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Still have not seen my own daughter since the Covid scamdemic started, or her baby which is now closing in on a year old.
She fell under their spell, and since I refuse to be jabbed for ANYONE. She won't see me..

All these blabbering jackasses in their podcasts, sub stacks etc. that are supposed to be on our side spew their rhetoric on how things aren't really that bad.. I want to put my fist through their damn heads, and watch the life drain out of them.

That's where I'm at these days..

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The People are rising worldwide. NZ has had enough and people take to the streets every week. Today [14 Nov] in NZ is the day that unjabbed nurses, teachers, etc., can no longer come to work. Chaos is about to hit and further weaken NZ's neofascist Davos-educated elite.

Hold Fast.

Husband your interests with a terrible resolve.


We caught them all.

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The vaxx is to reduce population.
Sex reassignment is to reduce population.
After birth abortion is to reduce population.
Planned Parenthood is to reduce population.
Nearly every government program is designed to reduce population.
Get the picture?

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Its all tied together. The US Fed Govt is based on the Central Banking System which is upheld by the debt slavery that the corporate government structure enforces.

For example, the State of Kansas is a private, for-profit corporation _registered_ with Dunn & Bradstreet:

The following is the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® number for State of Kansas:
D-U-N-S number: 073132748

So, if a US State is a for-profit corporation, where do their profits go?