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{from 2017}

Israeli society became incensed this week with the video of 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi and her 20-year-old cousin Nour, who slapped the Israeli soldiers occupying their family yard in Nabi Saleh.

The discussion amongst Israelis became all about the humiliation suffered by heavily armed soldiers, from a fearless 16-year old girl and her bare hands. Culture Minister Miri Regev said: “When I watched that, I felt humiliated, I felt crushed”. She called the incident “damaging to the honor of the military and the state of Israel.” She was echoing her own words from 2015, when Ahed also appeared in a viral video, wrestling a masked Israeli soldier, who was holding her little brother in a headlock and pressing him down on a rock, his broken arm in cast. Then Regev was “shocked to see the video this morning of Palestinians hitting an IDF soldier,” adding that, “It cannot be that our soldiers will be sent on missions with their hands tied behind their backs. It’s simply a disgrace!….We must immediately order that a soldier under attack be able to return fire. Period.”

There was a range of suggestions of what should happen with Ahed and the other girls. Education Minister Naftali Bennett suggested that they “spend the rest of their days in prison”.

But a prominent journalist had a somewhat more cunning suggestion:

“In the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”,

Ben Caspit wrote in his article (Hebrew) on Tuesday.

What might this price exactly be, considering that he is referring specifically to teenage girls? We are left to wonder. Perhaps he wishes to leave it to the imagination of the soldiers who would invade the home at night, ensuring that no cameras are filming.

We are again left to wonder what it is exactly that the creep would do, especially if he thought there were no cameras around. Caspit’s suggestion resembles that of Defense Minister Lieberman, who also said on Tuesday that “whoever goes wild during the day, will be arrested at night”, adding that “everyone involved, not only the girl but also her parents and those around them will not escape from what they deserve”.

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The reality is that Zionist Jews effectively control the Democratic Party and are almost as strong in the Republican Party. Let me quote myself from December 2016 when I discussed this and quoted and linked to Jim Kavanagh regarding Jewish Zionist control over even local California Democratic Party politics.

“Organized Jewish campaign contributions account for over 50% of the Democratic Party funding. If fat-cat Jewish Zionists withdrew their financial support, the Democratic Party would soon become a powerless Third Party. Support for Israel has become so ingrained in the Democratic Party as to be virtually automatic. I repeat a previous quote and link about how Tom Hayden had to curry Jewish approval to even run as a Democrat for the California State Government.”

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Adelson kept saying he was going to give the Trump campaign money…as if he were dangling it in front on Trump….but never did as far as I can tell.

Trump basically ran without Zionists money and Zionist money did everything it could to stop him.

He owed them nothing. Which makes it all so much more troubling to watch as they continue to pull the strings on his presidency.

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It isn’t deep. The Zionists get about 100 pieces of legislation through Congress every year. They rule by fear. When it falls apart people will see how deep it is. Zionism is like Rupert Murdoch. Hugely influential but no popular base. Where are the Zionist cultural centers in Dakota and Arkansas?

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Can one have opposite views on the “should this voice be included” debate and still be morally consistent? Here is my take. On the Hillel excluding Jewish non-Zionist voices, they are wrong because Hillel is supposed to represent ALL Jews on campus. An ideological litmus test on Zionism is therefore illegitimate because many Jews say it is, not because Zionism is inherently wrong or right. If Jewish ideas are banned at Hillel, it can not claim to be universally Jewish. On the other hand Black Lives Matter, Feminism, Palestinian call for BDS as examples are not trying to represent all people.

They are representing marginalized people knowing full well that most power and in many cases majority opinion are not on their side. Social Justice movements by definition are working to change and challenge power and by definition those who are oppressed don’t need to make room for those who already have all the cards and power. Excluding for example Zionists and White Nationalists from social justice movements makes sense as their presence serves little purpose but to distract and destroy the very fabric of the change that is sought.

So all in all yeah, I won’t loose any sleep over advocating both the inclusion of non-ZIonists in Hillel while making the case that a litmus test that excludes white supremacist views and Zionism is quite appropriate for Black Lives Matter and all anti-opression networks.

