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I know I’ve also been guilty in the past of morally supporting violence against certain feminist people who have engaged in particularly horrific violence against others. But that’s really the point I want to make. The global narrative for free speech seems to be that free speech is OK as long as it doesn’t involve advocating violence. But what if the people who you are advocating violence against were the ones who started advocating violence first? And what if the police decide only to arrest one side? Indeed this seems to be largely the case, consider the following examples:

*A man advocating for a feminist woman to be raped is likely to be arrested by the police, we’ve all heard of it happening
*A woman advocating for men to be killed will not be arrested. Even the high profile case of Bahar Mustafa who, despite eventually being arrested after anti-feminist outrage at her comments, was released without charge.

Worse still, what if the other side – the feminist side who the police aren’t arresting – are guilty of not just advocating violence, but actual violence against innocent people? Whereas the side the police are arresting (men) are merely guilty of advocating violence against those who have engaged in real violence? Where is the fairness, where is the justice, in all of that? And when, worse still, it is the police themselves who actively participate in this real violence. Police happily arrest men on ‘fake rape’ charges that they know are false or are likely to be false. They place them in prisons for decades where they are raped and beaten before releasing them onto the ‘Sex Offender Registry’ where the police repeatedly harass them in their homes, place them on a public hit list and prevent them from continuing with their lives.

Get real. The system is sick. The feminist morals are sick and hypocritical. There’s no legitimate non-partisan argument to say it’s wrong to advocate violence against feminists who have engaged in real violence and who, by the way, are currently totally unaccountable except for our ability to say what we think should be done to them in the hope of emotionally persuading enough people to move our justice system towards a fairer more gender-neutral setup.

At the end of the day feminists have engaged in violence and you are morally entitled to state what you think should happen to them, including against any police officers who have also engaged in the brutality. That’s not called a “malicious communication” it’s called “justice”.

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Doesn’t matter to these people. Doesn’t matter if a kid says “no I love him, we have fun!” and the parents say “it is okay, we like him and trust him and we make sure everything is safe”

Doesnt matter one bit, they will arrest everyone involved, the pedophile, the parents, and anyone that didn’t try to stop it but knew. They will kidnap the child and force them to be brainwashed by a “therapist” whose job will then be to convince the child they were irreparably hurt. In some cases, if the child is old enough, jail them for not being brainwashed easily enough.

Sick world we live in, and not because of pedophiles like myself.

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So, STE. I guess the most interesting thing would be knowing who you are in terms of your ideology.
Are you some libtard trying to stir up some of our vague “coalitions” or are you a real libertine who supports Holcoausts’ blog? Or are you something third?

If you are just some leftie I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself. But I’ll assume you’re somebody who actually supports Holocaust21.

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I hate modern Western women. I believe them to be incapable of being good mothers and wives. This is no secret, most of my writings talk about that. To understand my post, you’d have to know the fundamental change that happened in the world around 2000-2004, which had to do with feminism entering my home country and making providers now unnecessary and to be replaced by seducers. Since I am not a seducer doing horrible shit like that would have indeed made me more attractive to girls that age, when I was 12 myself. Why didn’t I? Because I didn’t know how things were ! My parents, teachers etc were all raised in a society that was much less feminist. The shit a person like that Calvin2018 nutcase blames me for is just that – not getting around in a completely new environment on time. Also, Calvin’s posts, both on Reddit and their blog, are horrendous accusations veiled behind fake intellectualism, as they couldn’t even pretend it’s not about sex for a single day despite claiming they don’t believe it is (I mean it’s just in their title and everything they write, why I am so picky when saying that?) and plainly told me that me not being incel for a year means that I’ve been having sex for an year. That is Calvin, but you’re not mentioning them so I won’t go further into that.

Does that post say I’d do the same thing now? No, it doesn’t !

You call me a misogynist? Do you know what that would entail? It would entail hatred of ALL women. But how many of my posts attacked women in non-feminist societies? There are some sentences I made on female nature in general, but they’re more “buyer beware” than hateful content.

Is killing women wrong? Depends on how you view these women. I view modern Western women as irredeemably evil, and believe killing them makes a male more, not less attractive. Same with rape or other acts of violence against them. I’ve seen the rape thing with my own eyes. You call MRA’s misogynists? What is this, 2012? Honey, MRAs have been losing relevance for some years. And, no, they’re not all misogynists, this is something retarded that a feminist would write in 2012.

