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Vashti is a well-known woman of pride. She was too big to obey her husband. As the scripture predicts, she fell from her high position of being the First Lady. Vashti was never heard of again. Is that what you want to happen to you? Not obeying a husband is a sign that you are like Vashti and therefore it is a sign that you are proud.
I sent a missionary to a foreign country. When he married his wife, she was a nice, sweet, obedient little girl. Through the blessings of God, she gave birth to a number of children.
Finally, when her womb was full she declared, “I will not go to the mission field any more. I have had enough. I am fed up. It is over.”
She told her husband, “I am not coming.”

This young lady had now grown wings and had become too big and too resistant to obey her husband.

This is a good example of pride. This young lady would not have behaved like this some years earlier.

On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine, he commanded the seven chamberlains that served in the presence of Ahasuerus the king, To bring Vashti the queen before the king with the crown royal, to shew the people and the princes her beauty: for she was fair to look on. BUT THE QUEEN VASHTI REFUSED TO COME AT THE KING’S COMMANDMENT by his chamberlains:

Vashti was hard, stubborn and unyielding. Perhaps, when the king first chose her to be his queen she came running, willing to do anything and everything. But today, she could not be moved! Watch out for those hardened resistant women with the spirit of Vashti.

A woman who never bends, never yields, is never gracious, never flows and never agrees, is just another proud Vashti.
How is it that you can never change your mind? What is the use of a mind if it cannot be changed? Indeed, you may say, “Who am I? I am a humble servant of God. But your stubbornness and resistance to change reveals that you are actually proud and puffed up. You proclaim your goodness and call yourself a daughter of destiny. But you are just like Vashti who could not be moved around by her husband.

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I recently had an epiphany that I’m not nervous around homeless people because they’re homeless, I’m only nervous of the males. I had the same realization with other socially “scary” groups like drug addicts. The issue is not that I’m scared of coming across a drug addict on the street, the issue is I’m scared of coming across a male on the street.

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for the last time men can not be r*ped by women. how often does it need to be said? nothing a woman does could ever be considered r*pe. any action against a man is justifiable and to draw a moral equivalence is dumb as fuck. the debate around "male victims" is designed to dilute the severity of the historic destruction of womanhood by male cultural hegemony

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my biggest gripe with the pro palestinian movement is the lying.

you can realise that palestinian arabs did not kindly welcome jews who made aliyah before and after the shoah, they are not indigenous or the canaanites, they have been violent against israelis and jews, a lot of them do support hamas, the nakba was a war started by palestinians that they lost to israel, the palestinian national identity is reactionary to the israeli national identity, palestinians are not genetically distinct grom other arabs in the middle east,

arabs are to the middle east what white people are to the west, and they are not victims just be they face oppression if they live in the west. go speak to any person from the indigenous populations of the middle east and levant and they can tell u all abt what islamism and arabs have done to them snd their families if u refuse to believe us sneaky lying je- i mean zionists.

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If the Palestinians have been the targets of slaughter , why are their population numbers currently 10 times larger than those of 1948 ? .And considering the existence of Pallywood and so many made up shit they fling , they WISH they were slaughtered .

Yes , I am racist against a "people" with so little identity and culture that they have no History besides Israel .You are more brainwashed than Israel-supporting Yankee boomercons .

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If I see another “transwoman” begging for money to “help them transition” I am actually going to shit a literal physical brick, and then another, etc. and I’m going to use those bricks to wall myself off forever
Like honestly, fuck you. I know plenty of flat-chested girls who would LOVE fake boobs. I know plenty of hairy women, myself included, that would LOVE to be able to afford to laser all the hair off our faces. I would LOVE to be able to afford cute clothing. I would LOVE to be able to afford high-end cosmetics. They don’t hand that stuff out in a cis-woman gift bag when you come out of your mother with a vulva. Preforming femininity is expensive and painful and horrible and time consuming. It’s something we are forced into dedicating an enormous amount of time and money to, or we face horrible treatment. Get the fuck out of here if you think that you can not only opt into that oppression, but that because you opted in you get some kind of fucking free pass on having to make the sacrifices real women are forced to make.

