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The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan back with a bang

The US 'loss' is a repositioning. Pentagon’s top mission is not the “war on terror”, but to try to isolate Russia and harass China by all means on the expansion of the New Silk Roads.

In the end, the Saigon moment happened faster than any Western “expert” expected.

That led the US and NATO to literally beg the Taliban to let them evacuate everything in sight from Kabul.

Ghani’s hasty escape is the stuff of “a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing”. Ghani, an anthropologist with a doctorate from Columbia, is one of those classic cases of Global South exiles to the West who “forget” everything that matters about their original lands.

Ghani is a Pashtun who acted like an arrogant New Yorker.

Geopolitically, what matters now is how the Taliban have written a whole new script, showing the lands of Islam, as well as the Global South, how to defeat the self-referential, seemingly invincible US/NATO empire.

After Vietnam, this is the second Global South protagonist showing the whole world how an empire can be defeated by a peasant guerrilla army.

There is allegedly no mass hysteria in the capital: that’s been the exclusive domain of Anglo-American mainstream media. The Russian and Chinese embassies remain open for business. Zamir Kabulov, the Kremlin special representative for Afghanistan, has confirmed that the situation in Kabul is, “absolutely calm.”

Every serious analyst knows that the purpose of the occupation of Afghanistan was to establish a foothold in the strategic intersection of Central and South Asia.

Occupying smaller nations has ceased to be a priority. The Empire of Chaos can always foment chaos from its CENTCOM base in Qatar.

Yet every American plotline needs a fall guy. NATO has just been cosmically humiliated in the graveyard of empires by a bunch of goat herders. What’s left? Propaganda.

So meet the New Axis of Evil. Taliban-Pakistan-China. The New Great Game in Eurasia has just been reloaded.



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