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1. Yesterday I saw this Breitbart headline about a high school student killing himself due to "CRT [and] Coronavirus Isolation." I decided to do some fact-checking.

I was not prepared for how awful this story was going to be. Here comes a thread...

2. The mother speaking is Cindy Walsh. She frames her son's suicide as caused (at least partly) by two school policies: CRT-based instruction and Covid-19 safety measures (mask mandates, potentially vaccine requirements). So I did some Googling.

3. I verified that her son, Robert Walsh, took his own life in June 2021. But I noticed something in his obituary: Robert graduated in 2020; he finished high school online, never experienced mask/vaccine mandates; no evidence of CRT lessons at his school.

4. Then I found an article from Jan 2022, "Emotional and mental impact of COVID-19 weighs on students"-the issue Walsh says drove her son to suicide.

But she is quoted in the piece suggesting the cause wasn't CRT/Covid but lack of support after graduating.

5. And the bigger takeaway from that piece: Walsh wrote a book called "Breaking the Autism Code." It's real. It's on Amazon. Don't buy it.

Here she is on "Angel Talk Radio" arguing that vaccines caused her sons Eric and Robert to develop autism.

6. In conclusion: we have a batshit anti-vaxxer who believes that vaccines caused autism in her son, who tragically killed himself due to lack of therapeutic support, LYING OPPORTUNISTICALLY to blame a school board for his suicide while pushing her anti-vaxx agenda.




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