Because honestly, the MtF fantasy isn’t being a woman. It’s not being an average woman with lip hair and uneven boobs and a naturally wide jaw and the natural, unpainted, plain face that god or whatever gave you. It’s not feeling ugly and inadequate every second of every day and having those thoughts reinforced by every piece of media you come across. NOBODY would want to trade male privilege for being an average woman. The fantasy is to be in the top 1% of “hot” women who get special treatment for being good decorative objects. And that’s clearer and clearer every time I see one of these bullshit begging posts. You don’t want to be a woman, with a woman’s struggles and pains and expectations and sacrifices. You don’t even RECOGNIZE a fraction of a percent of the time and money and effort that goes into preforming femininity. But I guess that’s the typical male mindset, isn’t it? Demanding everything handed to you like that…

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i fully believe the best solution is either inventing female on female reproduction or aborting males until we get to the lowest possible male/female ratio to still properly reproduce and we keep the rest of them under 24/7 surveillance. no better way to win against your opponents than getting rid of them altogether. androcide or subjugating men there's no other way

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I used to think small boys could be allowed in female separatist spaces but after working with boys as young as 4 I don't want them anywhere near me or girls. It starts so early. I don't care if it's nature or nurture. They all become evil so quickly. And I'm not using the word evil lightly. As someone who is very understanding with children, there are some things I've seen or heard that were beyond comprehension. There is an obsession with destruction, violation and inflicting pain that just isn't normal. And the male ego and entitlement is already there. It's already too late. And to think later on women try to "change", "educate" and "teach" grown men. If we can't do it when they are 4 what do you think you're going to achieve now?

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Thought exercise: men who offer violence to women should lose an appendage each time they offend—hit a woman, commit rape, assault, etc.

Now the *key* to this plan is that the first offense always results in the penis being removed. It is very important to start with the penis so they get the message. Then each of the four limbs, then the head, if they really don’t get it.

The thing is, it wouldn’t take that many peepee-ectomies for men to start to get it. They are still mad about Lorena Bobbit removing her abuser’s raping tool and that was 30 years ago! I think we can make a dent in the culture way sooner than that. A hundred? A thousand? What about 47,000 a year? Then everyone knows a guy or knows of a guy who hit a women or hurt her and had the tackle taken off. It becomes common, culturally acceptable! We recognize that men who rape and beat women often end up dickless. We make them an object of ridicule. Men start to get scared. They start to monitor their own behavior, they get scared to go on dates. Catcallers worry they’ll get their tongues cut out next.

47,000 a year sure will sound like a LOT of people to men worried about their dingle dangles. That’s 128 a day! The court system would be full of these cases! This is a global nightmare! Society is a nightmare! This affects everything!

47,000 women are murdered every year by their partners or family members. When was the last time you heard a male care about this? On his own, without prompting?

What if those 47,000 women were still here? In fifty years, it’s more than two million. What if they had lived? What would they have contributed? Who were they?

Snip snip.

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“Misgendering” is just the new “emasculation.”

Males have long held the belief that women owe it to them to affirm their gendered beliefs about themselves, and now this same entitlement leads them to claim that if they identify as women, women owe it to them to make them feel feminine.


- women are expected to modify their behavior to make men feel masculine
- men believe that their manhood can be destroyed by women’s failure to affirm it
- men react with rage and indignation
- men characterize it as an attack on their rights and their core identity
- they often use or excuse violence in response, in the name of securing their manhood

- women are expected to modify their behavior to make trans women feel feminine
- trans women believe their womanhood can be destroyed by women’s failure to affirm it
- trans women react with rage and indignation
- trans women characterize it as an attack on their rights and their core identity
- they often use or excuse violence in response, in the name of securing their womanhood
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I'm not joking when I say that transgender identity should be understood first and foremost as an addiction. There is a literal chemical element to this that I think is underdiscussed. Testosterone and estrogen are both mind-altering substances after all. But the real high is the feeling of disassociation, or what trans people euphemistically refer to as "gender euphoria." A lot of addiction is about disassociation, it's not just that the focus of the addiction makes you feel good, it's that it makes you forget about the things about yourself that make you feel bad.

This is why trans identified people get mad when you say things like "what's wrong with just being a non gender conforming woman?" or "what's wrong with just being an effeminate man?" They need to believe that they have become a different person because they need that hit of disassociation. It's also why they rely on sexist stereotypes so heavily, they need to believe that the opposite sex are basically a different species. If they admit that their sources of gender euphoria are just things that a person of their birth sex could do anyway without changing their identity, then they are admitting that they are still just themselves. It's also why they get so irrationally angry at "misgendering", no other marginalised group loses their cool this much at not having their identity recognised. No other group goes out of their way to police language the way the trans community does. But when you misgender a trans person, you are doing the equivalent of giving a shot of narcan to an opiod addict. You are bringing them back down to Earth and reminding them that they are still themselves. No wonder they fight so hard to not let people do this.

