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There is an American Government.

There is also a Federal Government called the United States Government, which exercises certain enumerated and delegated powers of the American Government, on behalf of the American Government.

These are, obviously, not the same things.

There are supposed to be three (3) Federal Subcontractors providing the American Government with stipulated and enumerated services.

There are presently only two (2) such Subcontractors --- and both of them are foreign.

The American Federal Subcontractor has been dormant since the Civil War Conflict.

The American Federal Subcontractor, known as the Federal Republic, was operated by the original Confederation of States (1781) doing business as the States of America.
The States of America, Incorporated, acting as the Federal Republic, was incorporated by the States of America, unincorporated.

The British Territorial entity, the United States of America, Incorporated, was chartered by the King of Scotland on behalf of Great Britain.

The Holy Roman subcontractor operating as the United States, Incorporated, was chartered by the Holy See.
This is also your Fair Warning and Notice that some hirelings of these foreign Federal Subcontractors, known as “Federal Agencies” and their corporation franchises have been misdirected to do dirty work for the Foreign Principals responsible and by the Federal Subcontractors themselves. These Agencies including the FBI, CIA, DARPA, DOD, DOJ, DHS, NSA, EPA, FEMA, BATF, IRS, USTPO, VITAL STATISTICS, DTC/DTTC, and others have been used as sock puppets and potential scapegoats to commit crimes under color of law at the direction of these foreign Federal Subcontractors. These crimes start with unlawful conversion, identity theft, fraud upon the courts, murder, genocide, crimes of state, conspiracy against the Constitutions, illegal warfare, embezzlement, racketeering, illegal surveillance, illegal detainment, pretense of war, inland piracy, and more.

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We shall attempt to put this as plainly as possible for Americans and for everyone else.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was deceitfully put forward for election as "a" President, not The President of this country.

People were deceived by the substitution and elected a "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Municipal Corporation, instead of electing The President of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, nor even as President of our American Subcontractor, the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic.

Thus, Lincoln was elected under False Pretenses and under conditions of purposeful non-disclosure and semantic deceit--- and fraud.
1862 prepared the ground for The Great Fraud and the rampant personage and barratry crimes that would be inflicted by Rome and London for a century and a half afterward.

Thanks to these illegal, immoral, and unlawful acts undertaken under conditions of deliberate deceit, treason, and usurpation, millions of acres of our land were used as payola and to pay British debts and to wrongfully bring American land under the British Title and Trust System.

And just as the Brits were required to live their lives as either Indentured Servants or as Slaves in the British-Roman Caste System --- that is, as legally "dead" people, the groundwork was laid to do the same thing to millions upon millions of Americans.

It comes as a shock to living people when we forthrightly tell them that all the "persons" inhabiting the International Jurisdictions of the Land and the Sea and the Global Jurisdiction of the Air, are dead legal entities, yet no more crucial understanding is needed than this.
So even as we were being set up as the Fall Guys for Britain and Rome, even as we have endured the heavy bootheels of the British Raj in American drag, we haven't failed humanity.

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To the best of our knowledge, understanding, and belief, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a computer regeneration system using reconfigured DOS components and was developed by a renegade CIA Operation called "Crimson Gate" operated out of Wright-Patterson AFB; it was also allied with a CIA cell operated out of North Carolina, which Kim Goguen was a member of. Kim was the AI enhanced operator chosen by "Marduk" as his Successor.

Everything about the QFS system is tainted by fraud and malevolence and lies from its onset.

They propose to use our gold based on the False Supposition that all the "Birth Registrations" secured from Americans without the benefit of full disclosure, and maintained as totally Unconscionable Contracts against the babies targeted by this vile scheme --- were valid and unopposed.

It is not possible to object to something if you are unaware of it.

We have protested ourselves and we have protested for all others entrapped by this perverse and grossly self-interested scheme promoted by the British Territorial United States of America and their Roman Co-Conspirators.
As the rightful and lawful and only holders of all survivorship interests related to the States of the Union and all derivatives and franchises and subsidiaries thereof, we wish for an end to interference from the "Galactic Council" which has no business here, and from characters that have been dehumanized, like Kim Goguen.
Therefore we decree that these refugees must now be escorted off our planet, where they have created unwelcome and destructive practices seeking to displace the natural inhabitants and caretakers. Their presence here has resulted in much environmental damage, death, and destruction. Our hospitality and tolerance are at an end.
Let them all be gone no later than thirty (30) days from the day of this issuance:

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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We are heading into a potentially very tumultuous week in which the British Territorial Military Government and this civilian government of the unincorporated United States and United States of America respond to certain unavoidable world events that will change the face of the financial and economic world.
1. A General Announcement of what has been called NESARA/GESARA, which is essentially a military takeover and resolution of commercial corporation wrong-doing on a worldwide basis.