And finally, do people you mentioned have disagreements? Of course they do. I disagree with some of Nathan’s ideas and consider them absurd and barbaric (impregnating you daughter? C’mon). I disagree with Holocaust that the best societies were Netherlands or Sweden in the 70s. I mean, I think these were pleasant to live in but were something like that moment before Willie Coyote realizes that there is a nothing underneath him. They didn’t function on sustainable grounds and turned to shit they are now because the foundations were wrong even then.

But why should we agree on everything?

Now, if you wanna make a serious reply to this go ahead. But I doubt you will.

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Adult and similar-age relationships are only for irrational animals such as dogs, cats, mices, etc. Dating an adult or someone your own age is unnatural, if both have the same strength and power is an aberration, one must be a juvenile to whom you teach and that juvenile know his place. Besides the disgust of grown-up bodies, I’m seriously disgusted by them.

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People lived short brutish lives in our ancient history, 30,000 years ago, often dying around age 30. If girls didn’t get started reproducing just as soon as they hit puberty, they might not have lived long enough to see that their own children made it to puberty themselves; people had to reproduce early, the species literately depended on it. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that the age of puberty starts somewhere before half the age of 30. It also explains why there are so many people accused of being pedophiles, that’s the way nature has made some of us, to be attracted to youth as a reproductive strategy. But rather than discuss why there seems to be so many “pedophiles”, we chose to just throw them in jail. Truth is, it’s the way nature made them through evolution.

We are still running on 200,000 year old software, and no stupid, recently created, feel good, socially constructed laws are going to change that. There was no supportive social services in those ancient times, and young girls who lost their families either died or grew up quick. The ones that were attracted to older men survived, and eventually reproduced. That is why you have girls who like older men, and men who like young girls. It’s an adaptive strategy that worked in the past, simple as that. Men taking in young girls was natures answer to a social safety net.

It also explains why the model industry has such young models, they know men are attracted to youth, beauty and neoteny (look up the word). No one really thought much of it back in the day when Calvin Klein was using a 14 year old Brook Shields as a model. Only recently are people outraged so much over so little. I really think it is so the deep state can use it as a way to control our politicians. Makes you wonder.

Why persecute people for the way nature made them if they are not hurting anyone? No wonder the birth rate in western civilization is declining. Unfortunately, as always, religious prudes are standing in the way of sound reason but try to get your heads around the idea, it’s a sound theory. It very well might have made the difference between the human race surviving, and not to acknowledge this possibility is just being unreasonable. The economy has changed but our biology hasn’t. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to girls, and boys, around the age of puberty. It’s just recently that young people can’t find work, and people are stretching their child like behavior all the way into their 30’s.

Throwing people in jail for having an interest in young girls, and boys, around the age of puberty is just predatory policing for money, just like with drugs. Lawyers, politicians, law enforcement types, persecuting people for non-violent crimes that shouldn’t even be crimes in the first place, like drugs, which is really just to defend the racketeering of the medical/phama industry, and to prop up their socialist make-work jobs.

Being attracted to youth doesn’t make one a monster, it’s the way nature made us. What does make one a monster is destroying the lives of innocent men, and women, who did nothing more than follow their human nature. Not only does it destroy the lives of men when they are taken to prison but destroys the lives of the families, and pets, that depend on them. Think of all the poor animals that get hauled off to animal shelters,and get killed because their owners get put in prison for stupid, non-violent crimes, feeding the prison industry. If I was a cop, I would have trouble sleeping at night for thinking about all the lives I’ve destroyed.

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Morality is just an subjective concept, a social construct created by parochial minded religious people that are trying to make you submit to their antiquated group think. They often craft shaming language toward you, accusing you of having a “high hope for a low heaven.” Evil and morality are points of view. Picture a cat playing with a mouse. To the cat, he is just playing with his food. To the mouse, the cat is the equivalent of evil it’s self. This on the other hand, this is not evil; this is evolution adapting people to be attracted to youth as an adaptive strategy. It’s the way we have evolved and is why there are so many supposed “pedophiles” everyone is freaking out about.

This is the realist’s perspective who lives by natural law and understands evolution – Life is a question, asked of the Universe, “Is this right?”…and answered by death if it isn’t. We literally evolved, through evolution, to be attracted to youth and neoteny to survive! If the trait of being attracted to youth was not beneficial, it would not have been passed on!

