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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
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Adults who order a family around their same-sex attraction so they can “have it all” force their child to sacrifice a dual-sex upbringing. They “have it all” by choosing a motherless or fatherless life for their children. For their all, children get half.

What these loving, tolerant, and progressive denominations have done by validating same-sex unions is put the onus on children to sacrifice for adults. They insist the least of these give up their right to be known and loved by the two people responsible for their existence, the complementary mothering and fathering that maximizes child development, and an in-home picture of God’s devotion to his own bride, the church.

In the parent-child relationship, someone’s going to have to make the sacrifice. Should it be the adults or the children? When you abide by God’s design, the answer is always the adults, whether they be straight or gay, single or married.

No adult gets a pass. All adults must defer to the well-being of children in their sexual choices. Observing God’s commandments is costly, but submitting our sexual decisions to the authority of Christ results in relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness for children.

Many legitimate disagreements exist between Christians, but sex and marriage is not one of them. Redefining marriage, in both the Christian and cultural context, redefines parenthood by way of making mothers and fathers optional in the life of a child. And that’s wrong.

As Christians, we are unequivocally commanded to protect the fatherless, not create them. The Church of Scotland’s decision will do exactly that.



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