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Indeed, the “new anti-Semitism” makes use of two criteria simultaneously. There is the criteria for attaching the label which boils down to most things which inhibit Jewish Zionist power seeking. Then there is the criteria which attaches to the label, namely, hatred of Jews.

The attaching of the label fulfills two functions. First, it is used as an ad hominem attack to discredit a person’s views without actually discussing them. Second, it is a signal to Zionist (and other?) Jews, and perhaps other Zionists, that this person is to be treated as an enemy.

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It is primarily because of Zionist Jews. If it was possible to divide Jews into groups of Zionist versus non-Zionist and to compile demographic statistics, I think that you would find that the majority of the Jewish elite were Zionists. And that Zionism and Israel was the basis for the kinship solidarity which gave an added boost to their careers and fortunes.

And since it is the elites which determine the cultural support, this cultural support for Israel and Zionism has powerful support within the system. Support which is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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From the very beginning of his presidency Truman was pushed into the Zionist camp by David Niles who had retained his position as chief advisor to the Roosevelt White House on Zionist concerns.

Niles (and later, special presidential counsel and ardent gentile Zionist, Clark Clifford) worked in tandem with Eliahu Epstein, head of the Zionist Organization’s Washington office to keep the president on course by constantly emphasizing the importance of the Jewish vote and reminding him that he could only be assured of it by supporting Zionism. (Epstein later adopted the Hebrew name Elath and became Israel’s first ambassador to the United States).

According to James Forrestal, Truman’s future secretary of defense, Niles and Clifford were “the principal architects of Truman’s pro-Zionist policy that was based on ‘squalid political purposes [even though] United States policy should be based on United States national interests and not on domestic political considerations.'” (“Diary Entry for October 21, 1948, by the Secretary of Defense Forrestal),” FRUS 1948, p. 1501; cited by Neff Fallen Pillars, p. 29)

Niles managed to minimize the influence of the State Department on formulating the U.S. position in the debate over the Partition Plan: “…David Niles was able to have Truman appoint a pro-Zionist, General John Hilldring, to the United Nations’ American delegation to offset the views of the appointees from the State Department. Through Hilldring, Niles established a direct liaison between the United Nations and Truman; indeed, U.S. positions were occasionally relayed directly from the White House without the State Department’s having been consulted.

Thus, for example, after a private conversation with Chaim Weizmann, Truman phoned the U.N. delegation and told them to reverse American backing for the Arab claim that the Negev (southern Palestine) should be part of an Arab state; the United States would support its inclusion in the Jewish state as recommended in UNSCOP’s majority proposal.” (Charles D. Smith, Palestine and the Arab/Israeli Conflict, p. 139)

In 1962, Niles declared: “there are serious doubts in my mind that Israel would have come into being if Roosevelt had lived.” (Seymour Martin Lipset and Earl Raab, Jews and the New American Scene, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, 1995 p. 121)

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Ross talks about dual loyalty not being something that should be raised. He completely ignores the evidence of actual traitorous activities by Zionists.

David Niles, the post war White House advisor, attacked State Department personnel and had them removed for pointing out the truth that Israel would be detrimental to US interests. Edwin Wright’s testimony is revealing.

WE have multiple people involved in illegally supplying weapons to Zionists after WW2. Then we have Zalman Shapiro at NUMEC, stealing weapons grade uranium for a foreign state and being protected by Zionists in the DoJ.

Milchan and the krytron nuclear triggers. History is full of examples of Zionist traitors who were protected by fellow Zionists in the investigative and judicial branches of government.

Ross is just another hypocrite and a traitor to the US. He and the JINSA crowd advocate for Israel and have steered the USA to an expensive and disastrous Middle East policy.

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Simple. Alan Dershowitz is probably compromised.

The Zionist Federation have had over a century to practice the art of of grooming their people, money, favor. Encouraging debt and indebtedness and getting the dirt on those they might need at some time in the future. Carefully making sure their influence and people are moving in the right circles to suit their cause.