So, every one, stop being uptight prudes, know that everyone is different, and just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it isn’t or wasn’t at some point a good thing. Older people taking in younger people, as companions, was natures answer to a social safety net; there was no welfare for them when their parents died at an early age. Can you imagine using the strategy that women do today, of waiting ’till age 30 to have kids, back when there was no medical system of any kind, with your teeth rotting out of your heads! You people are silly for not seeing the obvious truths of our own biological evolution.

Again, our biology hasn’t changed, only the laws, and peoples brainwashed, reactive monkey, herd-like perspectives. Think for yourselves people! We are throwing people in jail for stupid non-violent crimes longer then people who attempt, or succeed, in murder because some stupid politicians were grandstanding for tougher laws that we didn’t need. It doesn’t even begin to make sense unless you consider it is being used to manipulate politicians through deep-state intimidation. Seems to me some arm twisting like that would explain a lot about the crazy decisions our politicians have made. I would say the age of consent of 12, like in Mexico, is about right for a legal cut off. Nature gave us every thing we need to consent to sex and that is the drive to have sex. I was a horny little bastard at 12, and so was everyone of that age around me. If you deny this, you are not only being disingenuous with yourself but everyone around you as well. Perhaps your memory is faulty, and doesn’t go back that far?

Do other animals wait for a certain age to have sex after they become able to sexually reproduce? No. It’s just as stupid to put limits on it for us after one has reached puberty. People had jobs at those ages 100 years ago. My father would be 92 this year if he was still alive, and he told me that when he was 14 he earned a man’s wage reading water meters. The population was younger in the past, on average, than they are now. In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16. Child laborers often worked to help support their families. In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy. It was an integral part of the agricultural and handcraft economy. Children not only worked on the family farm but were often hired out to other farmers. Boys customarily began their apprenticeship in a trade between ages ten and fourteen. Years ago each child you had made you richer, you could tend another acre of crops. Now, each child you have makes you poorer or if you are too poor to support them, burdens on the system.

The economy has changed but our biology hasn’t. We are keeping young people in school, which is essentially just giving them busy work to keep them out of the real economy, and treating them like kids longer and longer because the economy can’t support work for them, as it has all been outsourced due to globalism. The system is all screwed up, and people are too concerned about being called names rather than speak out about the real problems in western society.

I see a globalist system, which has shipped all our jobs over seas, and implemented silly laws restricting sex WELL beyond the ages of puberty. It looks more like a means of genocide to me. Those people in the middle east aren’t exactly having a shrinking population like Europeans in the west are. Yes, the young people are still having sex because they have a high sex drive, as nature intended. Nothing is going to stop that but instead of society pushing them into safe, monogamous, long-term relationships, they are making it to dangerous for that. Yes, these elites know what they are doing to us, and have been doing for a long time now. I think it’s genocide.

Grandparents were a rare breed until 30,000 years ago… when life expectancy grewhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2016759/Life-expectancy-Grandparents-rare-breed-30-000-years-ago.html

90 percent of a womens eggs are gone by age 30http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/women-fertility-falls-lose-90-percent-eggs-30/story?id=9693015

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(Responding to a person who believe that minors on minors is fine, but not adult on minors.

holocaust21 says:

I deleted some of your other comments as I feel you’re just spamming what you’ve already said. However, this comment amuses me as your rules for when to have sex sound more complicated than the tax code! And in a way that’s what this blog is protesting about, we don’t want sex to be a regulated activity.

And no, sex with minors is perfectly fine. A 30 year old with a 12 year old is totally normal!


mandy jones says:

Sorry, sometime I repeat myself without realizing it.

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That’s a good point Alan. But you’ve got to remember that the police aren’t subject to their own laws, so whilst the Danish police are busily arresting children for viewing images of children being fucked the police themselves will be viewing those same images and fapping off to them. Not only that but when they arrest those kids for viewing images what do you think they will do with them? They will fuck them of course!

So the “hell” that the police experience will be a hell in which they won’t be – and won’t be able to be – police officers. They’ll instead be arrested when they view child porn and brutally tortured in prison. They’ll experience the same hell the rest of us do!

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Wow, the Japanese don’t seem to know much about Feminism or believe in it:

Japan was one of the most resistant countries to criminalising child pornography, unfortunately, they finally caved in a few years ago and mere possession of child porn is now illegal in Japan since 2014. I wonder if they actually make many arrests for it though?

Still, whilst Japan’s racism has kept it somewhat insulated from Western feminist poison, slowly Japan’s culture will turn into the feminist nightmare that we now experience in all Western countries.

