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5 Ways Democrat Policies Work To Destroy Children’s Lives
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5. Unnecessary Lifelong Harm from Lockdowns

Two years of irregular school schedules and mandatory remote learning have taken their toll on the next generation. Truancy has skyrocketed, while academic achievement has plummeted. Toddlers’ speech and language development have predictably suffered.

Schoolchildren have never been more lonely and suicidal. Even as most mask mandates have finally been lifted, too many Democrat-run cities around the country, and lied-to parents, still force our youngest to hide their faces.

As any American with common sense tried to warn more than two years ago, these draconian Covid-19 measures purportedly enacted in the name of health have done nothing but harm children’s health. Worse, these harms will scar young Americans for life.

What kind of society does this to children? Such casual cruelty disguised as “protection” is nothing short of horrendous. It is as if we have stepped 2,000 years back in time to an age when children were not regarded as people at all.



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