Circles where there’s plenty of opportunity for Marcs and Jareds to meet Chelseas and Ivancas and for the Dershowitz’s to advance their careers as long as they toe the Zionist line. One step out of place and they’re dead in the water, discarded, ruined or, as with Rabin and I dare say even Sharon, murdered

By comparison to the Zionist Federation, we’re all newbies, way behind the eight ball. All state governments change. Their policies change. Their priorities change. Their alliances change. US Presidents have an eight year tenure max. A mere blip. Dershowitz is just another useful idiot

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The folks who fund or manage the “Lobby” are aware that Dick and Jane , could care less about Zionist Supremacy ,(most don,t even know what a zionist is) and are unlikely to make the intellectual investment to educate themselves on the subject.Too busy trying to make ends meet.

This and the tens of millions of dollars in funding ,is what makes the Lobby so impervious to outside scrutiny and allows hypocrites like Freedman to publish what can only be described as rank hypocracy.

Throw in the almost total control of the MSM and bingo , you can get away with War Crimes and Ethnic cleansing , not to mention all the other crimes committed by the rogue entity , on a daily basis.

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The Jews living in their homes in the UK are not illegal squatters like those living on stolen Palestinian lands in OCCUPIED PALESTINE. They need to be “repatriated” to whence they came.That is a normal response to people who steal from others.Nothing to do with them being Jews.

Jeremy Corbyn will take the reigns of Power in the UK and Freedland and all the other Israel first traitors and zionist trouble makers will be put in their place and none too soon. The world will be a far better place when the scourge of Zionism is neutralised and it,s adherents have been sent to the back of the class .You should look impressive sporting a dunces cap.

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The Ankara Documents found in the German Embassy in Turkey show Sterngang the Jewish Terrorist group in Palestine during WW2 attempting to get Nazi support for a Jewish State in Palestine. They also wanted to hand pick the intelligencia from the captive Hungarian Jews and gain their freedom to come to the Jewish State in preparation.

The other Hungarian Jews were left to perish. Livingstone is simply stating a truth and we all know how Zionists fear the actual truth. If a thousand labour members are asking for his expulsion then Labour needs to realise that a thousand members have been turned to support Israel and not the UK. It is a graver concern for Labour than Livingstone telling the truth.

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Zionism does bizarre things to people: politically, Ken Livingstone occupies a point of the political compass that’s, if not 180° then certainly 160°, away from mine; I find him, too, rather unlikeable. Personal feelings, however, don’t diminish my disappointment at his treatment by the MSM or by the Witchfinders-General among the Zio-apologists within his own party. I have gained respect for both Livingstone’s and George Galloway’s willingness to articulate the “unsayable” on Zionism/I-P.

No, Ossinev, the main “culprit” is not Jeremy Corbyn. His craven attitude to Livingstone’s “Hitler-gate” and the whole “Labour is riddled with anti-Semitism” case of induced hysteria didn’t deck Corbyn with glory; neither, however, did it cause the issue, which arises from the machinations of the Israel lobby (for it exists in Britain, too) and the collusion with the lobby of the MSM. “Hitler-gate” parallels the convenient and now almost universally believed myth/lie about the Iranians’ desire to obliterate Israel: when Ahmadinejad (who was quoting Ayatollah Khomeni) said, “This occupation over Al Quds (Jerusalem) must vanish from the page of time,” became, “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” That good, old Göbbels principle, again….

Earlier, when the AJ docu-series about the phantom of rampant anti-Semitism in the Labour Party (and, en passant, the desire of the Israelis to unseat a senior Conservative minister) was aired, I was disgusted by the treatment the Zio-lobby meted out to Jackie Walker (a pro-Palestinian Labour M. P.); and at the spectacle of Labour’s lobby whipping itself into an onanistic frenzy of outrage at perceived (how genuine was that perception?) – and, subsequently, grossly distorted – anti-Semitic “tropes”, as the dreadful Joan Ryan (a Labour M. P. and distorter-in-chief) labelled them.

Ossinev #conspiracy mondoweiss.net

Excellent piece Jonathan. As you neatly put it the UK Labour Party in the eyes of those running the Zionist PR machine does not have an “Anti -Semitic problem” it has an Anti-Zionist” problem.