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Ldev says: I THINK its worth bearing in mind the following in regard to the age of consent and the inbred paedophilia that has occurred throughout the British Establishment- in particular with the ‘Royals”-who are the biggest organised crime mafia on the planet.. Professor Richard Wortley and Professor Stephen Smallbone, both of whom state that prior to the 1900s girls married very young,
“In Medieval and early modern European societies, the age of marriage remained low, with documented cases of brides as young as seven years, although marriages were typically not consummated until the girl reached puberty (Bullough 2004). Shakespeare’s Juliet was just 13, and there is no hint in the play that this was considered to be exceptional. The situation was similar on the other side of the Atlantic; Bullough reports the case in 1689 of a nine-year-old bride in Virginia. At the start of the nineteenth century in England, it was legal to have sex with a 10 year-old girl.” [2]-AND King Richard II in 1396 when aged 29 year of age married 6 year old Isabella of france…KING Edward III, aged 13, married Philippa of Hainault when she was AGED 55…. CURRENTLY- usa- 1957 a 22 year old Jerry Lee Lewis legally married his 13 year old cousin…In the state of Virginia, it is officially still legal for girls as young as 12 or 13 to be brought to a courthouse with evidence of a pregnancy and wed, a practice that has come under increased scrutiny ..In Virginia itself, according to state health statistics, more than 4,500 minors were married between 2000 and 2013, including about 220 who were 15 or younger.the minimum legal age of marriage for girls worldwide reveals that the US is one of the lowest on record, with several places – including Massachusetts – allowing girls as young as 12 to be wed with the consent of a judge.

holocaust21 says: Thanks for the information. So this shows that it is COMPLETELY NORMAL throughout the ages for older men to have sexual relationships with very young girls. Thus the case for abolishing the age of consent is a strong one.

Ldev says: clearly thats your interpretation- the point i was making is that for centuries there have been child raspists making LAWS in the usa and uk and that continues today-satanists have always been at the head of this-the only connection to feminism is the Rockefeller Foundation who began sponsoring it in th e1960’s and introduced ”intersectionality”- intersectionality is the racist and sexist notion that only black women can be oppressed and that all white people have ‘white privilege’ and therefore a white woman is never oppressed as much as a black woman…complete divide and conquer rhetoric that does as it aims to do- divide people and move the emphasis away from who is reallly doing the expolitation and oppression= the banking plutocracy and zionists who are actually satanists and who rape children because their ninth circle satanist beliefs are that it replenishes them through taking blood and sexual power from the young who have the most to give them that-DO THE RESEARCH..http://www.vanderbilt.edu/ICI/director.php

holocaust21 says: What you call “child rape” is actually normal male sexuality. It can’t be rape if it’s not forced.

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A 2013 study using the original Kinsey sample has unearthed the reality which was alluded to in the Rind study. There is no difference in emotional reactions between minor-adult relationships and adult-adult relationships. They both enjoy the sex and have negative reactions at the same rate. Well, actually that’s not entirely true. The study found that for boys who had sex with adult women vs men who had sex with adult women the underage boys actually enjoyed being fucked more! Pretty cool, huh? So this is actually evidence that should ENCOURAGE underage sex as preferable to overage sex.

Not sure how this study previously passed me by, but thanks to the world’s most dangerous political dissident, Amos Yee, I just noticed it.

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What pedo-hysteria folks do not seem to understand is that it has a negative effect on girls as well. Girls in their true phase of peak attractiveness (12-16 years old) actively seek out older and powerful men who will dominate them, both sexually and otherwise. They genuinely enjoy being dominated, yet fanatics have criminalized these interactions.

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I agree, although I am for abolishing the age of consent entirely, not merely holding it where it is (which it itself elevated from where it used to be, in most jurisdictions). The idea that there is some magical number that transforms rape one day into consent the next is absurd. The whole concept is corrupt and must be tossed out.

Like rape laws, I don’t think age of consent laws originate with feminism, but rather with the idea that some humans (women and children) traditionally have been viewed as property. But as is so often the case, feminism has found these traditionally conservative limitations to be of use by simply inverting the reason to focus on supposed victims. Having consensual and harmless sex with someone under an arbitrary age therefore isn’t a defilement of someone’s property, but some vague offence against the person themselves, and their “innocence” or “honor”.

