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[JFL] It's ridiculous how ugly brazilians are, myself included, no wonder there are so many incels( in denial or aware) in this shithole + HUGE VENTING WALL

I was inside my house for a good 6 months, only getting out to cut my hair, today i decided to go for a run to see If my body still works after months of sedentarism and boy.. WHERE DID SO MANY SUBHUMANS CAME FROM?

There wasn't a single ethnic that wasn't subhuman, no wonder JBW is so strong here, the only half decent guys i saw were the whites ones.

I was FOGGED hard, an amazon white foid wearing heels almost towered me, bitch rlly made me fuming from inside, i wanted to break her legs on the spot, but the only thing i could do was coming back to my house after being brutally humiliated.

The foids are also ugly as hell, fat AF, short AF, small ass, no tits, fucking hell, pls Kim jong un, Trump, hitler or any world leader, NUKE this place, miscigenation was a HUGE mistake.

I forgot how ugly i was too, went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, when my head went up and i saw my face i almost cried, no wonder i'm postmaxxing in this forum, i'm ugly AF too, definitely here to stay.

Plus my hairline is DESTROYED, i look like a mulatto avatar, the legend of silva( most common last name here in this country).

That was my statement, remember boys stay inside because the only thing waiting us out there are humiliations and mogging.



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