This also explains the escalating nature of trans identity. Addiction by its very nature tends to escalate. You get accustomed to your current state of addiction, and it no longer gives the same high it once did, so you need to intensify it. You might just start out cutting your hair short and wearing a binder and that might satisfy you in the short term. But sooner or later that's not enough, soon you will need hormones, then top surgery, then facial masculinization surgery and then eventually bottom surgery. Then the many revisions of those surgeries. But you're chasing a dragon, you're never going to catch it.[...]

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Can you imagine going back in time and telling activists that in the future piv sex will be considered gay by certain people? That women will be told that they “aren’t real lesbians” for refusing to have sex with males? That gay men will be called bigots for refusing to date females? That “gay” people will shame homosexuals for their same sex attraction?

Can you imagine going all the way back to the time of the suffragettes and telling them that some day men will put on dresses and declare themselves the most oppressed women of all? That in the future these men will be able to threaten women with murder and rape with no repercussions, but that women will be ostracized and fired from their jobs for acknowledging biological reality? That these men will steal scholarships and resources made for women and people will call it progressive?

Can you fucking imagine?

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It's all connected. Corporations began marketing gay pride themed merchandise. An increase in "I-identify-as" populations began to flood gay bars and events, where outward appearance (marketed as "gender expression") became heavily emphasized.

Commercial visibility and marketability does not equal human rights progress.

Ability to consume does not equal citizenship to an oppressed group.

Biology, (referring to sexual orientation and sex) is not a brand you can buy into or boycott out of.

Corporations selling rainbows do not reflect our values.

The churning out of new "all inclusive" pride flags to pledge allegiance to is not indicative of liberation.

A historical homosexual slur being sold by the multi-billion dollar media obfuscates predominantly lesbian relationships ("queer women", "queer relationship") and retraumatizes many gay and lesbian people.

Gay pride only extending to people able to purchase detracts from the meaning of gay pride and distracts from the struggles of the most vulnerable. It positions the most privileged within marginalized and oppressed groups as those who represent the whole.

And associating body modification, aestheticism, and "expression" with self identity turns the lived experiences and material realities of entire subgroups of people into niche market categories that people who aren't even a part of these groups can identify into and out of based on social trends.

Biology becomes devalued, overshadowed by the social and manufactured "genders". Infinite genders means infinite target audiences. Lived, material realities of certain groups of people become materialism.

Human rights movements are becoming human rights industries, with the wealthy more directly capitalizing off of the exploitation of the poor, of the homosexual, of the female, of the immigrant, of the dark skinned, of the mentally ill, of the disabled, of the sick, of the marginalized and oppressed.

Don't buy into it.

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Men’s mental health month is coming up in June!

Reminder: Men don’t deserve advocacy from women. Men do not care about women’s issues. Men do not speak up against male violence against women.

“It’s mens mental health month and I see no women speaking out” Don’t look at women. Men created the system men are suffering in.

Another reminder: The male suicide rates are only higher than women’s because men are more likely to chose violent methods, their attempts have a higher success rate. Women attempt far more. (Four times the rate of men) When women attempt and fail, it is because they chose a method that is less likely to traumatize those they are leaving behind, and because women have been conditioned to care about how they look, they still wish to look pretty in death. (Women usually attempt by using drugs or carbon monoxide poisoning, meanwhile for males, it is usually a firearm or hanging)

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FICTION IS REALITY. Promoting pedophilia in fiction is /normalizing/ pedophilia, and esp since Voltron is aimed at younger audiences if ur thirsty asses say it's okay to ship she//ith or shi//dge or the like guess what?? You're NORMALIZING pedophilia and saying to all the minors watching that these kind of relationships are okay. Yes pedophilic fiction is a huge problem just look at fucking Japan and tell me fiction has no influence. It's a real problem. Shut your ignorant ass UP.