It is all part of the feminist worldview, which sees all things male, masculine, and therefore sexual, as part of a mysterious and evil patriarchy. In reality, sex is something that men are plainly evolved to want more than women, but when men get it, for that feeling of joy, community, love, intimacy, then women’s power is reduced. You see it in the sex scandals plaguing Hollywood. Men are required to seek sex partners and mates as far as possible away from their daily lives, totally unnatural to human nature (even for women, as schoolteachers show us). A man can’t even ask permission to simply watch him jerk off, without it being cause to lose his career.

Where this becomes most clear is when all parties to the sex are underage (just as if both were drunk). When a mix of sexes are involved, the boy’s life is ruined, and the girl becomes a triumphant victim, even if she was an enthusiastic participant. It becomes a game, where all the moves available to boys amount to cheating, to protect girls’ supposed honor.

There are common principles behind men’s rights, anti-feminism, youth sexuality, the sexuality of the disabled, senior sexuality, and the rights of sexual minorities including gay people and kind people. One of those principles is that sex isn’t bad or dishonorable. There is no virginity to protect, but rather there is intimacy and joy to be shared. It’s simple humanity, and every person, at every time, is entitled to it. Another principle is that facts actually do matter. And the facts show that there is no reason for any arbitrary limitation on sex, based on age. Rather, as common sense would lead us, we simply need to outlaw the behavior none of us would want as adults, which is to say: harm. People who had positive sexual experiences in their youth grow into healthy adults. Harm is what has lasting negative effects. Harm is something feminists don’t understand, which is why you’ll find them in vigorous support of the ritual cutting of baby boys, but it is generally MRAs and kind people who oppose this harm.

Not only that, but the importation of feminist ways of (un)thinking is corrosive and toxic to any philosophy of men’s rights. The idea that boys are somehow victims of the sex they sought out, enjoyed, and bragged about to their friends, is a complete betrayal of those boys, who are then run through a feminist system telling them that what they know about their own selves is false, and always leaving them with the guilt of having resulted in the destruction of someone’s career, or indeed their life itself. It’s the easy siren song of equality, the #metoo-ing of men’s rights, copying rather than comparing all things feminist. Liberty and facts must always come before equality. Being equally poor and equally caged helps nobody.

Last, the age of consent laws are a strong prohibition on speech, something the feminists love, because it frees them from the responsibility of having to prove anything. It’s extraordinarily difficult to provide direct counterexamples to claims of harm, when the evidence itself is criminal. Instead of the strong, instant emotional impact of seeing two people so in love, so enjoying each other completely harmlessly, we are left with dry scientific studies that nobody will bother to read.

Anyway, to conclude, it is the connection between sexuality and masculinity that makes both unacceptable to feminists. We must defend both, even when many MRAs imagine themselves somehow separate from kind people. It’s the same attack, with the same weapons.

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In an example of corruption so extreme that you just couldn’t make it up the Australian Police have been found to have distributed child pornography. The police Taskforce was lead by unconvicted paedophile Jon Rouse (don’t forget his name!). Supposedly under Australian Law the police have legal protections that allow them to commit acts of grave criminality. This shows what a hypocritical feminist police state Australia has become.

To make matters even more insane, the Norwegian Newspaper VG were, while the police were running the site, busily downloading and fapping off to child porn from it. The paper’s paedophile IT expert Einar Otto Stangvik, paedophile journalist Håkon Fostervold Høydal as well as paedophile editor-in-chief Gard Steiro are believed to have been involved in the child porn fapping orgy. It appears that the police will not be arresting them, even though they have clearly broken the law. Presumably this is because the journalists constitute part of the police state apparatus (I can only assume VG are a very pro-police, pro-feminist newspaper, though any Norwegian readers of mine might be able to confirm further). My assumption is further supported by the fact that The Guardian (one of the world’s most dangerous feminist rags and generally highly supportive of the police as long as they are beating up a white male) seems very happy that the VG paedophiles have been let off and highly supportive of the sickening hypocrisy of global police forces.

What we can draw from this operation of sickening hypocrisy is that there is no rule of law. The police are nothing less than a gang of thugs who must be overpowered by the public trying to organise against them (certainly paedophile Jon Rouse should be strung up). Do not obsess over whether something is “legal” or not as it really doesn’t matter.

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So, as I mentioned quite some time ago, this site name sucks a bit so I might consider changing it. Partly from the discussions in the aforementioned thread I’ve come up with a few options that I like:

Best Site Name
other (please specify in comments section)
holocaust21 is fine. Don't change it!

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A separate topic: WHY has WEINER only received 21 months?

This hypocrite BASTARD claims he was SICK! The ONE chance he had to redeem himself before history.