2. Do not, however, mistake the potential danger of welcoming a military solution to civilian problems, and letting what is, essentially, a foreign, for-profit, British Territorial Mercenary Corporation gain favor and dominance apart from their service contracts.
7. Likewise, our gripe with Donald Trump, who is likely to be returning to office, is based on the fact that he is, or would be, the President of the aforementioned British Territorial Corporation. We consider the President of that Corporation dba the United States of America, Incorporated, to be an Undeclared Foreign Agent until such time as our own Public Elections are held -- not political elections, but free and honest American Public Elections for the actual Office of The President of The United States of America ---which is an unincorporated civilian office within our actual government.

8. We have often admitted that our Federal Republic has never been reconstructed and that we are currently engaged in the work leading up to that accomplishment; there is no need or desire for a British Territorial Government or its Agents to substitute for our Federal Republic. We would welcome the assistance and support of our Subcontractors, but wish for no further Substitution Schemes or usurpations. Our Federation of States is competent to serve in lieu of the Federal Republic until such time as it is resurrected, and did all the later delegated duties from 1776 to 1781.

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Whereupon comes this solemn Order to Cease and Desist, issued to all Federal Government Employees and Dependents worldwide, including the employees and dependents of commercial and municipal corporations who have registered their businesses under the various parent corporations sponsored by these organizations.

All of these corporations including the named members of the World Economic Forum and the UN CORPORATION are foreclosed. Their parent corporations are all bankrupt and not eligible for bankruptcy protection at public expense.
We call upon all banks at all levels to Cease and Desist providing these criminal corporations with any means to profit themselves or engage in unlawful activities that damage humanity and damage the Earth. Cease and Desist extending our credit to any incorporated entity that does not honor all requirements of our Federal Constitutions or which fails to use these resources appropriately and according to the limitations of these same venerable contracts.
The politicization of science and the lies told to the public concerning global warming, scalar technology, oil reserves, cancer, and other topics, is a form of virulent criminal institutionalized fraud carried out under color of law.

The opportunity afforded the criminals to patent criminal technologies and profit from them; this includes all commercial claims promoted by DARPA asserting that living people who have ingested patented mRNA without the benefit of full disclosure are rendered Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and labelled (by DARPA) as "Transhumans" and thereby not owed basic Human Rights is a criminal assertion and process for which all those responsible must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Public Law.
Our Courts of General Jurisdiction are reopening and our Constitutional Contracts and Guarantees are being enforced, quite apart from any individual discretion. Our contracts are not optional for government contractors.

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Mr. Trump has been arrested and accused of various things, some of which could conceivably amount to insurrection --- but, insurrection against what?

The unlawfully and illegally constructed "independent international city-state" known as the Municipality of Washington, DC, is the purported object of this "insurrection", but this independent, international city-state has no solid right to exist, and even if it did, Mr. Trump would owe it no duty, except perhaps to protect it as a Possession of The United States.

This entity, the independent, international city-state of Washington, DC, sits in the middle of the District of Columbia as a foreign country plopped down in the middle of a foreign territory known as the District of Columbia, which is itself situated in the middle of our Eastern Seaboard on land actually owned by our States, Virginia and Maryland.
Let's turn now to Mr. Trump's arrest and accusations of "insurrection" against this unauthorized independent, international city-state and its Municipal Government.

He has been arrested by members of this foreign Municipal Government, and unless he and his Legal Team wake up, he will be tried under their foreign Municipal Law, and he will be convicted under the presumption that he knowingly and voluntarily accepted their Municipal United States citizenship -- that is, Fourteenth Amendment citizenship.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump's opponents, there is no viable "Fourteenth Amendment" to stand on, and therefore, no presumptive "citizenship of the United States" to use as the basis for prosecution against Trump or anyone else.

There is no way to put this politely: the "Constitution" published in 1868 as "The Constitution of the United States of America" was a Scottish con game. A sting.

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When we, Americans, call ourselves "sovereign citizens" we look like idiots. When someone else calls us a "sovereign citizen", they look like idiots. And when we allow someone to label us a "sovereign citizen" without objection, we all look like idiots.
So next time you are dealing with some confused soul trying to call you a "sovereign citizen", call them on it.

"I am afraid that you are confused. I am a foreign sovereign with respect to you, and even if I wanted to be a "sovereign citizen" neither I nor anyone else could answer to that, because "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron. No such thing exists by definition."

Lately, minions of the foreign Federal Subcontractors and their franchise brethren running the foreign State of State organizations, have started calling our assemblies "self-declared government organizations" in a dismissive and insulting way.

Obviously, they don't know that we, Americans, stand under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, and that results in a "self-declared government" if ever there was one. Smile and remind them of that fact.

Stupid is as stupid does.

You might also remind them that they work for us and take their paychecks from our pockets.

This is just a matter of knowing your own language and theirs.

Recently, I encountered a patriot organization that was describing itself as "anti-government".

No true patriot is "anti-government".

We are simply in favor of our government, not against anyone else's. What other people accept, no matter how parasitic, is their business.