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(Note: agro-carnist is not the fundie, but is responding to them. I have linked to their blog because the OP’s blog and its post was deleted.)

for as long as males perpetuate a global culture of rape and destruction against all that is female, we will never be free. males use all that is female to further their own sordid interests, and the consequences of their actions affect all that is female. animal cruelty is a feminist issue, because males impregnate and destroy the bodies of female animals without abandon - their bodies are merely considered an extension of objectified and commodified human female bodies, after all. raping the soil and the ocean with industrial agriculture and fishing is a feminist issue, because the destruction of soil and ocean is the destruction of the life-giving potential of the earth. fossil fuel extraction and greenhouse gas emissions are a feminist issue, because the consequences of climate change will primarily be borne by females. until we begin fighting for all that is female, we will never be free.

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On one hand, I want to believe that males aren’t inherently violent as a matter of a broken biological disposition. That male violence is all because of gendered socialization. And with enough change, we can teach and reform the rape, violence, and murder by men away.

On the other hand, male sea otters rape seals to death and male dolphins will gang rape female dolphins, so. Male lions and chimps will murder the offspring of females to force their mothers into estrus. Not to mention all the sexual violence that happens in many other animal species. Especially of mammals, which are the closest to us. Could these animals be changed with social reform? The male desire to rape, assault, and murder effectively taught away? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Even with human mental capabilities, knowledge of right and wrong, and the capacity for free will, men still continue to choose violence. Men know how they drain women, how they harass and devalue women and could choose to end their male violence at any given time. They just choose not to, because they don’t care about women, and never will.

The only solution is to take males out of the equation entirely. Not rehabilitation. Not trying to teach them respect for the female sex, which they will never take to heart.

An exclusively female space will find no male violence.

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I actually do think there are some broad inherent behavioral differences in female and male humans I just don't think those behaviors are femininity and masculinity

more like "pro-social behavior" and "parasitism"

Sometimes I wonder if men genuinely are just soulless mimics performing humanity and are incapable of apparent civilization under circumstances where they can't leech directly off of women

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(NOTE: “Fujoshi” is a Japanese term used for fans of male-on-male media such as Boys Love manga, originally used as a pejorative before being reclaimed by fans.)

fujoshi-bullshit: It’s a good time to remember that “trans mlm” are just fujoshi, and are as equally as homophobic and gross as the rest of them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t self-identify with the fujoshi label, you’re still a homophobic little shit.

the-lesbo-mermaid-archive-blog: lmao, I joined the GSA club at my school, and most of the people there were just a bunch of fujoshis, with shitty haircuts.

#lgbt #lgbtq #fujoshi #gay transmen

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people are going to call me mean for this but I'm going to say it anyway: I don't care about gym bros that have eating disorders. men's eating disorders are just eating healthy and getting strong, while women with eating disorders are starving themselves to fit a sexist beauty standard. like they are not the same! they are not of equal importance!

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"forced birth" is an oxymoron
You can't "force" something that is going to happen anyway. When getting pregnant, that baby is fated to be birthed at one point

It's like saying "forced puberty" or "forced aging".

If anything, abortion is the only "forced birth" because it artificially induce a delivery before term

#interestingly enough the 'forced' something is pulled by tra refusing to go through puberty
#they totally alienize this natural process by using semantics making sound like puberty was forced onto them
#the parallelism between trans activism and abortion activism are very interesting
#bc they both rely on antagonizing totally normal and unharmful bodily process

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( sapphsorrows )
talking to certain trans people is so sad sometimes, it's almost like talking to an addict. all they care about is the next hrt shot, or the next surgery, or how they look or how they present, and they don't care at all how they're affecting other people in their life, and how they're hurting them.

i've heard multiple trans-identified females say that their parents told them "you killed my daughter." and it's heart-wrenching, and I used to really feel for this woman. but now, I can't help but feel for the parents. Imagine having a daughter who's perfectly normal until her life is overtaken by heroin. Imagine having a daughter who was fine until she joined a new religious group that turned out to be a cult, and now she's not the same anymore and has been completely brainwashed and there's nothing you can do or say to snap her out of it. Imagine begging her to get help but she's so deep in the addiction that she can't.

( she-is-ovarit )
There was a comment on Ovarit I wish I could find and screencap, but one user pointed out that considering AGP trans-identity under the framework of sexual addiction also makes a lot of sense.

It might start with watching sissy porn. Then wearing the clothes of a sister or girlfriend in private. Eventually, the thrill ("euphoria") of this wears off. Then it's going out in public in a skirt or something which gives a sense of excitement or thrill. This wears off. The high is chased by then maybe taking provocative pictures in feminine clothing in public until that doesn't have as much thrill behind it. Eventually this behavior escalates into going on HrT. Then that becomes routine after awhile—could be months or years. The "euphoria" is chased further. Attempting to pressure lesbians into sex or further invading women's spaces in new ways.

