in danger. Please blast the shit out of the agent!

The picture bellow was taken this Christmas, it came straight from facebook. The agent has a left REPTILIAN EYE.

I'm posting this so L******* thinks twice before killing our friend. He is well known in his town and has connections high up in mass media. Please CIA, consider yourself BUSTED. Pack your stuff and get lost!


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We got started in 2001 with a strong feeling and impression that it was important to close some portals to reptilian hives around the world and that's one reason we went to Namibia and also why some Europeans went to Malta in that year. Malta is the place in the world where there are the most stories of interactions between humans and reptilians and all of them involve unpleasantness underground.

Jean, who has a big mailing list and sends around some interesting stuff from time to time, sent this yesterday:

http://www.metatech.org/2012-2013/under ... geles.html

I like it because it was published in 1934, long before there was censorship and disinformation around the subject of reptilians. It also helped me appreciate why LA is the only place I've ever seen the reptile eyes in people [Image Can Not Be Found] and I now wonder if CERN is a major reptilian interface with the ancient Vatican/London hierarchy--I guess we'll know sooner or later.

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We know a medicine man (zapper distributor) of the Kootenai tribe in Montana who told us that he was once invited to attend a ritual by Sasquatch in the Mission Range of the Rockies, near his home. He said they had cornfields and were gathered around a big fire. These creatures evidently have the easy ability to step in and out of our perception. This isn't necessarily a mystical process because we've seen clear evidence that the sewer rats have a small electronic device that enables them to do this temporarily and the lizard folks in the corporate world order, who (we believe) have to drink human blood to keep their human appearance probably have something a little more refined and a lot older than that.

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This time, as I looked out the window facing north I noticed again a single long chemtrail spanning west-east and then the beginning of a second one coming from the east. I boosted again addressing the operators of the plane and those behind it, being very clear that I don't accept chemtrails in my reality.

Content with not seeing the plane coming back for a third run, I went about my other pre-occupations.

Somewhat later I looked out and saw two more chemtrails spanning the whole sky, but this time they were crossed in the shape of a flattened "X" as seen from my view. The two previous ones were already dissolving slowly and had moved away from the original place, so a certain amount of time had elapsed between the first two and the last two.

I don't think this was a coincidence. That it happened at the same place as before, right in front of my view and no other trails where seen in the sky, only these four trails appeared, and the last two where clearly separated from the first two, makes me wonder if it was some kind of staged "message".

What that means I don't know. Maybe alluding to some kind of "revenge" (in the sense that an X could mean something to be crossed over or taken out ). Or was it simply a confirmation or admittance of that the chemtrail agenda is failing?

Once at home I took care to boost some more.

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I am fairly sure most of the chemplanes I'm seeing at this point in southern Britain are holographic. Gradually they just started to look wrong to me... The trails too far out and back to match with the plane's form. The movement seemed too fast and smooth. Under magnification the planes look bland and featureless. I saw one, I think, at low altitude the other day. I was driving so couldn't look for too long, but the perspective of the plane - foreshortening - looked wrong in relation to the altitude and angle. (I am an artist so I have a fair eye for these things.) It was quite low, but no sound at all. They are not even all that convincing - I could do a better digital compositing job myself - are we supposed to notice?? Hmm...Passing by Heathrow recently, I saw real passenger planes making real noise - these give an entirely different perceptual impression.

However, the chemtrails are real enough. Vast zones of grey swirly chemcrud are also being drifted in from the west. The solar hours are very low now for three months. Even my cat is depressed! The good news is every 7-9 days there is massive sylph activity and the sky is cleared rapidly, usually lasting for a couple of days.