IMHO the main culprit in all of this has been Jeremy Corbyn a supposed supporter of the Palestinians and therefore by definition an”Anti – Zionist”. Instead of standing up and speaking out strongly for a fellow supporter of the Palestinians and calling out the campaign against him for what it is he has effectively folded on the issue and shown himself to be a cowardly wimp.

Ken Livingstone is an ideal target for these Zio jackals. He is a fairly mild mannered individual. and in TV interviews on the subject whilst sticking bravely to his guns he has not attacked back. Had it been George Galloway he would have savaged the Zionist PR brigade and all of those mealy mouthed Labour MP`s who have been scavenging on this smelly meal.

Rashers2 #conspiracy mondoweiss.net

The whine from Labour Friends of Israel and JLM of, “Anti-Semitic; it’s a ‘trope’, etc.” against anyone seeking reasoned answers to how it is that a large swathe of the Labour Party can apparently support the illegal occupation and blockade is familiar and was well-documented in the AJ series mentioned in Jonathan’s article.

Those who watched the AJ documentaries carefully would have caught a near-hysterical Joan Ryan, M. P., adding her own piece of proprietary embroidery to the narrative she was retailing in a largely successful attempt to whip up indignation among anyone who would listen. The power of the pro-Israel lobby in the U. K. political establishment on both sides of the Houses of Parliament needs to be brought into open view before it can be effectively attacked and neutralised.

Similar, illegitimate power and influence on public or party policy wielded by Freemasonry or any other interest group (particularly one actively sub-vented by the government of a foreign power), if exposed, would be rightly excoriated. The pro-Israel lobby has protected itself from scrutiny and resulting opprobrium by exploiting the fear of false accusations of anti-Semitism. It’s difficult to foresee how this noose of fear can be loosened.

The article refers to Jackie Walker, M.P. Ms. Walker embodies white, European Zionists’ nightmare, of course: she’s animate proof and a much-needed reminder that being a Jew has damn all to do with someone’s race but is determined by their religious heritage or belief; and that being Jewish doesn’t make someone a congenital Zionist! No candidate elected to public office, btw, should represent the interests of British Jews (all +/- 300,000 of them, Zionist and non-Zionist); they should represent the interests of their constituents, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, electors of other faiths and of none.

The hypocrisy of such as the Harmsworths in the MSM, jumping on the “Labour anti-Semitism” bandwagon as a stick with which to beat Corbyn/Momentum, should surprise no-one; sadly, this media coverage helps entrench a false narrative. I’m no Corbyn apologist but on the questions of Palestinian rights and of the wrongs wrought by Israel, I hope he’s able to maintain the considerable courage of his convictions in the face of JLM and the other illegitimate influences seeking to silence him over Palestine and axiomatically, therefore, over Israel.

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The British people will no more fall for all this fake news about Jeremy Corbyn being antisemitic than they did for the fake news during last June’s parliamentary elections that labeled him an undeserving and hapless candidate.

Brits, especially their youth, are so captivated by Corbyn’s domestic proposals that they’ll see this fake news for what it is – a desperate attempt by Britain’s Zionist lobby to prevent G.B. from going its own way vis-a-vis justice for Palestine.

Even more ridiculous, mainstream media’s siding with the Lobby against Corbyn. Racing towards its irrelevancy, that’s what this represents. Meanwhile, the ascendancy of the Internet and the struggle to keep it open and free of censorship.

Jeffrey Blankfort #conspiracy mondoweiss.net

With all due respect, folks, Gilad’s observations about Jewish tribalism provide the only satisfactory explanation as to why otherwise progressive Jews including self-declared anti-Zionists have provided what to this point, has been an insurmountable roadblock in dealing with the two critical domestic issues germane to the Israel-Palestine conflict: the Israel Lobby/organized Jewish community and the question of US aid to Israel.