If he had come out and said “fifteen year old girls are beautiful, whatever ugly women say, and I LOVED sexting her” he would have been a great man!

Such a light sentence: Hilary must have lobbied for him. Sick!

holocaust21 #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

A feminist student who wished to become a police officer (presumably so she could wrongly jail hundreds or thousands of men on allegations of rape and child molestation) has thankfully been jailed before her career had even begun. She was found guilty of falsely accusing a taxi driver of rape and jailed for 16 months (unfortunately a light sentence considering the magnitude of her crime).

It’s unfortunate that her mindset clearly illustrates the kind of people who join our police force. No wonder the police are so rotten, though on this rare occasion it seems they did the correct thing. Hopefully it will serve as a deterrent to others.

TheMisandristOrderOfPuritanScum #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

Ridiculous! How mangina and pathetic is this sick culture! I am MORE angry with MEN than women. They are ALL scum for accepting this.

“This is the most horrific thing in the world to be accused of and I believe anyone guilty of something like this should be strung up.”

Oh, then just about every man in the past in this country (England/Britain/Uk for American readers ) prior to the past few decades. Even as recently as 1990ish men were buying girls that age drinks in the local pubs when they used to hang around the bars. I actually remember in the early 2000s being with my fourteen year old girlfriend ( I was sixteen, so a paedophile by post-savile ukay standards ) and seeing her friends loitering around the pub, waiting to have drinks bought for them.

And yet SCUM like STEPHEN FRY can go around making a documentary about the poor treatment of ‘gay’ people in darkie countries: WHAT ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENING THE UNITED STATES OR HERE?



holocaust21 #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

Why are sex offenders overwhelmingly male? Because sexual offence legislation is designed – by feminists – to target male sexuality. For instance, men are most attracted to younger girls. Age of consent, child pornography, sexual grooming laws and so forth are all intended to entrap men on this point

Alan Vaughn #conspiracy holocaust21.wordpress.com

Now, we ALL have a REAL reason to worry! Not only is free speech going to be illegal, but individual freedom and human rights! is now going to be taken from all of us! The biggest swindle in the world’s entire history – the Climate Change HOAX which is really a mask for the agenda of the New World Order to CONTROL you, me and EVERYONE!

mr p #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

I was thinking about this today,It’s a self fulfilling prophesy,that the more developed the nation
the more feminism raises it’s ugly head,I think i need a holiday,somewhere where feminism
is restricted by economic uncertainty,it’s true first they came for the paedophiles,now it’s normal
male sexuality 13-14 year old’s.Keep up the good work.A lads holiday with plenty of cider,Vodca
and magaluf girls lol.

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The sexting hysteria is absolutely insane. I think people don’t like it because it highlights youth and child sexuality. I remember in classes a big “problem” discussed was preteens sexting and going on webcams to broadcast their forbidden sexuality to the internet and thus the world. This has never been about pedophilia or protecting children. It has been about nasty old jaded “feminists” controlling sexuality to give themselves more power. Young teen who has a love for life, vibrant lust and excited sexuality having sex for fun versus a 3o-something bitter, childless, witch who has sex for manipulative reasons? Most men will choose the young teen, most women would choose the young teen, genders reversed.

thedude #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

So Anonymous are a bunch of paedohysterics who hate normal men and normal male sexuality too are they? Well that explains a lot… such as their deafening silence over the insane man-hating witch-hunt in western society. In other words, they’re a bunch of fucking hot air and are part of the problem, not the solution.

Alan Vaughn #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

The only commentary from another loser that appears on this site is the one above, left by a female person calling herself Suzanne Smith, as it appears she’s either too young, but more likely: wouldn’t have sufficient IQ to understand any of the topics discussed here.
BTW: the blogmaster of this site adores women, but feminists, of course regard him as a misogynist, because he prefers them young and attractive, unlike Ms Suzanne Smith.

Moronic feminist troll, go back to Facebook where you belong…

Alan Vaughn #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

The problem we and our whole society faces now, obviously, is how do we convince the rest of the brainwashed sheeple to see things the way we do and always have perceived this ugly state of affairs, ever since the rampant, feminist led campaigning of institutionalised hatred of men and subsequent persecution of normal heterosexuality (paedohysteria) began?

holocaust21 #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

Are you trolling or retarded?