Anyway, it would be interesting to know what other folks think or are noticing re. the planes. (Sorry if this is not a new topic, but I couldn't find another similar one when I searched)


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The fifth column activity of the corporate order is probably best demonstrated in the way the crime rate climbed in America after the creation of the CIA in 1947. The serial killers and mass murders are a case in point since that almost never happened in America before the 1950s, except for the US Army's constant, systematic slaughter of Indian villages and settlements across the West in the 1800s. When an American reporter tried to hold Hitler accountable for persecuting the Jews (this was before the nazis started killing them) Hitler countered with the mention of the US Gov't's slaughter of the Indians and the reporter had to shut up. Of course the SS are a key component of the CIA/NSA's current mass murder agenda

The dope trade is another source of crime/terror and who doesn't yet recognize that the CIA has always managed this effort and profits from it? They don't need a penny of tax money to commit their crimes. Tax money is simply collected to slow inflation, after all; it doesn't pay for anything--never did, except that it financed and made possible the first world war, of course. Those armies on both sides in Europe couldn't budge until the American Pajama People finally agreed to empty their pockets to a mostly British-owned corporation in Washington, DC (The federal reserve, which is neither)..

I think the intention behind all of this induced criminality (always exaggerated by the media whores) is to convince the Pajama People that everyone is evil or potentially evil, so everyone is on his/her own in this life and can't trust others. Orgonite in a neighborhood seems to dissolve this programming, much like the orgonite that young Billie 'Orgonite' Kibiator distributes in previously-murderous Nyamira District in Kenya (he does this on his motorbike) has stopped the human sacrifice and canniblism, there.

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I know, beyond question, that there are a lot (perhaps dozens) of free energy devices that are fully developed and tested, ready for the market. The only question is, 'Who will be first,' because all of the inventors know that they're risking death to even try. The ones who are most generous about sharing the information are those who aren't being killed. From experience, I can say that sharing all of the information about a new and useful device doesn't guarantee that someone will steal the idea and capitalize on it. We didn't lose anything by giving away instructions for making basic orgonite devices and the basic zapper (the convenient version).

We see the free energy inventors come and go. In most cases I think the sewer rats simply do their best to make their lives a living hell after they've gone public about their work so of course most people will simply buckle under that kind of pressure. At least they're not all being murdered or imprisoned, any more.

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A. The Tsarnaev brothers were born in Chechnya and then moved to the USA. Chechnya, a republic of the Russian Federation, inhabited largely by Muslims. Chechens, even more than ethnic Russians, suffered unspeakable horrors during Stalin’s reign. Also, they had often been discriminated against by the Soviet government and ordinary Russians. The banking Syndicate feasts on this kind of justified discontent in the same way that leeches in the Kathmandu valley feast on human blood. As in Afghanistan and elsewhere, as part of Syndicate’s efforts to destabilize and fragment Russia—perhaps the only significant nuclear challenge to the bankers—and as part of its deliberate program to destabilize the entire world (including the USA), the Syndicate, via its CIA and MI6 death squads, orchestrated and supported a secessionist movement in Chechnya. As part of this support, the death squads actively created, encouraged, and facilitated acts of terror in Chechnya and in the non-Chechen parts of Russia.

Like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn before his first visit to the USA, and later, like his tragically-misinformed backing of the Vietnam war, naïve Chechen militants witlessly view the CIA and the USA as their benefactors; it defies common sense that they would perform acts of terror against America. Before receiving the official script, blackshirt in good standing Rudy Giuliani, for example, correctly observed that Chechen extremists only wished to terrorize Russia and harbored no animosity toward the U.S. Supporting this, in 2013, among foreign mercenaries tasked with bringing genocide, chaos, fanaticism, and religious strife to Syria, Gordon Duff notes the presence of “Chechen mercenaries working with the CIA and Al Qaeda.”

Similarly, “Wayne Madsen and other journalists have established that the ‘Chechen terror groups’ linked to the elder Tsarnaev brother, by way of his CIA controllers . . . were actually pro-USA terror groups run by the US government against the Russian government.”

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The author, who I think did a very good and thorough job, could have applied all of this analysis to the World Trade Center and Pentagon assaults but that's already been done, meticulously. Also unlike before, this credible author didn't get buried under an avalanche of fakery on the web. Somebody ought to send tis guy a zapper in case the feds poison him. Dr Joseph Farrell, who documents the present Nazi SS connection to the US Gov't, uses his zapper and is still on the job.