There is no other reason that I can come up with to explain why, outside of Mondoweiss, AIPAC has only become an issue in the past two years and then apparently only at MoveOver AIPAC last May. Sure, Chomsky and Zunes and later Finkelstein have deep-sixed the subject but that’s giving them Svengali like qualities they don’t possess. There must be something else that welcomes their dismissing of its importance.

And then we have the glaring question of US aid and the fact that there has yet to be a major campaign to educate the public about it and stop it. Instead, we have a choice of “End the Occupation!,” a useless slogan if there ever was one which has been either ignored or not understood by the vast majority of the American public that has no vested interest in either side, or at least didn’t before the rise of the evangelicals, and/or those pushing “two states for two peoples,” which, frankly, is of as little interest to the public as the problems of occupation.

But the public just might be CONCERNED about where its tax money goes and who and what groups are exempted from paying millions in taxes that benefit a foreign government. Why no campaign? Why no attempt to educate the public? (Sorry, BDS, is worthwhile, but it is not a substitute for the real thing.) It is not out of ignorance, I assure you. I have mentioned it before and will do so again. Some of the very same people were involved in a nationwide campaign to block the Contras from getting $15 million and they succeeded, which led to the Iran-Contra scandal. So why not aid to Israel? Looking at the composition of leadership of the pro-Palestinian organizations who I have known over the past 30 or so years, the answer jumps out: Jewish tribalism.

American #racist mondoweiss.net

Jewish power + Jewish hubris = ‘ catastrophe of epic proportions’. I left out the ‘moral’ of the catastrophe because moral only applies to the Jews part while the catastrophe is happening to others. But this is what I have been saying about the Jewish light bulb going on and off thruout history. This has happened to other groups of people who overreached as well but right now it is particulary accenuated in Israel and the Zionist and some Jews.

Why? I don’t know. Probably many reasons. Maybe part of it was their culture even before the holocaust, maybe part of it was setting the Jews up as the world’s special victims and they couldn’t handle the exceptions or entitled status they were given….it went to their heads. And while it might be interesting to theorize about the Jews, the whys and wherefores and psyches and so forth, it doesn’t matter.

There might be a few different twist to the Jews story but deadly hubris is always the same in anyone and has brought down more than few groups and nations in history…I can’t think of a single empire or would be empire it hasn’t brought down. All that matters is zionism and Israel are out of control and have to be stopped. History and all the rest of it surrounding the Jews, the reasons they might be the way they are or aren’t , why Israel claims of trauma as a reason for their actions, … is all immaterial, useless info. that will have no bearing on the outcome.

We have to deal with what’s happening now, what zionism and Israel are now. I said this before and it upset some people, but a little bit of fear can be a healthy thing…..it makes people consider the possible consquences of their actions. For all the ranting and hysterics of the zionist they actually have no fear of consquences. But they should.

rosross #fundie mondoweiss.net

More than criticise, other Jews should separate themselves completely from the Zionist State and reject all for which it stands. Only by rejection might, just might, some Jewish Israelis come to their senses.

More to the point, for their own futures, other Jews should clearly separate themselves from Israel’s racist atrocities, just as Muslims must separate themselves from the violence done by their radicals.

Those who do not clearly reject Israel will understandably be considered to support it, no matter how much they might criticise.

YoniFalic #racist mondoweiss.net

Shills like Khaled Abu Toameh are well-paid for saying and writing what hyper-wealthy racist Jews/Zios want to hear and read. I know because my wealthy evil Zio relatives are among those that compensate gentile shills for lying.

Christian Wilhelm von Dohm (11 December 1751 – 29 May 1820) is an early example of a non-Jew, who made an excellent income from wealthy Jews by praising Jews and by lying about Jewish practices.

YoniFalic #racist mondoweiss.net

Educating Americans must begin with effort to correct major American misunderstanding of European Jewish history.

It is particularly unfortunate that Mondoweiss moderators invariably allow Zios and racist Jews to spew all sorts of historical nonsense but filter out comments that try to teach the facts the facts of European Jewish history.

Unfortunately Americans often don't know much about their own history.

Modern American policing starts with the effort to control Southern blacks after emancipation (Southern redemption expressed in the KKK, lynching, and Jim Crow).

