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BREAKING: 22 children and 12 adults killed after Thai normie goes ER at daycare center

later shooting dead his wife and child

Of course it was a normie. Another malfunctioning personality detector, I see.

"The shooter came in around lunch time and shot four or five officials at the childcare centre first," said Jidapa, adding that among them was a teacher who was eight months pregnant.

The gunman forced his way into a locked room where children were sleeping, Jidapa said. She said she thought he killed children there with a knife.

Videos posted on social media showed sheets covering what appeared to be the bodies of children lying in pools of blood.

Yikes, sweaty.


Why is it always ricecels with the high kill counts?

they are high IQ

(Inceldom Victim)
None cares about some subhuman country

brutal racepill tbhngl

Hey man, don't be sad, you have #StopAsianHate

I don't feel bad, let the whole world die, humans are trash anyways.

Why do they never go ER on all the racetraitor noodles and SEAmaxxers? Fucking cucks.

Why is it always ricecels with the high kill counts?

Despite what whitoids think ricemen have always been good soldiers.

Tbh. Should've went after the lady boys/sexpats

good riddance. it would be a lie if I said its not a kekfuel.

Why target the innocent, I don't care what anyone says but he should be skinned alive

foidsare drooling over you now teehee



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