Your line of reasoning is so idiotic there’s really no arguing with it. Could it be that you are jealous that all those 16 year old girls are more attractive than you? And you want to ban sex with 16 year old girls so as to increase your own sexual market value? I think so.

caamib #sexist holocaust21.wordpress.com

Just looked at that thread. These lunatics are off their fucking rocker. Page 2 is basically them claiming I commented in their moronic thread (which I didn’t) and just commenting on that, despite the fact that I never ever wanted to comment there or did so. One of the craziest posters, a known lunatic and an admitted virgin who gives men dangerous advice and takes some “consent” nonsense as valid shows his inability to comprehend basic text one again, confusing you with me.

What’s so hilarious about these freaks is that for all their talk on “respect” of women or “anti-pedophilia” their ideology extends only to whites. They’d let their 3 day old newborn be raped by Muslims and niggers because Muslims and niggers lack privilege.

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I came across an article in The Oxford Student recently which suggests that the way society treats paedophiles (whatever they are) is ugly. Unfortunately, the student writing the article seemed to believe that downloading child porn (a private thought crime) or having underage sex are ‘horrific’ crimes. He failed to acknowledge that they are not generally harmful and instead seemed to believe that ‘paedophiles’ could be ‘virtuous’, an intriguing puritan concept.


I commented on the article yesterday but alas, my response has not appeared. I can only assume that the feminist student union censors have stopped it. If so, this is proof that Oxford University is a shithole full of uneducated morons who prefer dogma, bigotry and censorship over reason, science and debate.

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Wow I didn’t know Snow White was 7! That’s some fantastic information to bash the feminazis with, especially as she was kissed by a prince (oh sorry “sexually assaulted”). This page gives a more detailed analysis as to what age she was: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=98492

Bastards at Walt Disney made her look a lot older. What a lying radical feminist “entertainment” company. To be honest I’ve never liked Disney as they always created these very PC “child friendly” animations. But now I really hate them. In contrast Japanese animations are WAY better as they aren’t PC at all. There is literally nothing too taboo for Japanese anime, including paedophilia.

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IMO, seeing that adult trash what they do with our youth, I think anyone who dating an adult rather than a young deserves only jail and beaten to death!
if someone prefers to engage with a bitter and sadist legal adult and not with a hot funny nubile young that guy is just a human waste!! adultophilia is a sexual aberration, a clinical disorder, is only for irrational animals, hebephilia is the natural sexuality to all sane humans, fuck off with tolerance!!

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I.e. the topic of this post: Adam Johnson. His 15 year old ‘child victim’ who is even referred to by many MSM reports as a ‘survivor’ (how fucking sickening that abuse of English is), in fact initiated contact with the him – the man accused (by the feminist totalitarian state’s Paedofinder General), of ‘grooming’ her, suddenly decided she was a ‘victim’, only after finding out how much she would be awarded (well, her parents would be awarded actually), in ‘victim’s’ compensation.

What an abomination of justice it all is and all at the expense of totally harmless and innocent men, but worse is that nobody seems to care, or even wants to talk about it.

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There is this myth perpetuated that child sexual abuse is terrible and the worst kind of abuse. In fact, the research doesn’t even show this. When it is actual abuse (force, coercion, deceit is used) the child is more often than not going to bounce back and recover. This of course ignores that most instances of “child sexual abuse” are consensual and cause no intrinsic harm. Perpetuating the Trauma Myth is the most damaging thing done to children in modern western nations.

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Those FSTDT freaks are some of the lowest life forms on the planet. They’re not even freaks as this would imply that they’re human beings. Notice how neither one of these monsters even considers that the allegations might have been untrue and just consider it a given that he did it end of story. And then their simpleton way of viewing things that could hurt you only shared with chimps. Knife stabbing – bad. Sexual harassment allegations? Not so bad. What morons ! I’d much rather prefer to be stabbed in some situations than get such accusations, as would most men. But no, to them it’s just a given that stabbing, no matter the circumstances, if worse, and if you’re accused of sexual harassment it’s a given you’re guilty. What vile, ugly, disgusting bunch of shiteating maggots they are.

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They see things the way I do: where any relationship between two people, irrespective of their age, sex ,or status is a PRIVATE matter between those people and there is no need for anyone else, let alone the totalitarian feminist state and the police to interfere with their private lives, especially when such consensual and loving relationships are harming NOBODY.

There is however, one exception:
The only people who are ‘harmed’ in such liaisons are those sexually JEALOUS and embittered, older feminists and that’s really what all the noise and hysteria is all about. ‘Protecting children’ is in fact the furtherest thing from their minds! They know all too well that nobody is ever harmed (never mind ‘children’) in any consensual sexual activity and certainly nobody ever becomes a ‘victim’ from such activities, as the young blonde woman so angrily made clear in the first of the 3 videos.