I think for trans-identifying female people, often getting testosterone shots also majorly increases libido, too.

"Euphoria" has been a word used in addiction culture for ages. Seeing trans-identifying people really take to the term "gender euphoria" has been eye opening to say the least.
#addiction#gender euphoria#sex addiction#drug addiction#transgender#gender ideology#mental health#feminism#gender critical#gender critical feminism

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Description: an image with pictures and text, on the left are pictures of pillcam capsules, plants, solar panels and the logo of the gps-navigationsystem Waze, representing Israel. On the right are photos of burning and destroyed buildings and people burning an Israeli flag at a protest.



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What proof do you have for evolutionism? The tooth of the cro-magnon man, that was from a pig? The specific order of silt and dirt that only appears in evolutionism books? The theory of a man who later recanted his theory and regretted ever postulating it in the first place?

According to evolutionists, the moon should be coated in dust thick enough to bury a man in--that’s why the lunar module had those broad disks for feet. Buzz Aldrin was ready to grab Neil Armstrong when he took that first step for fear that he’d disappear in that dust--dust that turned out to be only a few inches deep.

Every fossil graveyard in existence is proof of the Great Flood--the fact that every culture talks of the Great Flood is too. The Chinese word for life has the components for breath and mouth in it. The fact that life exists is proof enough against it being some fluke of chance.

If you’d like some videos on the subject I’d highly recommend the YouTube channel Answers in Genesis. They even have some specific videos discussing Adam and Eve and how the earth was only in existence a few days before they were.

We have more than the Bible, but the Bible itself is enough. The Bible is the truth, full stop. Every time the Bible discusses scientific points, the Bible discusses them accurately, well before human ‘reasoning’ decided it was fact.

You can do a lot worse than believing in God, and compared to the fixed point of the Bible I can’t really understand putting more stock in man’s constantly shifting opinions.

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([em]OP: Talks about how in awe they are of Chelsea Clinton for handling herself with class in the face of someone yelling at her, blaming her for the shooting in Christchurch, pointing out that what Rep Ilhan Omar said about Jews is dangerous, and that we need to unite to stop white supremacist terrorists[/em])

Ilhan Omar didn’t say anything anti-semetic, she criticised an organisation that lobbies the most powerful country in the world to aid and abet a racist apartheid state in a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Smearing her as racist for doing so makes you a piece of shit.

And when a woman who is a victim of that ethnic cleansing says she’s not comfortable with someone who supports it and led a hate mob agains a black woman for calling it out crying crocodile tears at a vigil for victims of the same racism, she’s entirely in the right.

Fuck you

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(I dunno how exactly fundie/sexist this is, but it definitely belongs here)

I have all types of followers; hot wives, bulls, cheating girlfriends, plenty of guilty mothers and sisters…

But, it’s just fucking fantastic when I go take a look at a new follower’s blog and they turn out to be some weak fuck boy.

I love knowing who you sorry losers are. It honestly makes my day to look at your sad lives and know that you’re on here wishing you could be a real man like me. I’m flattered every time one of you insecure beta boys follow.

While you pathetically jerk off to my blog, I meet up with your girl and pound her senseless. She loves when I take control and put her face into the bed. She likes it even more when I put her into positions where she is completely powerless.

You think your girlfriend is innocent? You think she loves you? You think she’s being honest when you insecurely ask about the size of your pathetic cock?

“Of course I would never wrong you, I’m so in love with you.”

“Why would I ever want to be with some other guy? They’re all dicks.”

“No, I never think about my ex, you’re the only one for me.”

“Oh baby your dick is perfect, not too big, not too small.”

She tells you all of this because she gets off on exposing your weaknesses. She loves the power she holds over such a weak, frail boy like you.

And the only one who gets off on it more, is me.

Taking control of your shameless, slutty bitches makes me rock fucking hard. When I get hard, she gets even more turned on, which in turn makes me fuck her even harder. It’s a vicious cycle that drives her crazier with every thrust.

Your girlfriend loves to cheat on you and you love that she does it.

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The “Islamophobia is what ISIS wants so you are only helping ISIS don’t help ISIS” argument out of the left is effectively a blanket declaration that Muslims are so savage as a group of people that “radicalising” them is as easy as saying some bad words on the internet and wanting less/no immigration from their countries.