Marjorie Taylor Greene & Various commenters #wingnut #racist

( Marjorie Taylor Greene)
Welcome home President Trump!

Thank you for laying out the America First agenda for all Republicans to follow.

We will Make America Great Again by:

- Unleashing law enforcement
- Protecting kids from the sexual predators
- Keeping men out of women’s sports
- Securing the border
- Deporting illegals
- Sending drug dealers to death row
- Reviving American energy independence
- Receiving respect from our allies
- Instilling fear in our enemies

Turncoat Jew Cunt...100%

@Marticus @repmtg America First now means Whites last.

@repmtg Yeah, no thanks on that first point. We've already seen what the communist bootlickers are willing to do.

@repmtg Are we really going to fall for the fake billionaire populist psyop again in Trump (Zionist shill)?

• Banned bump stocks by executive order.
• Approved of red-flag gun laws without due process.
• Assigned Fauci to Covid-19 task force.
• Started the lockdowns on non-essential small businesses for Prep Act countermeasures.
• Rubber stamped Operation Warp Speed experimental vaccines.
• Signed executive order 13887 to support Big Pharma vaccines for campaign financial backing.
• Pardoned an Israeli Mossad spy instead of Julian Assange.
• Funded liberal governors with incentives to mask and restrict freedom of movement.
• Did not indict the Clinton crime family as promised.
• Facilitated Big Pharma regulatory capture at the CDC, FDA and NIH.


@repmtg what are you gonna do for White people? You know, the founding stock and builders of this nation who are being attacked in all facets of society and even replaced?

@repmtg and kissing Israel ass while we let jews take more control of the US.



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