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Charlie Kirk claims Disney is trying to make your children gay

They called us bigots if we dared to say that there was a slippery slope that would accompany legalization. But now this woman on this, she’s an executive producer, I believe, within the Disney leadership is chuckling saying, we need more queerness. It’s not a secret gay agenda. We need children to be exposed to two dudes kissing each other at a very young age.

Once the groups are formed -- it's not like all of a sudden the ACLU and the LGBT groups, like, disassemble. Like oh, we got gay marriage done, now we can just put our paperwork away. No, it's an entire cottage industry of outrage and hysteria. It gave them meaning and purpose. And so now it's not about making gay marriage legal - it's legal in every single state. That was always their big fight. No, no. Now it's about making your kids gay.

Why else would you want to have two dudes or two women kissing in a Disney film? What is the agenda? To expose them to it or to increase the ranks of the LGBTQ community? What is the process? People were gay before this sort of nonsense was happening. So why exactly are you doing this? They're like, well, we want to have four-year-olds that have homosexual attractions to know they're not alone when they're watching movies. Really? A four-year-old? Like, four-year-olds are eating dirt. I don't think they're exactly making very deep arguments about what they're sexually attracted to.

But they want to do what every tyrant wants to do and every autocrat wants to do. They want to obliterate the innocence of children. And what is so scary about removing the innocence of children is that you can't get it back. That's the moral claim of protecting children. Is because once that line gets crossed, there's no undoing it. And the damage is done for the rest of the life for the child. It's hard to believe that this is -- this is Disney.



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