Feminists simply generate this hysteria about ‘paedophiles’ motivated by their bitter sexual jealousy, in order to prevent their younger rivals enjoying sexual relationships with older men.
They really think that if they can prevent men from being allowed to interact (sexually) with younger females, through constantly lobbying governments for ever increasing tougher laws and draconian penalties for such liaisons: they will eventually get the sex they are so desperately missing and long for.

They aim to make all young attractive, nubile and fertile young women completely off limits to all men by branding all NORMAL male sexuality as ‘paedophilia’. Thus all such normal men are soon to be defined (if not already) as sub-human ‘paedophiles’ and they have already made much progress through their destructive yet very successful campaigning and propaganda, at convincing our society to believe and FEAR what they have now made into the dominant narrative. The dominant narrative that has all but totally destroyed our once functional and fearless society and which has already ruined and even destroyed, the lives of many thousands to millions of good and decent people. It MUST be stopped before it is too late.

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I’m not getting any younger,but I’v still got a few years left in terms of alfa status,I still get 12,13,yo and older giving me the eye,so to speak,of course I’m restricted from acting out my desires,but behind the facade and feminist dogma,allot of
these teenage girl’s are nice people,they’v not all been indoctrinated into believing all men are evil
with malign intent etc,many sex negative people are deluded in respect that they would refer to pedo attraction as sick,and the love and desire they have for their own children is projected onto
the paedophile,they hate the pedo because he is a symbol of their disemboweled desire


Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender

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A doctor, who had been sacked following ‘sexual harassment’ allegations recently opened fire in the Bronx-Lebanon hospital that he was previously employed at. He killed one female doctor, left 5 others in critical condition and 1 more with a shot to the leg. He also tragically killed himself after the incident (I think he would have been more effective keeping himself alive and railing against sexual harassment laws in court).

Feminists and their sympathisers out there can say all they like about “blah blah, this is reprehensible etc” but the fact is his life was destroyed by the feminist state and so he sought revenge in the only way realistically possible. The deaths and injuries resulting from this are entirely the fault of the feminists, if they hadn’t put him in a position where his only card was to shoot people then he wouldn’t have shot them!

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The Real Reason Grenfell Tower Burnt Down

…because too much money is being spent on the police taking away our freedoms and beating us up as opposed to spending the money on actually constructing buildings properly, or enacting the appropriate regulations.

I mean just look at this, around 100 people have died in the Grenfell Tower fire and all the police can do is arrest a man for posting a photo of one of the dead victims:


And he’s already got 3 months in prison (how on earth can a trial be that quick? Normally people end up on bail for years). I do honestly think that Britain is not a “free country” at all. As I keep saying Britain is really just a politically correct police state. If the BBC were showing a bunch of dead corpses in Africa who had been freshly butchered by some tribe no one would have any problem with it, but as this guy posted a photo of a victim of some freak accident in the UK all of a sudden the image is apparently “unPC” and therefore considered a “malicious communication”.

The Judge Tanweer Ikram has made himself look like a right politically correct twat as has the new, radically feminist, metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick who must ultimately bear responsibility for this arrest and taking away our free expression.

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You mean the ‘date rape’ that the women decided happened the next morning, when they awaken and sober up and realize the guy isn’t a millionaire nor a dead-ringer for Brad Pitt? Oh yes that date rape…
Why do men need to apologize for something that never happened and therefore something they never even did?

Oh of course, I forgot: EVERYTHING a woman says about any man is to be believed. In fact it is illegal to doubt the word of any woman, because it has been scientifically proven (by the word of embittered man-hating feminist researchers), that women are incapable of lying…
Oh yes and also because it is impossible for a man to prove his innocence – again, thanks to feminist law: an accusation alone is all that’s required to secure a conviction against any man accused by a woman of any sexual offence, or misconduct. No proof or evidence is required from a female accuser, her word alone is mandated to be BELIEVED.

Yes Matthew, you’re right: I apologize for doubting that ‘date rape’ and ‘impolite men’ really do exist. Now go back to Jezebel or even AVfM where you belong you feminist crawling pathetic excuse for a man…
So is putting a man in prison for 5 years of daily anal rape and beatings ‘impolite’.
What a despicable little worm you are, assuming you really are a man and not a female troll…