So, even when you are angry because some confused and ignorant British Territorial or Municipal citizen misaddresses you, understand that you don't stand under their government, so it's no skin off your nose and you don't need to be "against" their government.

You merely need to remind them of who they are and who you are, and not beat around the bush about it.

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I am so tired of hearing this clap-trap that I am a "Vatican Agent" when I have never worked for or with the Vatican in my life, and am not even a Catholic.

This stems from the seven (7) years I spent giving Due Process to the Municipal United States Corporation Employees at the behest of their Employer, Pope Benedict XVI -- telling them what they were doing wrong and giving them the chance to correct before their Corporation was liquidated in 2015.

Such people will never get it through their thick skulls that the Roman Catholic Church has a secular side to it, which impacts our daily lives in profound ways --it rules the Jurisdiction of the Air, including all the patents, copyrights, trademarks and corporations in the world.

Of course, back in 2006, we went to the Pope, because it was his CORPORATION and the crimes were occurring in his jurisdiction.
I am similarly sick of hearing purported Christians talking about my Blood Oath and mistaking it for a blood oath taken to a Secret Society.

My Blood Oath was the same Blood Oath all these hideously ignorant Christians have taken and continue to take every time they have Communion.

In the name of the True God, what does that Communion wine represent? Blood.

What do you think you are doing when you take Communion? Taking a Blood Oath.

The existence of a verbal contract places the action in the Jurisdiction of the Sea -- Satan's realm, and makes your affirmation of it a binding Oath.

You then receive the "consideration" on the contract, the Communion wine, and that consideration guarantees your what? Your salvation.

And what does "salvation" imply? Again, it's a sea-term, salvage, that the Church applies.

Your wrecked boat is going to be hauled to safe harbor in the grave and the Church is going to be paid handsomely for the labor and materials needed to do this work.

And if you aren't rolling your eyes toward the ceiling by now, you certainly should be.

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We have repeatedly touched upon the subject of Fourteenth Amendment citizens, defined as "citizens of the United States" by the Territorial Congress acting to latch upon the allegedly "stateless" freed plantation slaves, and serving to create a new kind of citizenship by legislative fiat.

We have noted that this citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment establishing it was created and enforced under the so-called Corporate Constitution published in 1868.
This Corporate Constitution was never ratified by the States of the Union because as a foreign corporation's Articles of Incorporation it needed no ratification by our States.

This is why the 14th, 15th, 16th, and all subsequent Amendments to this document are not ratified by the States of the Union. It's uncertain at this point whether or not the 13th Amendment purportedly abolishing slavery was ever ratified, either.

It was the 14th (definitely Unratified) Amendment to this Corporate Constitution that created "Fourteenth Amendment" citizenship and Fourteenth Amendment citizenship obligations for "citizens of the United States".
Unfortunately, when they created this political status, they also latched onto the living men and women and whatever they possessed, as chattel backing the debts of the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as "The United States of America" --- Incorporated.
Any and all proceedings against members of the General Public who have been improperly registered as Federal Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States and who have been charged and misrepresented as Municipal CORPORATIONS or as co-trustees of waived infant decedent ESTATES, must be expunged.
The Court System in this country was unlawfully converted and must now be lawfully converted back to the American Common Law --- not military Common Law and not commercial Common Law nor any foreign form of Common Law whatsoever.

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We are doing this so that the many Trump supporters, including General Michael Flynn, know what’s going on, and have the context for the fact General Flynn observed the fact that we have two (2) systems of law in America.

General Flynn is familiar with Federal Code. That is one of the two systems.

Flynn is not familiar with Municipal Code. That’s the other system.
This is how Trump gets slammed and condemned out of hand, while Hilliary and Joe and Friends get away with murder.

Trump is “standing under” Federal Code and the Rats are “standing under” Municipal Code.

Now, neither of these two forms of law — neither the Federal Code nor the Municipal Code pertain to the General Public, though both are regularly misapplied to our General Public.
Much later, the Municipal Government created an unauthorized “independent, international city-state” calling itself the Municipality of Washington, DC., and issued its Municipal Code.

This foreign entity has no right to be present on our land and soil, no use permit, no grant of land from our States. It’s entirely foreign. That’s why it is run like a Banana Republic. That’s why its officers take no valid Oaths of Office. It’s like a little bit of Cuba transplanted to our soil.

Still, men like Mr. Trump and General Flynn have slept on, and only now awaken to the gigantic fraud scheme that has been perpetuated upon them and upon this entire country, as they directly experience the Double Standard caused by having two sets of Code — and allowing the presence of an unauthorized Municipal city-state on our land and soil.

What needs to happen is for the U.S. Military to arrest the members of Congress running the Municipality of Washington, DC. under charges of invasion, espionage, and treason.

They can do this because they control the District of Columbia and the City of Washington, DC, is still theirs and in their jurisdiction.