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Tuesday, I received breaking news from my crusade director in Haiti. The news was disturbing and showed that God's power cannot be overcome by even the most wicked darkness.
In the months prior to the crusade, apparently witches were going around into the very village I preached the gospel in just two weeks ago. As a part of their voodoo rituals, they were offering blood sacrifices, which led to them eating children. They taunted the few believers who were there, saying that the locals needed to follow the power of the witches.

Testimonies are now being received from the village:

- This is the first time the people have seen such a great power and authority. All glory to Jesus!

- The witches no longer have power because the works of the devil were destroyed.

- When the witches tried to test us in the meetings to "see if we had any real power," they couldn't look at us. They reported seeing a fire surrounding us and their power would no longer work.

- Many witches renounced their witchcraft, repented of their sins, gave their lives to Jesus and are now going around the village, telling people about their testimonies of encountering Jesus through the ministry. They have become evangelists.

In five days, I board an airplane for our next crusade. More than 70,000 people are projected to attend in this unreached nation over a three-day crusade. We will also be equipping hundreds of pastors as well in a pastors' conference! Religious extremism is rampant, Christians are being killed for their faith, Christian literature is being burned, villages with Christian people are being isolated and cut off from water wells and running water, and the tragedies are all around.

The only hope for our world is Jesus. We are willing to risk everything to bring Jesus to them. Will you send us?



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