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I completely understand the masses leaving professional sports in terms of viewership based upon the extreme radical political left propaganda and lies being spewed over and over again. I stopped watching some channels because of this myself. Many of us expect none of that garbage to be constantly spewed over and over again.

I found myself extremely fascinated by Tim Tebow coming back to football. I wish him all of the success in the world on the Jacksonville Jaguars. He can’t make them any worse than they were last year. I noticed something from the super majority of radical far leftist sports media talking heads. These people were being very negative and judgmental about Tim Tebow. Their attacks ranged from claiming he only got this shot because of his race, to he did not deserve a shot in the NFL. Did I miss something? Does the judgemental sports media get to decide who does and does not get hired? When did this happen? When did they become the rulers over sports? I never consented to give them that power and authority. Did you?

There have been plenty of complaints about discrimination against Christians in sports, media, and entertainment. We have experienced that discrimination ourselves here at Family Friendly Gaming. In my professional opinion the hatefulness from the radical far leftists in sports media against Tim Tebow is because they hate Christians.



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