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To the evolutionists out there:
I just want to say that I feel sorry for the evolutionists, for they say that peer-review is best and yet ridicule Creationists at the same time. Peer-review is not let us have all that agree on one point agree on this point, but let us show this work to those who have differing opinions; if we can all agree, then there must be merit.
I feel sorry for the evolutionists that know so little about history that they call Creationists Nazis—Nazis, who believed in evolution to the point that they made concentration camps to “remove the pollution from the Aryan race and thus form the master race.”

I feel sorry for the evolutionists who think that just because we believe in God, we think science is some sort of fantasy. We know that gravity exists, that physics exist, that dinosaurs and outer space and genetics exist—I daresay we approach science with more humility and awe than evolutionists do, because we approach it from the angle of knowing that the One Who made it all did so from such a high and knowledgeable and caring position that we mere mortals have no hope of fathoming it. We approach the world as a fan does a piece of literature or art: marveling at how it is put together and admiring the Artist Who made it.

Basically, I just feel sorry for evolutionists, for being so busy spewing hate and ridicule that they can’t admire the world around them.


drkineildwicks #crackpot #fundie #quack tumblr.com

What proof do you have for evolutionism? The tooth of the cro-magnon man, that was from a pig? The specific order of silt and dirt that only appears in evolutionism books? The theory of a man who later recanted his theory and regretted ever postulating it in the first place?

According to evolutionists, the moon should be coated in dust thick enough to bury a man in--that’s why the lunar module had those broad disks for feet. Buzz Aldrin was ready to grab Neil Armstrong when he took that first step for fear that he’d disappear in that dust--dust that turned out to be only a few inches deep.

Every fossil graveyard in existence is proof of the Great Flood--the fact that every culture talks of the Great Flood is too. The Chinese word for life has the components for breath and mouth in it. The fact that life exists is proof enough against it being some fluke of chance.

If you’d like some videos on the subject I’d highly recommend the YouTube channel Answers in Genesis. They even have some specific videos discussing Adam and Eve and how the earth was only in existence a few days before they were.

We have more than the Bible, but the Bible itself is enough. The Bible is the truth, full stop. Every time the Bible discusses scientific points, the Bible discusses them accurately, well before human ‘reasoning’ decided it was fact.

You can do a lot worse than believing in God, and compared to the fixed point of the Bible I can’t really understand putting more stock in man’s constantly shifting opinions.