Various Anons #racist #sexist

(Canadian Anon)

Why are Asian girls so cute? I always fall victim to their beauty

Why does every Asian girl look like an Asian boy? If you prefer Asian girls, you're probably gay in all honesty.

(Fallen Leaf)
The only way to defeat china is to femininze their males and get them addicted to white cock, then we can have a spiritual advantage over them forever.

(US Anon 1)
So basically what blacks are doing to whites except its just one step down the ladder?

(US Anon 2)
Actually all "cute" women resemble boy faces. I recall reading something about it in regards to evolutionary biology.

(US Anon 3)
Ya they are hairless except where is acceptable. Then the hair is like fine silk. Also they have incredibly small vaginas. Really it never ceases to amaze me. Even the mothers, typically smaller pussy then your avg white bitch. I would never marry one or procreate Bc obviously i dont hate my lineage but y as far as the female form goes they win.
Specifically Vietnamese, Japanese, and korean. The rest are a cope. If you fuck a pinot and start bragging about fucking asians u need to an hero. Even worse if its cambodian or thai. That’s disgusting.

(Mexican Anon)
>Big eyes.
> Fair skin.
> Round face.
> Flat chest (if you're into it).
> Mostly submissive nature.
> Small size.

They're made to suit the natural male instinct to protect and guide. See how most of the traits are similar to a child/baby and you can understand why most males think they're cute.

(UK Anon)
Most females look average, regardless of nationality except niggers, Indians, and Romanians.

(US Anon 4)
You have less steppe rider DNA and more neotenous farmer DNA

Alternatively known as being a faggot



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