Stew Peters and Kandiss Taylor #fundie #psycho

(Submitter's Note: the phrase “extreme accountability” is a Peters-ism for, “public executions of people whose only crime is I, Stew Peters, personally do not like them.”)

“We need to make church the state’s business again,” (Stew) Peters said. “We need to bring Jesus Christ to the state, and we need to eradicate any form of government that is oppressive to the individual rights, individual liberty, prosperity, peace, liberty, property, of anything, our God-given inherent, unalienable rights, and replace that with a form of government that’s representative of the people and God’s law.”

“We are the church and we run the state,” (Kandiss) Taylor replied. “Even if they don’t believe it to be so, it is a fact. And if they keep pushing around with American people, and they keep playing all these games, they’re gonna find!”

“How are they gonna find out?” Peters asked. “How are they gonna FAFO [fuck around and find out]?”

“Extreme accountability,” Taylor answered.

“I love it,” Peters gushed. “You’re speaking my language.”



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