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[Comment under "Reflections of an Aryan woman, 59", about Savitri Devi defending the Einsatzgruppen]

“War is in itself the negation of any anthropocentric faith or philosophy”

Sometimes you read a wise definiton that connects loose ends in your mind, and things become much clearer. Savitri was an amazing woman. Had she been a contemporary, you and her would have made great pen pals

“The tragedy of greatness is to create new life by treading on corpses”

It is only a tragedy if the corpses are White! The death of (sub)human Life that strays from the divine prototype, is a blessing. By bringing Death to all those worthless Slavic mongrels, the Einsatzgruppen were creating new, better Life. White Nationalists need to stop imagining their heroes as good little jew-obeying boy scouts

If we review Savitri’s reflections in this entry, along with your best phrase of this year, “The right way to love women is to implement justice, like the Day of the Rope; the rest is silence”,
we can see how the mentality of a Fourteen-Words Priest resonates deeply with that of a Viking from the Dark Ages

In the first chapter of Beowulf, on king Hrothgar’s mead hall:
“In that towering place, gabled and huge,
Hrothgar sat, waiting for Time to pass; for War to begin!
For the meaning of Life is War,
and Love is a Blade entering the enemy’s Corpse.”



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