Blackmon wrote a very readable book on the subject entitled Slavery by Another Name.

The ADL and JINSA are just updates to traditional shtadlanut.

No one should take seriously either organization or any of the ridiculous stink tanks that hyperwealthy racist "Jewish" Zios fund.

The Hohenzollern and Romanov governments tended to be relatively immune to the efforts of shtadlonim, but shtadlonim tended to be rather effective in Hapsburg ruled areas. Straight through the 19th century we find completely legitimate criticism that organized Jewish groups undermined the rule of law throughout Hapsburg domains.

During the consolidation of the USSR, Jewish Soviets gravitated to secret police work in the USSR as UCB Professor Slezkine, late Yale Professor Benjamin Harshav, and many other legitimate historians of the Soviet period have pointed out.

Just as Southern Redemption meant romanticizing slavery and oppressing black Americans, Jewish Redemption today means stealing Palestine and driving out or murdering Palestinians.

It is not surprising that these two currents of bigotry have merged in the ADL training of US police in Israel.

Self-Hating Jew Award

YoniFalic #fundie mondoweiss.net

(This fundie isn't being sarcastic, in case you're wondering, he means it)

Nathan needs to be more explicit than “Israelis”. He means racist genocidal fake “Jewish” colonial settler invaders like my family, who certainly don’t belong anywhere in the ME.

No one should be sympathetic to such bigoted murderers, interlopers, and thieves. No one should think twice about removing of such fake “Jews” and the eventual disappearance of the fake “Israeli” identity. Who even thinks about Algerian pieds noirs except historians like me?

marnie #conspiracy mondoweiss.net

Make it stop!!!! The israelis have been the puppet masters for decades – how can the u.s. remove this thorn in the side of it’s people permanently? Highly unlikely that Dump would go all North Korea on netanyahoo; and not that he should either, I think it’s against the law or something to threaten annhilation of another country, so what else? There is something that isn’t being used wrt israel. Why not?

echinococcus #fundie mondoweiss.net

The war started in November 1947 by the Zionist aggression is still on, remember? The Zionist horde is the invader. It also is an invader that started a war of aggression against Lebanon –still ongoing, too, and there was no Hizbullah when they started and the Zionist entity is still occupying Lebanon. “Second War” is Zionist aggressor terminology, and it is particularly stupid.

No use counting 2 or 10, either, especially if they are uniformed invader soldiers. Any resistance, no matter if by “monsters” or not, is legitimate. In fact, there is no need here to even invoke any excuse: any attacks against the Zionist entity are perfectly kosher as long as it remains in war.

ahadhaadam #racist mondoweiss.net

The short term solution to containing Zionist aggression is an enemy that can shoot back, and with might. Unfortunately the Arabs are weak and that’s like blood in the water for Israel.

Aggression is the nature of the Jewish supremacist state and the only long term solution is the dismantlement of the Zionist regime in Palestine through democracy and equal rights to all, just like it happened in South Africa.

For now we should hope that Hezbollah has indeed amassed enough destructive force as deterrent to contain the Zionist war machine.

Brewer #racist mondoweiss.net

Of course there will be War. A religious ideology that sanctions the killing of, not just opponents, but any or all non-members of its lunatic cult on the grounds that they might pose a threat will always be at War. Add the fact that this particular cult takes theft as a fundamental, exclusive right and there will be perpetual War until either the cult is quashed or all non-members are killed or enslaved.

I have sometimes cited the ravings of such as Ovadia Yosef as examples of overblown murderous rhetoric but had never considered taking them seriously until viewing a lecture by HaRav David Bar-Hayim. In beautifully modulated cadence he lays it all out referencing scripture to back the thesis that all non-Jews are to be treated as snakes – killed because they might be venomous. He then teaches us that the sages ruled that theft of non-Jewish property (by a Jew) need not be restored to its owner because a Jew will use his ill-gotten gains for the benefit of humanity.

There is a massive flaw in this primitive reasoning of course and I thought it confined to the lunatic orthodox fringes. The above video makes it chillingly clear that this ideology is more mainstream that I had ever dreamed however. It will be interesting to see if any posters choose to defend this psychopath.

