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Seems a big topic nowadays, especially for "Progressives" (Communists) is climate change/global warming.

I believe it's an "act of God", same as global warming/cooling of the past. If man was gonna cause global warming, it woulda been in nthe hundred years between 1845 & 1945, when prodigious amounts of fossil fuels & wood were burned for uses ranging from home heating to steelmaking. There are still some old buildings & trees in England blackened from coal soot. During both World Wars, massive amounts of air pollution were released from gunpowder explosions of all types, as well as from huge fires caused by bombilg & artillery. In WW2, a bomber often burned 5000 to 8000 gallons of fuel on one mission, with many millions averaging 300 or more aircraft-not mto mention petroleum-based fuels used by other military vehicles and ships. But yet, much of Europe saw severe winters in 1944 & 45 when the effects of all that air pollution shoulda been at their worst!

I believe that global warming is part of God's plan for the end times & will contribute to the "great trib" that'll hit the whole world, as Jesus' return approaches. I don't believe man can do a thing about it.

What are YOUR opinions?????????????????????????????



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