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As I recall from my school days the announcement that school was out for the summer was a cause for celebration. A couple of months of freedom from the daily grind of forced curriculum. For all souls now is a time of celebration that this earth school is about to be out forever. I think the reason that more souls are checking out and less souls are checking in is the word is out that this world will no longer be the place to experience many things that used to be.

For all the souls that wanted to experience cancer and all forms of terminal illness, disabilities and pharmaceuticals… Med beds. Military and murder both killing and being killed… No more wars or weapons of war. Service to self attaining wealth and power over others… GESARA. Producing and exploiting products… Replicators. All forms of accidents causing death or injury… Quantum technology.

For all those that profited, for profit or nonprofit, either knowing that these things would not be stopped because souls wanted it or not knowing… Criminals. Ignorance of Universal Law is not a defence. Just stop. Stop producing oil and dangerous goods. Stop making wars. Stop horrendous deeds on this planet and others. Just stop because you’re going to be stopped anyway. God has decreed it so there is nothing you can do about it.

Everything is about to change. The meek will inherit this world and other worlds. Christ Consciousness is about to arrive and evil will be no more. The plan to reset humanity again to more manageable numbers will never be allowed again. Good bye and good riddance to evil.



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