Taxi #racist mondoweiss.net

So in under one week Apartheid israel manages to pronounce cultural icons like Ema Thompson and Gunter Grass as antisemitic for criticizing israel’s warmongering and ethnic cleansing – exposing to the cyberactive multilingual world what a decrepit, delusional and vindictive bunch zionists really are.

Well I’d say this is proving to be an important week in the media wars regarding the push for a strike on Iran, israel’s illegal and vast stock of W.M.D.’s, and the unbearable western hypocrisy that’s endangering the world and the futures of all children on earth.

Gunter’s poem is a giant earthquake. And the label of ‘antisemitic’ ain’t working the way it used to – judging by the 90% web commentaries expressing support for Gunter (and Ema’s) message. People aren’t buying it cuz it’s clear to them that the term is being used to slur recognized peaceful citizens, and it’s clearer to people too that the term is being abused by the jews themselves. Ironic huh?

Did Gunter start a German Spring – to free the German youth from the dictatorship of the holocaust?

I would even go as far as saying that I count this week as the beginning of the end of the holocaust industry.

American #fundie mondoweiss.net

The thing about the zionist is they attack even those who help them. They turned on England, calling it “worse than Hitler’ because England tried to uphold the immigration quotas agreed to. They demonize the UN that created their state for them. Everyone, without exception, who has ever had anything to do them has regretted it….the US will too in the end. They are vipers who need to be decapitated.

Ayelet Shaked #racist mondoweiss.net

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to appoint Ayelet Shaked as justice minister in his fourth government. Shaked is a Member of Knesset (MK) representing the far-right HaBayit HaYehudi (“Jewish Home”) party. She is known for her extreme, ultranationalist views.
During Israel’s summer 2014 attack on Gaza, MK Shaked essentially called for the genocide of Palestinians. In a Facebook post on July 1—a day before Israeli extremists kidnapped Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir and burned him alive—the lawmaker asserted that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and called for its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

"The Palestinian people has declared war on us, and we must respond with war. Not an operation, not a slow-moving one, not low-intensity, not controlled escalation, no destruction of terror infrastructure, no targeted killings. Enough with the oblique references. This is a war. Words have meanings. This is a war. It is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. These too are forms of avoiding reality. This is a war between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for us to define reality with the simple words that language puts at our disposal. Why do we have to make up a new name for the war every other week, just to avoid calling it by its name. What’s so horrifying about understanding that the entire Palestinian people is the enemy? Every war is between two peoples, and in every war the people who started the war, that whole people, is the enemy. A declaration of war is not a war crime. Responding with war certainly is not. Nor is the use of the word “war”, nor a clear definition who the enemy is. Au contraire: the morality of war (yes, there is such a thing) is founded on the assumption that there are wars in this world, and that war is not the normal state of things, and that in wars the enemy is usually an entire people, including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.

And the morality of war knows that it is not possible to refrain from hurting enemy civilians. It does not condemn the British air force, which bombed and totally destroyed the German city of Dresden, or the US planes that destroyed the cities of Poland and wrecked half of Budapest, places whose wretched residents had never done a thing to America, but which had to be destroyed in order to win the war against evil. The morals of war do not require that Russia be brought to trial, though it bombs and destroys towns and neighborhoods in Chechnya. It does not denounce the UN Peacekeeping Forces for killing hundreds of civilians in Angola, nor the NATO forces who bombed Milosevic’s Belgrade, a city with a million civilians, elderly, babies, women, and children. The morals of war accept as correct in principle, not only politically, what America has done in Afghanistan, including the massive bombing of populated places, including the creation of a refugee stream of hundreds of thousands of people who escaped the horrors of war, for thousands of whom there is no home to return to.

And in our war this is sevenfold more correct, because the enemy soldiers hide out among the population, and it is only through its support that they can fight. Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. Actors in the war are those who incite in mosques, who write the murderous curricula for schools, who give shelter, who provide vehicles, and all those who honor and give them their moral support. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there."