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It's just insane. They're biological men so why exactly do they insist on being a part of feminism. We have a hard enough time passing bills on our own. Wouldn't it make more sense to convince their bros to be more accepting of them?

I know this thread is all fun and games. But I think it's so fucking creepy. Think about it

They copy our every move. They silently read our narrative to understand what periods are like, what labor is like. Yes, anything you've ever posted about your period. About your experience during labor. A trans person has read that and has used that to qualify their experience. They WILL hijack your story to sound more educated on woman's rights.

The thing that bothers me is that these Mtf never advocate for women's rights. Even someone like Blair white who benefits from intersectional feminism will never acknowledge actual women's rights. Lmao. I hate trannies


Breast implants. Neovaginas. Facial feminization surgery. Vocal feminization surgery. They're OBSESSED


I’m seriously struggling to not hate transpeople. I don’t like hating entire groups of people, but every time I have a conversation with/about them I get more offended by their views and more convinced they’re all insane.


Damn anon I feel you. One of my friends is trans and post-op and now I'm supposed to see him as a woman, the funny thing is that I dream pretty often and all my dreams are with him as a man. My unconscious knows kek

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Because people with self-esteem generally marry someone of their own race and want to have children that resemble them in some way. Not to mention a wife or husband they can relate to, in-laws that are less likely to be racially hostile, less chance of culture clash, less chance of kids being pitted against their parents on racial grounds.

Especially if you're white. I mean there is literally no upgrade if you're a white man or woman. Why do you think so many Asian men and women spend their lives thirsting for a white partner/spouse to begin with? They're clearly not that satisfied with the way Asian people look, so why would any white person want to muddy the same genes that these Asian dudes worship?