GayAlienSkullCel #dunning-kruger #sexist

I introduce you the BeeGeesPill

the Gibb brothers were 4.
Andy (turbomanlet 5'6 chadlite) - suicide by age 30, drug addicted depressive, cheated by wife Victoria Principal

Gay Alien Skull Saint Maurice Gibb (turbomanlet bald 5'7 incel) - died by early age because of alcoholism, depressive and aggressive with his family

Robin (5'8 prey-eyed manlet) - addicted to opium, died prematurely, deppressed

and finally

Barry Gibb - 6' chadlite: never got into drugs and is the only remaining bee gees brother

all of them were equally rich

manlets lived an unhappy life
6' is still slaying


Brutal siblingspill / brotherspill, they all have the same parents but only Barry got the good genes and was therefore desired. There is no equality, not even if you share the same parents, the slightly different genes you got change absolutely everything about your life.

Brutal Blackpill



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