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Of course; "THEIR" (The Hierarchy Enslaving Individuals Relentlessly) plans are always just right over the horizon, while the masses are kept distracted by some manufactured war, whether it has to do with race, gender, religion, political, and/ or materialistic thing, while also keeping the collective consciousness trapped in the emotion of fear due to some boogeyman, non isolated "deadly virus" that they need to "protect" themselves from with some poisonous brew/concoction to keep them continuously unconscious, sedated, sick, compliant and obeying, while they are tricked into beLIEving it's "medicine."

Think: Totalitarian Tiptoe. 'THEY" (The Hierarchy Enslaving You)( interdimensional beings and their minions and agents) take steps, little by little, so their agenda isn't too obvious to the masses, while still being accomplished. Many people throughout "time" have spoken out/ writen about "THEIR" plans way beforehand, but of course, it all gets shot down as "crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theories," until a big thing happens (a manufactured event; like 9/11, or a mass shooting, or some new technology being implemented, or when freedoms gets stripped due to a "plandemic," etc)
I render a possibility that we are in the past and these hidden controllers are working from a whole other dimension in the future. I wonder all the time what "THEY" are up to and why they want INSIDE us so badly. but, something always seems to be approaching, while our spiritual progression is thwarted by the gatekeeper of fear. Fear is electromagnetic energy; a very slow and dense vibration with its own unique frequency and takes on a whole life of its own. Fear takes control of bodies and takes over minds... let that sink in.



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